Mitchell. Homeopathy

(Mitchella Repen)
1 Depression followed by great joy. Inability to concentrate.
SPECIAL Mitchell
2 intense frontal headache on waking. Burning in the vertex. Keystrokes occipital. Scalp sensitive to touch.
3 Eyes heavy.
4 Otalgia right, burning in left ear.
5 Burning and stinging on the tongue. Swallowing difficult; enlarged tonsils and painless, especially the left. Dry throat, with sensation of constriction that prevents swallowing. Something left submandibular gland enlarged.
Poor appetite 6. Belching acids. Heartburn spread throughout the esophagus. Feel cold all the digestive tract. Rumbling, cramping. The transverse colon is sensitive to pressure. Stomach distended with flatulence.
Urgent desire to defecate, with liquid stool, and tenesmus. Constipation, with small stool.
7 - () Heat and burning pain in kidney region. Discomfort and burning in the bladder neck with an urgent desire to urinate, worse at 11 hours. Urethra irritation. Urine copious, dark, with white sediment. Dysuria with uterine disorders.
8 - () Congestion uterine urgent and painful urination and urinary urgency. Pain in the uterus, with cervix congested, swollen, dark red. Metrorrhagia of bright red blood, with dysuria. Amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia. Delayed menses. Labor pains slow, weak, ineffective. False pains in the last month of pregnancy.
Dry cough 9 tomorrow. Dyspnea at 11 hours. Plenty of bronchial mucus.
10 precordial burning pains, with distress. Irregular heartbeat.
11 pains in the back going up and down, or between the shoulder blades.
12 Muscle pain in limbs. Burning in the right upper limb. Halting gait, with tendency to fall to the right. Pain in lower limbs at the knees.
13 Yawn, sleepy. He wakes up frightened, dreams that are frightening.
14 Chills throughout the body, with waves of heat and sensitivity to cold air.