Mercurius cor. Homeopathy

(Mercuric chloride or mercury bichloride. HgCl2)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius CORROSIVUS
1 mental weakness, look for people who speak, and do not understand.
Stupor and delirium.
2 Moodiness, no interest, direct or alternating with hilarity. Depressed. Anxiety with insomnia.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius CORROSIVUS
3 - () Perhaps the most important characteristics of this drug is mercurial intensified action that seems to produce the contribution of the element chlorine in the salt. It becomes like a much faster Mercurius and intensity in its action and its symptoms, especially burning, fagedenizacion their sores and ulcers and rectal and bladder tenesmus. Moreover, according Teste, Mercurius cor is especially useful in men (when symptoms are of Mercury) and Mercury in women.
4 - () Agrvacion: at night or at dusk, for cycles. Best: from motion.
5 - () weakness when standing still. Lying on your back with knees bent and raised, not improve it.
6 - () Drawing pains in the periosteum. Periostitis. Lymphadenopathy, lymphangitis.
7 convulsive muscle twitching in the face, arms and legs. Violent shocks or jolts to sleep. Seizures. Earthquakes.
Desire and aversion of Mercury CORROSIVUS
8 - () Intense thirst, desire for cold drinks. Like food and dislikes cold to hot meals.
9 - () Vertigo with cold and cold sweats, stooping deaf. Heaviness cephalic, face and head congestion, burning with mejilas. Frontal headache; stitches. Tearing pains in the skull. Copious sweat on his forehead.
Hair loss.
10 - () bulging eyes, staring. Miosis with pupillary areflexia.
Inflammation of the eyes, with pressive pains, burning, dryness and red conjunctivae with very small eye sensation. Retroorbital pain, as if pushed out eyes, worse at night. Excessive photophobia (worse walking in the sun) with tearing irritant and corrosive. Syphilitic iritis (it's almost a specific) or not, with iris cloudy, thickened, not shrink or dilated, and irregularly shaped pupil, severe pain, burning, tearing, worse at night, with hypopyon and adhesions. Phlyctenular and deep and painful ulcers on the cornea. Eyelids edematous, red and excoriated, burning, with the edges covered with thick crusts or pustules; everted.
Diplopia or watch as smaller objects. Ophthalmia neonatorum.
Retinitis albuminuria, hemorrhagic.

Otitis with 11 stitches. Smelling pus draining ear. Violent pulsations in the ears, but in the afternoon and left.
12 violent acute coryza, with watery discharge and nostrils as raw.
Nose swollen and red. Frequent epistaxis. Chronic coryza or ozena with runny thick, sticky, excoriating, with dry nares, septum perforation. What you drink often comes through the nose.
13 - () face pale or yellow, or red, hard, bloated, distorted features. Pain in malar or maxillary sinus. Intense facial neuralgia extended into the jaws, best day, worst of 16 to 22 hours and at night. Expression exhausted. Facial edema. Face covered with cold sweat. Lips swollen, tender, black or dark red; rgrietados dry, covered with a secretion dry and swollen upper lip upward.
14 - () Teeth loose, painful and fall. Gums swollen, spongy and bleed easily, sore, sore, separate from the teeth, pyorrhea, covered with false membranes or sordes; gangrenous. Severely swollen tongue, swollen, painful, moving with difficulty, whitish in front and back and yellow on the edges, or dry, red, yellow dirty; elevated papillae. Burning mouth sensation, burning pain. Mouth sores, phagadenic. Foul breath.
Intense salivation, yellow, acrid, bloody, slimy. Salty or bitter taste or metallic.
15 - () The throat is a major area of activity of Mercurius cor. This intensely sore throat, painful, red and so swollen shadow which impedes breathing, with sensation of constriction and suffocation, swallowing very painful, even for liquids, when trying to swallow even a drop, to make the effort, there spasm of the esophagus, retching and vomiting, there are burning pains in the throat and esophagus, as if there were raw, and they are aggravated by the slightest external pressure or contact.
Tonsils swollen and covered with sores, with cutting pains.
Ulcerations in the throat, which spread rapidly. The pain may spread to the ears. There is a huge swelling of glands in the neck and submandibular, and neck it. Uvula elongated, swollen, dark red. Burning in the esophagus. Ulcers in the uvula, phagadenic.
16 Burning in the stomach. Epigastric distention, and does not tolerate the contact. Incessant vomiting bile or greenish mucus or blood, vomiting, or streaked with blood or coffee grounds.
17 - () Pain in the liver (stitches) and right shoulder. Abdomen swollen and painful by the slightest touch. Belly and beaten, especially in the appendicular region and the transverse colon. Painful inguinal nodes.
Painful drawing in the left groin. Acute appendicitis, peritonitis.
18 - () Diarrhea common but not abundant, mucus and blood mixed with a constant need to move the belly, day and night with intense pain and cramps sharp constant rectal and bladder tenesmus (simultaneous), not relieved by defecation , with burning in rectum and anus while defecating and after. The stool is, besides mucosanguinolentas, greenish, bilious, with membranes, or brown, fetid hot, blackish. Summer dysentery and diarrhea. Humidity anal corrosive. Anal itching foot. Rectal spasm
postcoital. Constipation with fecal adherents.
19 - () Frequent urination and painful, intense burning in the urethra (pee more before), scorching urine coming out drop by drop, and intense urgency. Urine may be hot, bloody, brown with silt and clay, filament, cylinder mucosal epithelial or pieces; albuminuria (even during pregnancy), scanty or suppressed.
Gonorrhea, with greenish secretion, worse at night, with burning on urination, stitches in the urethra and urethral meatus red and swollen.
20 - () Violent erections sleeping. Stitches in the left testicle.
Enormously swollen penis and testicles. Glans painful and hot.
Hard chancre sores and spread quickly in the penis glans and foreskin and tip of the penis. One of the main drugs of primary syphilis. Cankers can secrete a foul pus. Paraphimosis or phimosis, glans dark red, like gangrene. Condylomata.
21 Menses early and copious. Yellowish white discharge nauseous smell, sweet. Intense vulvar inflammation. Painful swelling of the breasts around the nipple. Bleeding and painful cracks in the nipple, especially when nursing.
22 Afonia, burning or sharp pains in the trachea. Spasm of glottis when swallowing. Breathing dyspnea, or slow, interrupted, sighing. Dry, hollow cough, or expectoration mucosanguinolenta. Tightness or constriction in the chest, stitches in the right base, worse at night. Hemoptysis. Chest pain. Palpitations. Rapid pulse, intermittent or irregular.
23 Extremities cold and cyanotic. Rheumatic pains with gonorrhea suppressed. Sharp pains are worse at night, sweating, and improve with movement. Pain in left shoulder blade. Right arm red and swollen with vesicles. Stitches in the hip, especially on the right, pain in the hip joint. Myalgia in the thigh. Pain in the tibia.
Legs numb. Cramps in calves. Feet icy cold. Some gray.
24 Hiccups in the dream. Frequent yawning and stretching. Insomnia,
jerks on falling asleep or awake. Sounds wars and murders.
25 - () Chills: at night in bed at the slightest movement or outdoors.
Heat the duck, and cold to stand up. Skin cold, covered with copious cold sweat, worse at night, especially on the forehead. Suda after urination.
26 - () skin red and hot, with small blisters, or cold and wet.
Jaundice. Serpiginous ulcers. Eczema. Smallpox. Condylomata. Syphilitic rash.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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