Mercury (sol, vivus, niger). Homeopathy

Including Mercurius Mercurius or Mercury Niger Oxydulatus Solubilis Hahnemann [2 (NH2Hg2) NO3H2O] and Mercurius Vivus [Mercury Metallic])
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius
1 - () You can have two attitudes related to Mercury: the desire or tendency to kill others or himself, revealing, ultimately, severely destructive trend of syphilis (even in the minds) of this medicine is a major, or perhaps the most important of those used in treatment. There desire to kill, and loved ones, his own son, her husband (whom she implores to conceal knives or razors, because it causes them to kill drives), is made worse if they contradict or the slightest offense; sudden impulse to kill during menstruation, especially her husband she adores.

There is a real tendency to be criminal, and his aggressiveness is manifested by his hatred of those who have offended, cruelty or perversity (which may be the real basis of the anarchists and revolutionaries), being dismissive, disapproving of all, insulting by their desire to fight or because it considers each person as his inemigo (believed to be persecuted by enemies), and comes to believe he is a criminal. Moreover, this discontent provided however, this disgusted with everything, and himself, and has no value for living, is tired of life, sometimes with feelings of guilt (especially at night, and that haunt him or get very anxious), remorse (it complains) and wish to die, that lead to a suicidal tendency, especially during menstruation or while sweats, or to see a sharp instrument, with a knife. There are suicidal thoughts, in fear of an open window or a knife, because often there is a real fear of suicide, which goes to the extreme of not wanting to be left alone for fear of hurting yourself.
2 - () Memory weak, weak, for names, persons or places, forget what you just read, what he said or what was said, or where it goes. Has a deficit of ideation, focuses heavily, especially for writing or numeracy (is unable to load), is forgetful,
is absent, dazed and even confused, especially after eating, and not know where you get lost in streets well known or not recognize their relatives or their own home. It has errors when speaking (misplaced words), reading, calculating or when speaking of places or locations.
Imbeciles (sometimes cruel), or early mental development.
3 - () Fear: at night to die (with presentations), to die soon, disease, madness (over night), thieves, suicide, syphilis, with palpitations. Anxiety in evening and night, with anticipation of events that may occur. Scary. Desire to escape, running, with anxiety, at night. Duda cured. Suspicious, dia. Shyness. Lack of confidence in itself.
4 - () always in a hurry, but in the movements or to talk (or talks nonsense or slowly) or slow answers to questions. He feels that time passes very slowly. Concern: at 20 hours, anxious, and at night, turns in bed or out of it or you do go from one bed to the other, while sitting, with drowsiness in children.
5 - () Crying: during seizures, involuntary, with pains; sleeping and waking, interspersed with laughter, tears and comfort makes it better makes it worse. Grito brain (meningitis with shock in).
Disorders disappointment or mortification. Affliction with fear at night.
Moaning when you sweat. Nostalgia.
6 - () Aversion to family members, everyone, to jokes, it's rude or indiscreet, tactless. Misanthrope. Not important at all, to life, to make money. Their behavior may be changing or absurd: people spitting in the face, or spit on the floor and licks it, or is passionate about the
game (but to make money), or frivolous, greedy, godless, filthy, dictatorial,
disobedient, or driving foolishly or tends to make noise, or is a liar,
lewd, licentious, obscene, or contradict, or wants to touch everything is vain,
spendthrift. Also, within many negative behaviors, can be positive, so in what he does and says. Capriccioso, complains, easily offended, indecisive.
7 Delirium: at night, whispering; of persecution, wants to be naked
both during sleep as in delirium. Rabid maniacs States. Delirium tremens. Have hallucinations, especially at night: he believes that is surrounded by enemies, that every person is an enemy who is persecuted, he sees ghosts at night or dogs or go running water, or suffering the torments of hell could not explain, or you see thieves in the house.
8 - () Starting up: Easy, by shocks, due to noise, sleep and waking.
9 - () Other mental symptoms: sadness during diarrhea, hypersensitive to noise, with aversion and aggravation by music, nymphomania, feeling that the drop, and the worse for being alone, wants to travel, loss of will; breaks things, an aversion to being touched, says this well when very ill, mental symptoms from sexual excesses.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mercurius
10 - () Its great feature is the aggravation of night (or apparition) of all their symptoms, usually on the other hand, syphilis, and that is the opposite of what happens to Medorrhinum and therefore in sycosis, day which is aggravation.
11 - () Sweat profuse, copious, comes with most of their symptoms,
especially at night, and would not improve, even last through the night or until sweating is worse during or after (see 40).
