Mercurius dulcis. Homeopathy

Mercurius DULCIS
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius DULCIS
Stirred 1. Apprehensive.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius DULCIS
2 Worse: at night and the cold, damp weather.
Heaviness in the forehead 3. Hair loss.
4 Secretion gum on the edge of the lids with burning; blepharitis. Red, dry, photophobia, worse by efforts and heated.
5 - () Otitis media catarrhal catarrhal obstruction of the eustachian tube with hearing loss. Timpano retracted, thickened, and immobile. Deafness of old age.
Itching auclitivo meatus. Otorreas and catarrhal deafness in psoric children. Temporary deafness with coryza and pharyngitis.
6 Epistaxis copious. Dry scabs in nostrils, pain in the left.
Nasal catarrh.
7 - () face pale as a corpse (it is your key symptom), bloated and flabby. Puffy cheeks. Cara snatched.
8 Toothache burning, the teeth become loose and fall, with swollen gums and bleeding when touched.
9 - () Difficulty opening your mouth. Inflammation of the lips and tongue which are blackish. Copious salivation and constant dark and an intolerable stench, putrid, and sometimes bloody. All this blackish mouth.
Mouth sores that bleed at night, thrush. Foul breath.
10 - () Tonsillitis right, pains relieved by cold drinks, and dysphagia. Sore throat, pharyngitis granulosa.
11 - () Anorexia. Be urgent. Nausea and vomiting. Weight and epigastric pain. Cyclic vomiting in children.
12 liver cirrhosis, especially the hypertrophic [the 1AX (Jousset)].
Peritonitis plastica. Stomach pains, swollen, hot.
13 - () Diarrhea in children, with constant need to move the belly, with vomiting. Stools may be watery and greenish, bilious, or mixed with blood and mucus, or scrambled eggs, or filamentous, or black with epigastric pain and emptiness. Mucosanguinolentas dysentery with scanty stools.
Burning rectal tenesmus. Obstinate constipation. Perianal soreness.
Perianal condylomata.
14 Oliguria and polyuria. Acute prostatitis after the suppression of gonorrhea, with burning pain, dysuria and oliguria. Sticking behind the glans.
15 Condylomata big, wet, hot and very foul, on the vulva, perineum and anus.
16 chest tightness and chest region.
17 Trembling hands and feet. Rheumatic stiffness, pain in legs and knees. Cramps in calves at night.
18 Fever with copious night sweats, tearing pains in the limbs, severe prostration and tremors.
19 - () v feet scaly hands. Skin flacrida as undernourished, somewhat swollen and pale. Phagedenic ulcers with white bases, borders, swollen and painful, mouth, palate, face, genitals and elsewhere. Copper-colored eruptions. Lymphadenopathy.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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