Mercurius Protoiodide. Homeopathy

Mercurius Protoiodide
(Iodatus Flavus Protoioduro Mercurius Mercury)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius Protoiodide
1 - () when in bed, thinks there's a man in the room trying to pierce his throat with a borehole. Fear of drowning when you have a goiter.
2 Cheerful, lively, talkative, or sad, depressed, destructive.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius Protoiodide
3 - () Aggravation: at night, before the 1, on waking at rest, lying on the left side by the heat of the bed in a warm room or hot drinks, for the damp cold, in Spring, for when the cold wind breathes. Better: hard pressure, lying on the right; outdoors.
4 - () Right side, left or right (neck and thorax).
5 - () is a painful symptoms concomitant medication: chest pain, headache, pain in the right forearm with hip pain, chest pain with pain in his stomach.
6 Excessive feeling of tiredness, as if about to faint, needing sleep, worse lying on left side, better on the right.
7 nodes and swollen and indurated glands (parotid and cervical nodes).
8 - () pains as from splinters.
Desire and aversion of Mercury Protoiodide
9 Desire for salt and salty foods and acids.
Mercurius PARTICULAR Protoiodide
10 dizziness when reading or rising from a chair. Frontal headache and at the root of the nose, which dulls, waking in the morning. Sensations of fullness, heaviness in the head and compression. Pain in the vertex immediately after a chest pain. Right sided headache. Feeling that the shell cracks.
Numbness in the neck. Itching in or around the vertex scalp.
11 - () Pains in the bones of the right orbit (upon arising in the morning) and left (worse when bending over). He sees black clouds that float when this ycostado the left side. Excessive photophobia. Corneal ulcer.
12 - () Secretion nasal mucosa or greenish yellow in front and behind, you need to constantly uproot them. Pain and swelling in the right nostril. Sharp pain in the septum. Sharp pains in the sinuses, worse lying down at night, warmth of the room and through the cold and wet weather. Crusting inside the nose.
13 - () Pain and tenderness of the entire face, especially the bones. Pain in the right malar bone that radiates to the front and right side of the head, there is a point that pulsates and burns like fire, worse when touched. Stitches or throbbing cheeks.
14 - () Teeth feel too long (can not eat), or dried, or as if they were too tight in the gum, or fullness. Constant desire to clench his teeth, and does so with such intensity when he sleeps, he feels the masseter (and others) waking tired and sore. Hard jaws.
15 - () Language coated with a thick yellowish on back, edges and tip red, or yellow tongue dirty brown or white or, worse on waking in the morning. Dry mouth and lips. Language gear.
16 - () acute angina and diphtheria are starting or worse on the right side, with massive lymphadenopathy and pains that are aggravated by empty swallowing or hot liquids, with swollen tonsils. The pseudomembrane in diphtheria, are white or yellowish. Constant desire to swallow, with plenty of very sticky mucus in the throat. Cryptic tonsils.
White caseous deposits in the right amygdala, with stitches on swallowing.
Redness on the back of the throat, with small ulcers.
Foreign body sensation in the throat.
Thirst 17. Nausea, with disgust at the sight of food, with feeling of emptiness or languor. Gastralgias burning, cutting or from a blow.
18 Belly drive. Heat in the navel, as if a coal burning, worse on inspiration. Dolores as stitches in the liver, ranging from right to left, causing dizziness, pains better hand pressure.
Left upper quadrant pain, dizziness upon waking in the morning.
Feeling of faintness or fainting in hypogastrium before stool. Buboes painless.
19 Pressure in the rectum. Stools: liquid, yellow, brown, frothy, soft, heavy, dark or black.
20 - () Hard chancres on the penis, with inguinal lymphadenopathy. Stitches in the glans. Copious nocturnal emissions, preceded by erotic dreams.
21 - () Cash yellowish in girls and young women. Mucopurulent copious flow throughout the month. Vomiting of pregnancy, yellow, green and sour, with burning and upset stomach, worse tomorrow. Mammary tumors, and even ulcerated indurated, with pains worse at night and from warmth.
22 aphonia. Goiter with dyspnea worse at night. Laryngeal tickling cough, worse at night and laugh. Stitches retrosternal pain or throbbing. Pains in the chest on the left, or right to left. Feeling of wind on the left breast.
23 points in the heart, sudden and lasting, that his breath. Shocks in the heart. Palpitations. Pulse weak and irregular.
24 Nape painful lying down, and turn his head. Throbbing pain or numbness between shoulder blades or right.
25 - () bone pain in limbs. Pain in the right forearm worst writing, simultaneous with left hip pain, worse by pressure,
or rubbing motion. Sharp pains in right arm and shoulder, with numbness, worse writing, you should quit. Pain in the left upper limb, with numbness. Rheumatic pain in his right hand at night in bed. Pain, stiffness and numbness in the fingers. Heaviness in the limbs. Tiredness and heaviness in the legs, with pain in his left knee. Pain in the sole of his left foot, with faint feeling throughout the body. Sharp pain in right big toe.
Insomnia 26 before the 1. Nightmares; sounds drowning, with coffins, urinating.
27 shaking chills all over.
28 Intense itching all over, worse at night in bed, and not relieved by scratching. Persistent pruritus plates which follow each other in rapid succession throughout the body.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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