12 - () Worse by extreme temperatures, cold and heat; cooling trend, worse from cold, cold, humidity, cold air or after taking cold (feel the cold in the bones), by the hot air, heat or general of bed or stoves, air currents and the open (he dislikes), lying on the right side (can be) or on the painful side, for the bath, for cold foods and sweets, before of menstruation, for the general movement and the affected sites, before sleeping and while sleeping, by the slightest contact, by touching cold things, in Winter, by moisture; uncovered. Better: for mourn; at rest and when constipated.
13 - () The mercurial odor is offensive, fetid: breath, sweat, feces, nasal secretions and ear, sputum, urine, etc..
14 - () Tremors (see 38). Parkinson's Disease ( "The best general remedy for this disease") (Clarke).
15 - () tissue-destructive tendency to suppuration and ulceration.
Antisyphilitic is the "type" of Hahnemann and according Boericke, is especially useful in secondary syphilis, where 2AX "will do an amazing job" with its effectiveness. Mercurius purulent secretions are green or greenish yellow and streaked with blood, especially on mucous membranes.
16 - () Intense thirst, burning, extreme.
17 - () bone pain, worse at night, softening of bones, bony cavity and inflammation of bone and periosteum, periosteal thickening. Pain, swelling, induration, swelling and suppuration of lymph nodes, especially head, neck, armpits and English. Exostoses painful. Great brittle bones.
18 Weakness, tremors, which are accentuated by the slightest effort, sweats or after bowel movements. Thinning.
19 Feeling swollen. Sense of tape or bandage.
Desire and aversion of Mercury
20 - () Wishes: bread and butter, bread alone, single butter, milk, cold drinks, beer, liquid food and sweets.
21 Aversion: a fat, sweets and butter, hot food, meat, wine.
SPECIFIC Mercurius
22 - () Vertigo: to stand up or lift her head or sitting or lying on your back or walking outdoors, with nausea and darkening of the vision.
Heaviness and fullness in the head, with sensation of bandage on the forehead or burst in the skull. Headache, as if head in a vise, worse at night, outdoors by sleeping, eating and drinking, stooping and cold, wet weather, with nausea, blue, with coryza. Encephalitis with burning and throbbing in the forehead, with sensation of tight head, worse at night, better after rising. Constant movement of rotation of the head.
Pain in the bones of the skull. Frontal headache worse on stooping, as if about to explode, in the eyebrows. Exostoses painful, subcutaneous ulcer sensation when touched, worse at night in bed. Swollen head; hydrocephalus; open fontanelles and cranial sutures. The scalp is sensitive to cold (worse uncover or discover the head) or painful to the touch or itchy (worse by scratching, bleeding), rashes, scaly or yellowish crusts, wet or dry, excoriated, burning, itching, foul,
impetigo. Hair loss. Sweats in the head, especially at night and sleeping, oily, foul smelling or acid, or slimy and cold. Headaches suppression of discharges (feet sweating, runny nose, etc..) Or alternating with them, or scarlet fever.
23 - () spasmodic closure of the eyes, looking. Strabismus. Inflammation of the eyes: blue for cold, in children, syphilitic, with redness, conjunctival injection, worse at night, warmth of bed and the fire, with purulent or mucopurulent secretion, with pain, burning and itching, worse outdoors. Conjunctivitis, choroiditis, keratitis, retinitis. Iritis, especially syphilitic, worse at night, with stitches, with hypopyon. Pressure on the eyes, as if sand, staring worse. Copious lacrimation, worse at night. Photophobia, worse in the firelight. Mydriasis. Tearing eyes, especially at night, in bed, and the glow of the fire. Pupillary light areflexia. Blepharitis; eyelids red, swollen,
inflamed, ulcerated at the edges and scaly; are stuck at night, you can not open, sometimes everted. Styes. Eyelids red night thick. Blemishes, scars and ulcers on the cornea. Pustules on the conjunctiva. Pulses in the eyes at night. He sees as through a veil; see black spots, flames and sparks. You move the letters to read. Loss of vision, momentary or not.
24 - () Sore ears burning, pressing or stitching, worse at night and the alue of the bed, sometimes with cold feeling, as if ice in their ears. Sensation as if cold water out of the ears, which occurs suddenly and intermittently, with violent itching of the intervals. Otitis media.
