Mezereum. Homeopathy

(Daphne Mezereum)
1 - () All emotions seem out of the stomach or feel, especially fear, apprehension, bad news, surprises, and eiente as a vacuum, as if expecting a very unpleasant news. Fear seems to leave the stomach or heart.
2 - () Indifferent to everything and everyone around her seems that everything is dead and nothing will cause any impression. Look through the window for hours without being aware of what goes on around them. Have an aversion to speaking, he seems a lot of work speak a word. Undecided. Unable to work.
Hipopondriaco, melancholic, melancholy religious religious or mental conditions. Major depression with crying. Confusion, as if intoxicated.
3 - () Forget what you've heard or said, or what is to say, do not know where. Everything is confusing. Memory weak. Mental dullness. Understanding difficult, you are going to talk about ideas.
4 - () Anguish and restlessness, especially when alone; want company, do not stop moving.
5 criticizes others. Fighter. Easily offended, irritated by little things, but soon regrets.
6 - () Disorders of the bones, especially of long bones, which are inflamed and swollen, with burning pains that go night up and down, sometimes after venereal diseases or treatments for abuse of mercury. Bony cavities; exostosis; tumors soften the inside out. Feeling of distension of the bones. Pain and inflammation in the periosteum of long bones, worse at night in bed or at the slightest touch or wet weather. Fistulas bony.
7 - () Aggravation (or onset of symptoms): from cold, damp, cold weather and the humidity, sudden changes of time, for general heat or bed, in evening or night, for the hot air in a warm room for a hot bath (rash), by touch and pressure, by washing in cold water, by motion, for hot food. Better: open air (as desired).
8 - () eruptions disorders (disorders of the eyes, ears, head, neuralgia, etc.). When eruptions occur, improve internal manifestations and vice versa.
9 - () Pains of various kinds, with or shaking chills and sensitivity to cold air. Neuralgia. Burning pain biting. Burning neuralgic pains after a herpes zoster.
10 Sen.: high lightness of the body, constriction (throat, stomach, tendon), as if millions of insects crawling on; of heaviness and indolence, of weakness in the joints of shocks in the tendons of tension in the muscles , with shaking.
11 The symptoms range from top to bottom, inside out, from right to left, or predominantly one-sided. The body leans forward when walking.
12 Adelgazarniento in children, with voluminous belly. Fibrous parts abscess or tendons.
Desire and aversion of MEZEREUM
13 - () I of ham fat, fat, cold drinks, coffee, wine.
Aversion to meat.
14 - () Vertigo which makes it fall to the side, and see sparks. Violent headaches that appear for less vexatious or suppressed eruptions, usually on one side or temples, with great sensitivity to the slightest touch on the scalp, or with chills and shivering, sometimes cornienza in the frontal sinuses ( with keystrokes) and it gets worse or comes by effort, by talking a lot, for the slightest movement, heat, sometimes with vomiting and fainting. Pain in the bones of the skull, sometimes with bony cavities and swelling, and sensitivity to touch hair. The head is covered by a thick crust, such as leather, white, and under which pus collects yellow or white and thick, irritating, which makes hair clumps or roll into a ball and, after a while, it becomes foul; sometimes with worms. Eruptions on the scalp itching, dry or wet, with white scales, white dandruff. Itching worse at night, burning, worse from scratching, making it move about. He falls asleep his head on one side, worse on a contact and dusk. Handfuls of hair loss, hair matted.
15 - () inflamed eyes, with conjunctival injection and high pressure and dry eyes. Strong tendency to blink. Shocks in the periocular muscles, especially in the left upper eyelid, sometimes contracted spasmodically. Tearing with burning. Staring at a point. Pain in eyes, as if too large or as if they pull back, sometimes they are sharp, and compel him to rub his eyes, with sensation of cold. Myopia, presbyopia. Miosis. See sparks. Postoperative Neuralgia, especially remove the eye.
16 - () Earache. Auricular wet and itchy rash. Hearing loss or deafness despus the suppression of an eruption by external means, especially the scalp. He feels as if the ears were wide open, as if the air into the ear canals easing even more, or if the eardrum is exposed to cold air, in need of picking your ear. Hearing loss by adenoids.
17 - () Burning pain in the nasal bones. Coryza with frequent sneezing and a runny liquid, yellowish, burning makes the upper lip with nasal mucosa and hipoosmia excoriated. Jerking visible in the root of the nose.
18 - () Cara gray, earthy, or pale, or red hot. Facial neuralgia so violent that the patient can not wash, it stuns, and worse at night, motion, speaking and warmth of the bed, the food or the room and eating better by pressure, by local heat of a stove and while still in a dark room, with lacrimation and followed by numbness, usually on one side (plus the right) and extending to the ear, eye, forehead, teeth, neck and even the shoulder. Drawing in the. Andibula. Burning pains in the bones of the face or the malar. Painful shocks in the muscles of the right cheek. Burning pain after facial shingles. Neuralgia by the suppression of an eruption.
Boils on the face. Impetigo. The child is constantly scratching his face, to leave the skin raw and bleeding, his face is covered with a crust that starts the child constantly, forming large pustules in these areas, the liquid that comes out is scalding. Perioral crusting as honey.
Eruptions on face: Crusty (especially in the chin and around mouth, yellow), rosacea, eczema, pruritic excoriated or worse at night and the heat), moisture, pustules or vesicles. Erysipelas. Excoriated, burning lips, even in the COMSUR, swollen and cracked, with burning pain when touched.
