Metallicum Arsenicum (arsenic). Homeopathy

Metallicum Arsenicum (arsenic)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Metallicum Arsenicum
1 - () Depressed, sad, wants to be alone (as opposed to Ars.) Do not want to see anybody, with tearful eyes, but can not mourn even in very painful circumstances. Is eager to die or fall asleep and never wake up.
2 - () Fear of being poisoned.
3 - () Memory scarce, especially for what he reads, he can not keep anything down, you should read everything two or three times before understanding it. It costs a lot of thinking.
4 - () worse by thinking about your symptoms.
5 - He is so lazy that she sits instead of bothering to go to bed.
6 - Feel like I had to escape.
7 - Go to the light spectra of the day or threatening people, making it mourn.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Metallicum Arsenicum
8 - () The symptoms recur every two weeks.
9 - () bloating or enlargement in brain, head, eyelids, hands and fingers.
10 - () Dolores cutting, burning, stabbing, ranging from one location to another or leave one place and appear in another; attacks appear suddenly and disappear slowly, or vice versa.
11 - Rapid pulse of tomorrow (Sulfur).
12 - Prostration.
Desire and aversion of Arsenicum Metallicum
13 - Desire for alcoholic beverages.
Arsenicum Metallicum SPECIAL
14 - () headaches when writing, thinking and laughing, worse when bending over or lying down. Headache extended left the eyes and ears. Feel the enlarged head, the brain seems very large, as if about to burst. Cephalic fullness of night waking. Hair loss. Edema front.
15 - Red eyes, worse for sewing, with photophobia, burning and tearing. Pterygium.
16 - watery coryza with burning and tearing, worse tomorrow, with great prostration, swollen nose and enlarged head sensation; repeated every 21 days.
17 - Face red, swollen, burning, itching, worse at night, better cold washing. Skin feeling tight in the face. Malar bone pain.
18 - () Tongue white, with dental impressions; sore mouth.
19 - Aching in the liver that goes on the shoulders and spine. Spleen to groin pain. Breast pain spleen. Inguinal bubo with right groin pain, worse when extending the leg. Cutting pains in the abdomen, followed by burning and watery stools pain relief, being weak, he falls asleep sitting.
20 - extremely painful hemorrhoids, bleeding, anal itching spread to the perineum and scrotum, better washing with hot water.
21 - () Cankers with burning pain. Itching in the glans penis and scrotum swollen glans. Offensive sweat on the genitals.
22 - () Menstruation advanced, long, low, with pains in uterus and vagina.
23 - pains in the breast, spread to the spleen or the hip. Chest pain, one can lie on the left side.
2 24 - hands and fingers feel swollen and stiff, as if he could close them. Cracks in the fingers. Palms hot. Warm feet, especially at night, uncovered. Sensation of dryness in the right knee.
25 - () Dreams in the water hazard. Excessive sleepiness during the day, despite having slept very well at night. Feel sleepy and can not sleep.
26 - The skin is peeling in small flakes. Syphilitic skin lesions.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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