Suppuration of middle ear. Perforated eardrum. Secretion or the ears descaraa: purulent (with sores and abrasions, or fungus in the ear), or greenish, yellowish, greenish yellow, bloody, excoriating fetida, with pain. Download cerumen. Suppression of disorders of the ear secretions. Boils on the auditory meatus. Hearing loss or, conversely, intense reverberation of all the sounds in the ear, sometimes with a sensation of plugged ear, which ceases when swallowing or blowing the nose. Obstruction by hypertrophy of tonsils or adenoids. Hey bells, ringing or roaring, mainly in the evening.
25 - () coryza, worse at night, cold air or hot, dry, nasal obstruction, or flowing, with copious discharge of serum corrosive, with frequent sneezing, can be accompanied by chills or fever, sore throat or laryngitis. Download or nasal secretion: greenish pus, fetid, corrosive, bloody, excoriating, greenish or greenish yellow, offensive, purulent or watery. Disorders suppression of nasal secretion.
Nasal catarrh spread to the sinuses. Ozena, rotten-smelling nose. "Children of nose dirty." Swelling of the nasal bones, but in the root, with pain on touch. Swelling with redness and swelling shiny nose, with itching. Nose black. Pressure and heaviness in the nose.
Crusting inside the nose, bleed on removal. Copious and frequent epistaxis, sleeping or coughing. Painful pustule on the nose. Pain in the nose to the touch.
26 - () face pale or yellow or earthy or leaden, dark circles bluish red, cheeks red and hot. Distorted features. Face bloated or swollen, especially around the eyes, or on one side, with toothache and heat, or cheeks. Facial pain: at night, worse when blowing nose; inflammatory, tearing in the bones of the face, for maxillary sinusitis.
Facial sweating. Tension in the skin of the face. Red spots. Pimples on the face with purple halo. Yellow scabs on face and lips, with pustules, ulceritas and foul-smelling discharge, constant itching and burning, and bleeding after scratching. Impetigo. Crust lactea. Lips: rough, dry and blackish, with burning to the touch, swollen and ulcerated, with salty taste. The angles of the mouth may show rashes or be excoriated, fissured or ulcerated. Yellowish scabs and pustules on the chin. Trismus, convulsive movements of the lips. Caries or osteitis of the jaw. Facial paralysis from cold. Inflammation of the submaxillary glands. Swelling and inflammation of the parotid, especially the right, with punctures. One of the main drugs of mumps. Swelling of the sublingual and submandibular salivary glands.
27 - () The mouth is one of the top sites of action of Mercury, and also one that provided most signs or symptoms characteristic. Thrush in the mouth, tongue in children. Ulceration of the coca base lardaceous, burning, offensive, painful, small, syphilitic;
yellow at the orifice of the salivary glands, the gums, palate, the veil, in the language, syphilitic. Buccal mucosa inflamed, raw, swollen and bluish, blisters or vesicles burning. Tongue moist ( "Mercury should rarely occur if the tongue is dry" [Guernsey]). Black tongue or black center and red edges, pale, all red or just the edges, white, yellow or dirty yellow; mapped. Tongue swollen and flabby, with dental impressions. Gums bleed easily, especially when touched swollen, spongy, separated from the teeth, very red, oozing, or atrophic, white or black. Needle punctures at the tip of the tongue. Feel the tongue as if burnt, or the rigid, insensitive and immobile. Increased salivation, over night or sleeping (wets the pillow)
and during headache. Saliva is foul, offensive, thick. Bad taste in mouth. Taste: bitter, rotten eggs, insipid, metallic, salty, pasty, sweet (like sweet bread). Tremors in the language. Stuttering and yet talks fast and speaks with difficulty. Dumbness. The breath is foul, offensive, putrid, worse during menstruation, or sweet.
28 - () Toothache: worse at night, at 21 am in bed, warmth of bed (become unbearable), cold air, outside, or in the mouth,
in winter, in wet weather or eating, better external heat or rubbing his cheek with involuntary saliva or with painful swelling of the face or cheek, the pain spreads to the ears or the face. Teeth black, gray, yellow, loose, even when healthy. Dentin inflamed. Grinds teeth, waking or sleeping. Ranula.
29 - () Inflammation of the throat especially at night, with shooting pains, or burning excoriating that appear or are aggravated by swallowing (especially in vacuum), at night, cold air or talking; pains extend the ear, to paroidas and submaxillary and cervical glands;
usually with marked dry throat and drooling. One of the main drugs for acute tonsillitis, which is almost always associated with lymphadenopathy in the neck, painful or burning. Gland swelling, suppuration, lymphadenopathy as knots. Suppuration of the tonsils. Elongation and swelling of the uvula. Excoriating pain or ulcers in the esophagus. Warmth or burning in the throat, as if hot air or steam rise from the stomach.
