Metrazol. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Cardiazol
1 - () memory leak: forget the past, as a gesture to commence or continue the action undertaken. Must make strenuous efforts to focus their ideas.
2 When you touch your face, has the impression of having it distorted, as if made of dead flesh or parchment right-sided facial paresthesia.
GENERAL Cardiazol
3 - () The symptoms that appear in the shock cardiazolic form a typical seizure, with members in forced extension, tongue biting, eyes open and upward, with a little intense chronic phase and a striking bradycardia to 30 beats per minute.
4 - () sensation of cold in bed, as if blowing a stream of air between mattress and wall. Obsessive feeling that a current of cold air blowing on the back between the shoulders and neck.
SPECIFIC Cardiazol
5 - () Diplopia persistent.
6 - () total loss of taste; not feel like anything.
7 - () Crisis of intense chest pain, with sensation of constriction and severe anguish. These indications suggest symptoms of angina pectoris.