Millefolium. Homeopathy

(Achillea Yarrow)
1 - () You hit your head against the wall or things around him.
Violent, irritable. Excited, with gastralgias. Children who complain and sigh.
2 It seems to have forgotten something, he knows he is doing or to do; confused and bewildered, worse evening and cafe. Aversion to work.
3 - () One of the main drugs on bleeding, they are painless, without fever, without anxiety, liquid blood bright red, shiny, that appear in any organ or any body opening, which may be spontaneous or traumatic origin, or in wounds, surgical or not, bleeding profusely, especially after a fall. Hemorrhages appear after muscular exertion or lifting weights or after suppression of menses, after an abortion or childbirth (may be a preventative). All patients with bleeding tendencies or Lachesis Millefolium should receive preoperatively (Vannier) or antepartum or before extracting a tooth.
4 - () The symptoms appear or are aggravated by efforts by falls or blows, by violent exercise, by lifting heavy weights, stooping, for coffee and evening and night. Improve: dia.
Seizures and fainting in 5 children. Seizures after a menstuial its pressure. Seizures in the puerperium. Hysterical spasms. Tetanus.
6 Downloads copious mucous.
7 - () Vertigo when moving slowly or walking, but not when he makes a violent exercise, with a tendency to fall toward the right or backwards, with stooping and no nausea when lying down. Sensation as if all the blood rushed to the head, with throbbing pain in the head and throbbing in the arteries. Violent headaches that make banging your head against the wall (see l). Feeling of constriction in the forehead. The hair clinginess.
Bright Eyes 8. Eyelids stuck in the morning. Lacrimation, lacrimal fistula. Sense of much blood in my eye. Sharp pains in the eyes, which go to the front. Blurred vision for distant objects.
9 - () Sensation of fullness in the ears, but of late. Noise in left ear, which startles him. Sensation of cold air coming out of the ear.
10 - () Epistaxis with flushed face and heat Tufaro, with congestion to head and thorax. Nasal obstruction.
11 Sensation of heat in the face, as if blood had risen to the head, with redness of the face. Tearing facial pain extending to the temples, jaw and teeth.
Toothache 12. Gums ulcerated. Tongue swollen and furred. Dry mouth with thirst. Ulcer in throat, pain on the left to swallow.
13 Gastralgia as if I were hungry, hot, extended to the thorax.
Vomiting on coughing. Nausea with vertigo. Cramps in the stomach, with sensation of liquid running from there to the anus. Hematemesis. Belching. Sensation of fullness in the stomach, as if contracted and filled with earth.
Liver pain 14. Congestion portal. Ascites. Strangulated hernia.
Incarcerated flatulence. Violent colic with bloody diarrhea in pregnancy. Distended abdomen.
15 - () Bleeding piles. Melena. Diarrhea, with chocolate-colored stools changed to black or streaked with blood, very offensive. Dysentery. Fetid flatus. Ascariasis.
16 - () hematuria with clots. Bedwetting. Calculated in the bladder with urine retention.
17 - () Metrorrhagia by violent efforts, red liquid, like water.
Menses early, heavy and prolonged. Menses suppressed, with cramps, hemoptysis, or seizures. Flow in girls. Tendency to abortion.
Suppressed lochia, with violent fever, agalactia, pain or seizures.
Lochia copious. Sore and bruised. Menstrual cramps.
Metrorrhagia in childbirth. Agalactia.
18 - () penis and testicles were swollen. No sale semen in orgasm.
Spermatorrhoea. Condylomata bleed easily. Gonorrhea.
19 - () aphonia. Hemoptysis of bright red blood and warm, sparkling: when menstruation is suppressed or hemorrhoids, after falling from a height, by blows, by violent efforts, in the incipient tuberculosis, by breaking a glass, all day at 16 hours with cough, with oppression, palpitations and dyspnea.
20 Excessive palpitations with hemoptysis. Anxiety with chest pain.
21 - () Tingling and numbness of the left arm. Heat in the hands.
Sharp pain in rodillass, legs. Painful varicose veins in the legs during pregnancy. Pain in the right Achilles tendon, as no blow. Left foot falls asleep and then the right, better by walking.
22 Yawning violent without being tired.
Chills 23. Fever with thirst. High fever continued. Copious sweats.
24 Sarna suppressed. Fistulous ulcers or cancer. Wounds in the postoperative period of a bladder stone. Bleeding wounds.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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