Mimosa pudica. Homeopathy

Mimosa pudica
Pathogenesis of P. Sankaran (Brit.Hom. J., L., 1970. Pag. 43), and JRBaeside (Brit.Hom. J., IV.1971. Pag. 97).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mimosa pudica
1 Irritable, very upset, even over trifles or at the idea of taking drugs. Tense, nervous. She believes her body is enlarged.
2 Restless, can not concentrate or study or in conversation.
You worry easily. Forgetful.
3 Apprehensive and tearful, with premenstrual depression.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Mimosa pudica
4 - () No heat tolerant, and cold air needs. Want to be shielded.
5 - () Worst: 6 to 10 horass, 18 to 22 hours.
6 - () Laterality left.
7 Feel the body very light. Tired and sore to get up.
SPECIFIC Mimosa pudica
8 - () Headaches: worse eye strain, shock, bright light, motion, tomorrow, or 18 to 20 hours, better to close eyes or tying his head. Frontal headache or temples, worse on the left in the evening and by motion, better lying down. Pain over left eye and eyebrow.
Head heavy, better outdoors.
9 - () heaviness of the eyelids, hot eyes, with photophobia, better sealed and pressing the eyeballs. Eyelid burning, glued to the morning with yellow pus in the inner corner. Burning eyes, red, itching, worse from drafts.
10 - () sharp point in the right ear, which lasts all night, worse lying on the right side by a stream of air and strong pressure.
Hearing loss with ringing.
11 - () Sneezing all day with watery discharge.
12 itchy red rash on the face. Dry facial skin. Pink dots.
13 - () Ulcers in the mouth, tongue and lips. Herpes labialis. Foul breath.
Sialorrhea. Saliva comes from the mouth sleeping on the right side. Do not feel scared. Tongue dirty.
14 - () Sore throat, worse on waking and night, and left the better for hot drinks. Throat dry and burning.
15 - () epigastric pain, worse when coughing. Nausea: with rock sensation in the stomach, we traveled by bus or taxi, diarrhea and worse on waking in bed.
16 - () sensation of fullness and bloating in the belly does not tolerate tight clothing. Dolores on the sides of the belly, in the hepatic region, in the left lower abdomen, better bending, worse pressure.
17 - () Constipation, with hard, dry stools, and difficulty defecating.
Diarrhea before an examination, with gas and loose stools, stomach upsets, best rub.
Pollakiuria 18. Increased sexual desire in men.
Menses early 19.
20 Pain on waking, on the left side of the chest and chest. Pain in the lower border of pectoralis major muscle, worse by abduction of the arm or cold air, better for a hot bath. Dry cough.
21 Low back pain with stiffness, morning. Left lumbar pain, better at rest and walking.
22 Weakness in arms and legs. Cold hands and feet. Cramp in the left leg with left leg and arm asleep. Shoulder pain.
23 - () sleep disturbed by frightening dreams. He wakes up at 3 o'clock.
24 - () The wounds slow to heal. Dry, scaly eruption on face and arms, cracking, itching and secretes fluid. Dry skin on face and hands.