Mercurius cyanatus. Homeopathy

Mercurius Cyanatus
(Bicianuro Mercury)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius Cyanatus
1 - () excitement, anger, worse to wait. Very grumpy after eating a lot. Talkative.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius Cyanatus
2 - () prostration deep and fast, with great weakness, which prevents it from standing, sometimes cold and will be accompanied by cyanosis. Weakness and diarrhea.
Fainting repeated. Earthquakes.
3 - () One of the most important remedies, but the main one, of diphtheria, especially in malignant forms, with locations in the mouth, throat (see 10) and anus. It is also used as a prophylactic. In either case, there are authors who consider the 30th as the best power.
4 Worse when eating and speaking. Better: for milk.
SPECIFIC Mercurius Cyanatus
5 Vertigo when sitting in bed, with ringing in the ears. Severe headache in the first half of the night.
6 Eyes sunken, staring, bloodshot. Mydriasis. Syphilitic iritis, keratitis,
with nighttime pain.
7 Hear ringing in their ears.
8 Epistaxis frequent and abundant dark blood. Cyanotic or pale face.
9 - () aching teeth, swollen gums, with white patches. Language: yellow at the base, black, swollen, with red edges, gray, with irregular blisters and ulcerations. Ulcerations throughout the mouth gray or grayish white; diphtheritic plaques. Sore mouth with drooling, foul breath and bitter taste, astringent or metallic. Salivary gland inflammation.
10 - () deep redness of the pillars of the soft palate, with great difficulty swallowing. Grivaceas thick pseudomembrane that extend across the throat, pillars, tonsils and back of the larynx, and into the larynx (diphtheritic croup). Diphtheria malignant or putrid gangrenous.
Phagadenic throat ulcerations with necrotic destruction of the pillars and soft palate. Follicular tonsillitis left. Uvula edema. Chronically sore throat in speakers, with pains in speaking and mucosa with plates as raw, as if to ulcerate.
11 - () Intense thirst, burning, but vomiting immediately what has drunk, so no food. Not tolerate soups or hot drinks, always seem very salty. Gags at the thought of food. Incessant hiccups. Epigastrium sensitive to pressure. Cramps in the stomach after each deposition.
Bilious vomiting or bloody.
12 - () Piles with pain when sitting. Unbearable pain in the rectum. Perianal diphtheritic plaques. Diarrhea with frequent desire to defecate, preceded by intense cramps and violent tenesmus. Stool scanty, slimy, bloody, greenish, foul. Anal discharge foul or putrid liquid or black stools. Perianal redness with erosions and fissures. Obstinate constipation.
13 painful urination. Acute nephritis with great prostration and chills.
Anuria. Dark amber-colored urine, scanty, with albumen.
14 dark blue scrotum.
15 Hoarseness with pain in the throat that is worse when speaking. Croupy cough.
16 Weak heart. Sudden and violent palpitations.
17 Inflammation of the right wrist, forearm edema. Varicose veins in the calf and left popliteal, very sensitive to the slightest touch. The leg swells when standing. Tips frost.
18 All the body is cold and clammy skin. Great sensitivity to cold.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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