Mercurius sulphocyanatus and sulphuricus. Homeopathy

(Sulfocionuro Mercury)
1 Excess anxiety.
2 general prostration.
3 Vertigo while attempting to climb out of bed.
4 Pale with great weakness, skin cold and frequent tremors.
5 - () constant salivation. Unpleasant metallic taste.
6 - () Throat very red with white membrane on the tonsils. Violent burning in the gullet. Heat and constriction in the esophagus, difficulty swallowing and heartburn with nausea.
Vomiting 7. Epigastric pain on pressure. Bloody stools.
8 Press flashing every 3 beats.
9 Pain in the shoulder joint.

Mercurius sulphuricus
(Basic Sufato Mercury HgSO4 2HgO)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius sulphuricus
1 Depressed, with chills and yawning. Cranky after dinner.
GENERAL OR pathogenesis SINSTOMAS Mercurius sulphuricus
2 Worse: after noon, especially 16 to 17 hours of morning and night, in bed. Better: a profuse diarrhea (in breathlessness), for sitting lying nde).
3 pain as from splinters blunt them move in a circle, as if in the bones. Rheumatic pains.
SPECIFIC Mercurius sulphuricus
4 The standing tide. Fullness in the head with stitches. Headaches with heaviness, and walk after breakfast. Violent itching of the scalp.
Oppression of 5 eyes. Eyes worse by sunlight.
6 Burning in the ears and face, after the chill.
7 sneezing with nasal discharge liquid, the sun. The tip of the nose is swollen and sore. Nasal itching.
8 Face pale and anxious expression. Parotid swelling.
9 - () palate and gums dark blue or black with ulcerated edges. Sticky mouth full of mucus in the morning. Tip of the tongue burns and hurts.
Buccal mucosa and tongue swollen, is dry and black. Sialorrhea. Language greenish yellow in the middle, with a white, or yellow at the base, or erect papillae.
10 Heat and constriction or dry throat, burning.
Violent Vomiting yellow 11. Pain and weight in the stomach. Vomiting and diarrhea.
12 Hot or burning in the belly. He wakes up at 1 with pains in the navel region. Pain in the belly as if to have diarrhea, drink coffee. Painful inguinal nodes.
13 - () Watery diarrhea, burning and irritating, yellow, copious, gushing, worse tomorrow, with sudden desires, with sweats, followed by great weakness, hiccups, belching, fullness in the legs and numbness in the feet while standing. Rice water stools. Diarrhea that occurs after taking the drug, is a major symptom of healing in cases of hydrothorax or edema.
14 - () Urine, burning low, but clear. Oliguria with constant desire to urinate. Dark urine is cloudy, with a film over it.
Gonorrhea 15. Syphilis. Swollen testicles. Pollutions with erotic dreams.
16 - () Hydrothorax or hydropericardium with hiposistolia or asystole, severe dyspnea requiring the patient to sit, and pain in the heart or in the right base, often radiating to the shoulder, worse at 16 to 17 hours. Acute pulmonary edema. Tachypnea. Pain in the right side of the chest, spread to the shoulder blade, which impedes breathing almost worse than 16 to 17 hours. Dyspnea in children.
17 It sleeps left forearm and hand, then the right. Cyanosed with a icy hands. Stiffness in the arms. Pain in the knees, with difficulty walking. Sweating in the feet with sores on their fingers.
Ulcers at the ankles. Edema in the extremities.
18 yawning and sleepiness after high noon. Sleeplessness after midnight. He wakes up with headache in the morning.
Chills 19 going up the back, yawning, depression, headache 1rontal, burning face and ears and mild fever, sometimes with anxiety, heaviness in the abdomen and oliguria.
20 nodes and glands indurated. Psoriasis. Leprosy.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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