Syphilitic sores in the throat. Swelling and redness of the throat, or is it copper or purple color. Accumulation of mucus thick and adherent. Foreign body sensation in the throat, with constant need to swallow. Can not swallow liquids because they come through the nose.
30 - () Canine hunger, even after eating. Satiety. Bread heavy falls. He has a lot more thirsty than hungry. Gastralgias, with great tenderness in the epigastrium. Sensation of gastric emptying by pressure, not by eating. Nausea, worse after eating, with a sensation in the throat as if he had eaten sweets. Belching after eating, violent, putrid taste, bitter, sour or stale. Regurgitation seen after eating or drinking. Hiccups during or after. Retching and vomiting mucus, sour or bilious. Pressure as from a stone in the stomach while eating or after, but I eat little, feels hanging stomach.
31 - () liver disease, especially the inner part of the liver. The area is swollen and painful liver, especially when touching or moving; copper can not lie to the right. Biliary colic.
Acute hepatitis. Liver atrophy with great emaciation. Hardening and hypertrophy of the liver. Jaundice. Abdomen hard and distended, and painful to
touch, especially in the umbilical region. Violent colic, usually with diarrhea, with cutting (stabbing), worse at night, by the cool of evening, touching or grabbing something cold and by the lower pressure or contact, and improve or stop at bedtime; may be intolerable, burning, pressing (as from a stone), are located especially in the umbilical region and are often accompanied by tremors or warmth and redness of the cheeks. Feel as if intestines were loose and move to
walking, or beaten if she lies on the right. Vacuum in the womb.
Flatulence worse at night, with distension and rumbling. Peritonitis.
Painful swelling, hard and hot, with high sensitivity in the ileocecal region, appendicitis, sharp stitches from right to left, worse walking. Pains in English, worse on the right, especially when lying down. Inguinal lymphadenopathy with redness and pain when walking or standing. Ulceration and suppuration of the nodes in the groin buboes.
Belly cold to the touch, hard and sensitive.
32 - () One of the main drugs of diarrhea, especially when it appears or is exacerbated by cold air at dusk or night, preceded by malaise, feeling of faintness and cramps, and accompanied and followed by violent tenesmus, with constant and frequent desire to move the stomach even after having done so, urgent, violent cramps and sharp, with nausea, belching, heat or cold sweats in the face, chills, fatigue and tremors, with rectal pain and burning in anus after defecation, or rectal prolapse or hemorrhoids. Diarrhea in children. There may be constipation with stool hard, knotty and adherent, difficult to expel. The stool is mucus ( "Mercury is rarely indicated in diarrhea if no mucus"
[Guernsey]) or mucosanguinolentas or greenish mucous, excorianes; streaked with blood, like scrambled eggs, foaming, black or green, clear, white as milk or yellow or bilious; soft or watery, frequent, or melt, or as pellets mutton smelling acid. Expulsion of roundworms or pinworms.
33 - () Pain in the kidney region at night. Pain in the bladder to begin urination. Burning or stinging pain in urethra when not urinating or when starting to urinate. Constant urination and frequent, sometimes sudden and urgent, can urinate without rushes. Bedwetting. Can be copious urination, frequent (as in diabetes), or drip or weak stream, frequent, day and night and especially at night and during the chills. The urine is hot, dark, or brown or white (as dezclada with flour or chalk) or bloody, or pure blood; acid or strong-smelling, with white cloudiness or white filaments, with thick sediment, turbid, especially when sweating . Urethral discharge greenish (over night), yellow, green or yellow, thick, gonorrheal. Urethral gonorrhea with sharp pains. Phimosis. Inflammation of the urethral meatus. Burning urethra during intercourse.
34 - () increased sexual desire (with frequent erections and pollutions) or absent (with penis small, cold and flaccid, and wrinkled glans). Erections in children who sometimes last all night. Painful nocturnal erections. Voluptuous itching on glans and foreskin. Phimosis and paraphimosis. Foreskin and swollen, with burning, cracking and rashes. Purulent secretion between glans and foreskin. Vesicles on the penis, which ulcenran. Genital herpes. Grazing on glans and foreskin, and between genitals and thighs. Dolorimietito walking in the foreskin.
Ulceration: the penis, bleeding, hard, or cheesy lardaceous base and raised edges, in the glans and foreskin, syphilitic chancre. Testicles: cold, hard and swollen, bright red scrotum, and drawing pains, itching and tingling. Genital copious sweating, worse when walking. Condylomata.