19 - () Teeth with cavities that are made quickly, mainly from neck pains of all kinds, worse at night, when touched with the language and by movement or the chills at night, better with his mouth open and breathing air cold. Sense of very long teeth. Pyorrhea. Burning vesicles on the gums.
20 - () Vesicles burning in the mouth. Swollen tongue leaves the mouth raw. Intense burning in the mouth and breathing in cold air better. Tongue coated on one side. Sialorrhea.
21 Pharyngitis with pressive pain on swallowing: intense burning in the throat, extending to the esophagus and stomach, better breathing cold air.
22 - () Hunger increased to noon, or exaggerated in the afternoon and night, or anorexia. Heartburn, eating better. Empty eructation. Feel nausea in the throat with intense salivation, tremors and earthquakes. Bitter or violent bilious vomiting (with headache) or blood or chocolate color.
Gastralgias hot or corrosive worse by pressure, better drinking milk.
Chronic gastritis. Gastric ulcer with many burning. Heat sensation in the stomach. Contraction of the diaphragm.
23 lymphadenopathy with big belly in children. Abdomen hard and tense. Stitches or dull pains in the region of the spleen. Heaviness, heat and burning in his belly.
Pressure in the inguinal ring. Drawing in the inguinal nodes. Flatulent colic with rumbling, dyspnea, and chills.
24 - () fetid flatus, especially before a bowel movement. Constipation with stool dark brown, knotty, hard as balls, with great effort. Soft stools, brown or greenish or very bad smell of acid. Constipation in the puerperium. Violent diarrhea with cramps intolerable, especially periumbilical, with tenesmus. Rectal prolapse or bowel movements while later, with anal constriction. Stitches in the rectum upward. Tearing, shooting or burning in the anus, perineum and urethra. Tingling and chills anal before and after stool. Pruritus ani.
25 - () Oliguria, Polyuria with urine or pale. Turbid urine, with reddish sediment. Haematuria preceded by cramp-like pain in the bladder, eliminates some drops of blood after urination, or the last part of urination.
Hematuria for menstrual suppression. Excoriating pain in the urethra, or burning in front has to finish urinating. Gonorrhea.
26 - () Itching in the foreskin after urination. Lancinating,
tearing or burning in the penis and the tip of the glans. Heat and swelling of the penis. Violent erections with increased sexual desire.
Hypertrophied and painful testicles pressure.
27 - () Cash chronic, like egg white, very irritating, with chronic ulcer of the neck. Menses too frequent and prolonged; limited or suppressed.
Diarrhea and rectal prolapse in enbarazo. Hot flashes in menopause.
28 Hoarseness with burning, dryness and irritation in the larynx and trachea, causing coughing, chest pain and dyspnea. Violent cough, dry retching and vomiting, worse lying down, at dusk or at night (until midnight), when eating or drinking something hot (and then vomits) or beer. Pertussis violent, with albuminous expectoration, yellowish, salty. Desire to inspire deeply. Pain or stitches in the chest when breathing, especially on the right side, with feeling of tightness or constriction in the chest, but on stooping. Scalding or burning pain in the sternum. Intermittent pulse or duir, full and tense.
29 Painful stiffness in the muscles of the neck and neck, but on the right side, worse in cold, damp weather, warmth of bed and motion. Painful shocks in the sides of the neck. Muscle aches in the back, with swelling and tension to the sacrum. Pain in the tailbone in a fall.
30 - () Pain as if dislocated shoulder, but the right, or the wrist to move it. Excoriating pain in right armpit. Cold hands, no finger strength, can not hold anything. Right hand tremor. He continually sleep hands and feet pernas. Paralysis of the flexors. Swelling and warmth in arm and hand, with shaking. Ulcers in the joints of the fingers. Feel the joint dislocated right hip when walking. Leg cover and elevated white scabs. Ulcer of the leg, the tibia, with intense itching around worse by heat.
Cracking in the right knee upon arising in the morning. Stitches in the right toes. Pains in the long bones, especially in the mildly (especially the left), violent and burning, worse at night from warmth of bed and wet weather, with very painful periostitis at the slightest touch. Pain in the bones of the foot while walking. Bone necrosis.
31 Daytime sleepiness, with rough and non-refreshing sleep at night. Shaking sleep. He wakes up at 2 or 3 am with nightmares.
32 Chills and cold throughout the body, especially hands and feet, even in a warm room, extending from his arms behind his back and legs, with intense thirst. Fever: intermittent, tertian, inflammatory, with headache, pallor, pain in the spleen (swollen and hard) and weakness.
33 - () The skin is the main field of action of mezereum. Very intense itching Itching and intolerable, even without visible injury, worse at night, and they change places after scratching, scratching until the skin is raw and swollen, with large posterior burning, worse from warmth of bed .
crupciones itching, worse at night and from warmth, especially fire.
Vesicular eruptions with thick white crusts, such as chalk, especially on the scalp (see 14), under which pus collects white or yellowish, foul and irritating, which arises on the sides of the crust with pressure. Wet crusts. Impetiginized Eczema on face (see 18). Herpes zoster. Ul1ceraciones with thick crust, yellow or white, with thick yellow pus underneath, with burning pain or excoriating; vesicles surrounded by fire and burning as intensely itchy, surrounded in turn each of a bright red areola, the ulcers are painful and bleed when take off your clothes. Boil. Liver spots. Desquamation of the skin is tender. Burning skin by sweating. Eczema with itching intolerable. White and thick crusts. Itching in the elderly.
Sulfur Sypilinum.