Mexico is infected with "A-H1N1. What we say

SaludBio echoing the concern that exists in Mexico for the epidemic of influenza virus A-H1N1 "swine flu or publishes an article that we sent a person from Mexico have criticized the lack of information that currently exists in that country. SaludBio not responsible for the comments of others.

"Mexico is infected with the virus" A "H1N1" which has been "identified" as a infuenza of porcine origin. The situation is complicated, much more than we say.

I had the opportunity to chat with one of the leading researchers delineate which fortunately is my neighbor, so I have good data source on this situation and many others. This will be a VERY long post, so if you want to report on what is happening, since when we hide, everything about this disease (identification, prevention, what to do in case of being infected, etc.). And many other information of the most useful to continue. If they decide to continue ignoring the issue pass this information to another person, action is needed.

OK, this starts on 18 March when the buds begin to give DF ILI (Which is Influenza-Like Illness, according to WHO. This disease classified but with characteristics similar to influenza or possibly a mutation of the same virus but without a classification or identification of 100%) and well, we all know the rest of the day today there are 67 deaths confirmed cases and 954 "suspects." My neighbor says they are at least 250 deaths and at least 3000 patients. This did not mean it yellow, but by the same health policy that is introduced in Mexico, they say to report a decline related to disease would have to prove 100% that was caused by this. So here what we "say".

Now what is and Parts:

1 .- What is this?
This disease is swine flu, or avian, or human, much less a mixture of all as they say. It is a known that until now there has been 100% identified, there is no vaccine or medication for this. Simply because it is a direct and natural evolution of this virus and therefore "new". In case, you could say it's a new strain of swine flu, but again, this is not confirmed.

2.-This is beginning? Why?
Because as all being, a virus has an evolutionary process, which occurred when, if a disease of "pig-pig", it became a disease "pig-human" and "human-human", which only ended when, after a certain number of transfers back mutate into a strain that no longer contagious or dangerous to humans.

3 .- How long will it take for this "control"?
It is not known. The evolutionary process may take 4 to 6 months minimum. The health secretary said it was clothed vaccine against this disease and the truth when I heard this I felt so offended that:

a) There is no vaccine against this virus and therefore, "new acquisitions" of the secretary are obsolete.

b) Vaccines are preventive drugs, since they are "versions" of the disease with less danger or that do not cause damage to the body that can create the antibodies needed for when the actual disease attacks us, we already have the antibodies necessary to combat it, which creates almost 1 month after we were injected.

Based on this I ask, if the Secretary said that these vaccines will not be distributed to everyone, but for those who are already identified with the disease and the vaccines themselves are neither correct nor are immediate ... to serve ?

Save want to comment here. In Japan it takes 6 months to eradicate SARS. That's right, a power which closed its borders with all the equipment and resources necessary to address the crisis in controlling half a year late and only had 2 cases reported. How long afternoon here believe that in Mexico, our country of no pasa nada ... No doctors, no culture preventive medicine, or emergency treatment, no plans and the worst, no action.

4 .-? How to know if I'm infected?
Say you are healthy, they go out and acquire the virus. Of the state "healthy" to the first symptoms will spend 4 to 5 days. Now on this 5th day begin moderate discomfort, which are, cough, headache and joint pain, and start with temperature. Of entomology at the box moderate that can identify 100% the disease will spend 2 more days.

In this table the features are:

-Fever higher than 38? C.
Cough, frequent and intense.
-Lack of appetite.
-Nasal congestion.
"Joint pain

5 .-? Do not think you are infected, so what are the methods of prevention?
"Do not neglect the cleaning: Wash your hands, and door handles.
-Avoid crowded or very crowded places, remember that there are pockets of infection.
-Avoid going out in general or not eating in the street
-If you must exit, do with covering mouths. But not with those who sell in simifarmacia, but a cover mouths N95 or 8210 the 3M brand. They can buy at a pharmacy in Paris or specialized creaked. Not disposable. Lasts from 5 to 7 days with proper cleansing.
"Leave your shoes at the door of your house. If you quit, you step on someone else's saliva and return to your house and you bring the infection. It is preferable if you have a pair for your home only as this measure was leading in Japan.
Super-Buy 1 or 2 weeks to avoid unnecessary exits.

6 .- The government took measures to close or crowded public places closed and suspend classes? This is necessary or useful?
No. The government as always wants to give an image that does not correspond to reality. With 5 days without classes or concerts are not going to make any changes or real help. Would need to be 4 or 5 months ended so he could be an option truthful. Better use this time to anticipate and organize house, buy the masks, pantry, buy some hand soap, etc..

7 .-, I think you are infected, I do?
First to be with some assurance that actually is sick, then with all the necessary hygiene goes to the nearest doctor or hospital. If the hospitals here in Mexico are the focus of disease, so go with your clean hands and mouths covered. Cuidate to you and others.
In case of not having health insurance, goes to federal government offices, dial the number 55335533 or Locatel, for more information,

8 .-? This is afraid?
Not to panic, since it is a disease that can not be combated with antiviral drugs, which weaken a bit to this virus and gives the body time to create these antibodies. Q What you need to know is that no extreme measures, preventive culture is not mockery or derision. No matter if you look good with or without covers mouths shake hands for a while.

The disease is fatal if not treated early, but the truth is that the government does not possess the necessary measures to face it, my neighbor said they needed ventilators, respirators, O2 and others, because complications of the disease and cause of death are heart disease. Remember that your health comes first, and prevention is the greatest weapon we have right now. "

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Update 4/5/09:
Because of the influenza A-H1N1 Influenzinum reader advises us triple the 200 CH Hasler as a precaution. It recommends a single dose and repeat at 7 days. Read the comments in perfoliatium Eupatorium. Homeopathy (Item 26) Influenzinum (influenza).

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