35 - () Menses copious; suppressed; metrorrhagia; reappearance in or an elderly woman. Flow: worse at night in bed, acrid, excoriating, greenish, or pus, in little girls, with vulvar itching, worse from contact with urine and by scratching (burning), improved by washing with cold water. Sensation of the vagina have chafed and raw. Hard tubercles on the labia.
Labia majora swollen, hot, hard, shiny red, with pains.
Uterine prolapse. Sterility with copious menses. Firm breasts with ulcerative pain during menses. There is breast milk instead of menses, or children. Breast excoriated, sore nipples.
Abortions to replicate. Uterine cancer.
36 - () Hoarseness during colds, continuous, or aphonia, with burning and tingling in the larynx. Nasal voice trembling. Cough: worse at night in bed;
asleep or waking up in the morning, dry, or tickling sensation of dryness in the chest, worse from talking and lying on the right side, with green or yellow or expectoration mixed with blood, putrid or salty taste, and only by day. Pertussis quickly followed with two paroxysms.
Cough with retching, vomiting and breathlessness. Chest hurts when coughing, as if aestallar. Cough with hemoptysis in tuberculosis. Dyspnoea, worse when climbing stairs, walking fast, at night in bed at the slightest movement or speech; need breathe deeply. Chest pains, burning or cutting,
worse lying on right side. Stitches in the chest by coughing, sneezing or breathing, especially in the front and sides. Pneumonia in children.
Emphysema. Lung abscess. Empyema. Abscesses in the armpits. Breast Cancer.
Palpitation from least exertion.
37 - () adenopathies in the back of the neck lymph indurated. Backache when perspire and getting up from sitting. Sacral pain when breathing. Burning pain in the shoulder blades. points in the region dorsal to cough.
38 - () Bend your thumb inside your fingers. Cramps in hands and fingers. Tremors in the limbs, especially excitation, motion or walking. Upper limb tremor in writing, particularly marked in the forearms. Shaky hands to grasp objects or to grab them firmly, and with his free hand or carrying something in their mouths or by any manual work, and also to raise high the hands can not feed or dress. Paralytic tremor or weakness. Trembling on the feet. Pains in the limbs, especially at night, worse from warmth of bed, sweating and humid weather; him out of bed.
Acute rheumatism. Bone and joint pains in the limbs, worse at night.
Elbow swollen, hot and red. Cracking and weakness in her hands. Sweaty palms and sweaty feet cold. Swelling of the joints of the fingers, toes wrinkled during perspiration. Fingering "dead." Violent eruptions with itching at night. Deep cracks and bleeding hands and fingers. Stiffness, swelling and pain in the wrists. Almost can not stand for weakness in the knees. Edema in lower limbs. Cramps in calves and toes. Painful swelling of the metatarsals. Ulceration of the lower limbs deep, burning, foul and bleed easily.
39 Excessive sleepiness during the day, deep and prolonged sleep at night.
Sleeplessness before midnight, and wakes up very early in the morning. Sueno restless and very light. Erotic dreams, horrible, with thieves, dogs that bite, firearms discharge, etc.. Speak up, sighs and growls in the dream.
40 - () Chilly morning, lifting, or in bed, but especially when lying down at night, and during the night (with frequency), as if you pour cold water over it, and not relieved by heat ia stove.
Chills between diarrhea and other, and outdoors. Night Fever, but after midnight, with sweats and intense thirst for cold drinks; inflammatory or catarrhal fever, remittent fever. Heat Waves with chills. Sweats are the ones that indicate one of the great features of Mercury: appear by day, with nausea and faintness, and especially at night in bed, lasting all night without bringing any relief; of offensive odor, especially at night, or acid; oily over night, stain the clothes of a yellowish, very hard to take in the wash. Cold sweat and anxiety while eating. Suda by pain, but on the parties concerned. Sweats before, during or after stool, and sweat is cold, hot and sticky.
41 - () skin yellow dirty, rough and dry. Jaundice. Eruptions: bleeding, swelling, itching worse at night and from warmth. Herpes zoster. Syphilitic eruptions, coppery spots, round and shiny.
Varicella, smallpox, erysipelas, burning rashes, pustules, urticaria, ecchymosis (blue or black spots), gangrene. Violent and voluptuous itching all over, worse at night and from warmth of bed; lapiel with burning after scratching. Ulceration of the skin: bleeding, burning (more on the edges), scabby; deep, with bloody or purulent secretion, corrosive, offensive, putrid or watery; of indurated, or swollen, with punctures; lardaceous base; phagadenic; throbbing at night, syphilitic. Cankers. Primary and secondary syphilis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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