Mercurialis perennis. Homeopathy

Mercurialis PERENNIS
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurialis PERENNIS
1 Naked, as if intoxicated. Moody, quarrelsome.
2 This conscious of having a nose, but sometimes you feel or think you have two noses. Difficulty in recovering his senses. Coma.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurialis PERENNIS
3 Sense of exhaustion and sleepiness, or fatigue in vacuum and the whole body.
4 Tension in head, sacrum, straight face.
5 Dryness of mucous membranes, especially of the lips, eyes, mouth and throat (worse eating).
6 Worst: by touching it.
7 - () Dizziness going down a staircase. Tension in the scalp (and was asleep), or with heaviness and warmth, especially front and above the eyes, worse (painful) on stooping. Burning in the vertex. Frontal pain, better by cold and pressure. Numbness in occiput and vertex; after a blow to the head. Painful sensation as if a tight vetidaje forehead.
8 - () Feels heavy, dry eyes, and has trouble moving them. Burning pains in the eyes with the feeling that out. Weak and heavy upper eyelids. Flashing outdoors. Trembling and shaking in the upper eyelids, but the left. Mydriasis with photophobia. Tearing. Looks like a cloud or veil or cobweb. Blink worse by sunlight.
9 feel cold air flowing from the nose, or warm (as if from the stomach). Tingling and burning nose. Nostrils sore.
10 feel cold in the face or tension. Very red cheeks. Lips dry and parched with thirst growing.
11 - () Dry mouth, tongue heavy, dry, dormant, unresponsive, does not feel the taste, it costs you move the tongue and prevents it from chewing. Burning in mouth and tongue, burning blisters followed by painful ulcers in the mouth. The language is painful to touch the palate. Hot breath.
12 Throat dry and burning. Ulcers on the palate, tonsils and posterior pharyngeal wall.
13 after eating, burning in tongue, nausea and vomiting. Sensation of cold or burning in the stomach. Vomit hardly ate food. Lump in the pit of the stomach, as a hen's egg, worse by pressure-not bear clothing.
14 - () Throbbing in the abdomen. Violent stitch in the left upper quadrant.
Heat in the spleen or if you bite, or pressure, worse lying down. Extended pressure in the liver to the spleen. From biting the epigastric hollow vesicle. Rumbling and movements in the womb, with much flatus.
15 - () Painful drawing down the straight, with pressure and tension in the sacrum coccyx, and with burning, tingling, and pruritus ani. Constant diarrhea with cramps and watery or soft stools, followed by tenesmus.
16 Burning and tingling in the urethra and prepuce, with anal tingling and twitching in the sacrum coccyx. Frequent urination with burning.
17 Drawing in the groin, as if to get a hernia, sometimes with stitches, less walking, sometimes extending to a spermatic cord.
18 - () a shorter, with pains; late. Oligo or amenorrhoea vulvar itching or genital excitement. Menses copious, with Blood orgasm, anxiety, fainting, shortness of breath, whole body heat, sweating, tremors, with swollen and painful breasts.
19 rattling respiration, dyspnea. Blood orgasm chest. Full, rapid pulse. Palpitations with chest oppression and constriction, after stooping. Pressure and pain in the anterior thorax.
20 Waves of heat in the back. Drawing tearing in the shoulder blade Deecha, extended his arm. Down Tearing and tension in the sacrum coccyx (see 15).
21 - () Burning pain, tearing or stitches in the limbs, especially hands and feet. Weakness in arms and legs, as if about to fall to the left. Stitches in the fingertips. Veins of hands, distended. Twitching tearing: from left palm in front of the thigh, knees, and toes warm.
Frequent yawning 22. Drowsiness. Sueno that rests not with many dreams. Animal sounds.
23 - () Hot on the whole body, as if from the right side (or arm), with tremors, weakness and hot wave in the face; be sheltered, and then falls asleep and sweats. Chicken meat cold in the right arm, which extends to the whole body sweats foul after midnight. Chills at bedtime at night, with intense thirst fever all night, and sweating in the morning.
24 pimples on the chin, with itching. Burning, itching and sensations of tearing the skin.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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