Mercurius biiodatus. Homeopathy

(Iodatus Ruber Mercurius Biioduro Mercury HgI2)
1 - () Depressed, wanting to mourn. Moody morning on waking.
2 Aggravation: from cold, from washing with cold water, getting wet, and moisture; after sleep, afternoon and evening; after haystack, by touch and pressure. Laterality izqtuierda.
Desire and aversion of Mercury BIIODATUS
3 Desire for salt or salty foods.
4 - () Vertigo, everything seems to spin. Sensation of tight rope in the front. Pressing headache on the left side, better walking outdoors.
Heat and throbbing in vertex, worse at 23 hours. Pain in the bones of the skull, but in the occipital. Pustulitas on the scalp. Syphilis of the brain tumor.
5 - () granular conjunctivitis, trachoma, with greenish yellow discharge, ulcerative trend by cold and damp and dusk. Granular lids. Pannus. Conjunctivitis with burning, tearing, worse from strong light.
Sclera swollen and painful.
6 - () hearing loss, the better the evening. Ear clogged at times during the coryza, by obstruction of the eustachian tube. Right otalgia. Cerumen increased. Itching in both ears.
7 - () secretion coryza with yellowish white or greenish yellow or bloody, back (with raw feeling) or later, with much sneezing, hoarseness and right side of his nose swollen and warm, worse in open air and better for heat. Swollen turbinates. Nasal Polyps on the left side. Scaly eruption in the nostrils.
8 Hypertrophy of the parotid, but the right and neighboring nodes. Malar bone pain, but the left. Viscous and sticky lips to the morning on waking, with taste and fetid breath.
9 - () Sialorrhea copious. Gums swollen and very tender. Bitter or metallic taste. Sensation of burning tongue, burning in the oral mucosa. Mucous plaques, nodules, sores and abscesses in the mouth. The tongue is rigid at the base, and painful to move. Toothache by chewing or after dinner.
10 - () inflammation and swelling of the left tonsil, which sometimes goes from left to right, with dark red coloration of the throat and columns, with worse pain when swallowing hot beverages or empty, with sensation of cold in the pharynx; with marked lymphadenopathy. Diphtheritic plaques, especially in the left side or the left tonsil, thin and loose. Abundant mucus hawking. Foreign body sensation in the throat. Uvula elongated to cough. Superficial ulcerations on pillars and tonsils, most left. Ejects a bit hard and green when hawking.
Burning sensation throat on waking. Stiff neck muscles.
11 Thirst for small quantities at a time. Heartburn. Bitter and loud belching. Languor in the epigastrium, or pain on pressure.
12 - () Pain and fullness in the hypochondrium; sudden sharp pain in the liver. Painful heaviness in liver and spleen. Left upper quadrant pain. Hypertrophy malarial liver, and spleen. Distention and pain on pressure in the umbilical region. Suppurating buboes.
13 Stool copious, yellow, brown, somewhat watery, with mucus and blood 1scasa, preceded by colic and tenesmus followed by a discreet. Pain in the anus. Hemorrhoids.
14 Bright's disease. Ulcerations in the bladder. Polyuria dark or red urine, with frequent and urgent desires.
15 - () sexual desire at bedtime. Stitches on the tip of the penis. Sensitive right testicle. Gonorrhea, mucous secretion, indurated plaques along the urethra. Hard, painless chancre on the penis and foreskin, surrounded by a red, hard swelling, syphilis. Varicocele. Gangrene of the penis for paraphimosis.
16 Flow yellowish. Fibroids hard as stone. Severe pain in the breasts.
17 Cough with angina, by elongated uvula, with whitish or yellowish sputum. Hoarseness from getting wet. Constriction in the chest. Pain under right breast, with oppression. Precordial stitches.
18 adenopathies in the neck. Column sore.
19 - () Rheumatic pains in the limbs, especially in the muscles, and erratic. Pain in the shoulder joint. Suppuration of the axillary nodes. Pain in the flue as if he might break. Cracks secreting and corneas in the palm of his left hand. Bone pain in the lower limbs. Intolerable pain in the leg in the evening, moving better.
Syphilitic ulcer pain in the leg.
20 Sounds of all, traveling, erotic or terrifying.
21 - () severe chill followed by fever with shivering, copious night sweats. Influenza. Scarlet fever.
22 - ()-based pustules inflamed and painful with mild itching and crust, but the oozing pus. Fissures and cracks. Lupus. Condylomata. Freckles; neez. Syphilitic rashes and sores.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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