Mezereum (Abridged). Homeopathy

MEZEREUM (plant family of fimeleaceas)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Mezereum
1 .- eczema with vesicular eruptions, blistering, intensely itchy, pus-containing liquid and covered with thick crusts, yellowish white (impetigo, area).

2 .- Maxillary Sinusitis with yellowish nasal discharge and severe burning pain in the jaw region.

3 .- Night bone pain, aggravated by the heat of the bed, located in long bones.

Mezereum general symptoms: Is an activity particularly at the skin (pruritus), mucous (burning) and bone (neuralgia).

Mezereum: Aggravation: at night, with the warmth of the bed with the cold damp.

Mezereum: Amelioration: outdoors.

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