Moon. Homeopathy

(Obtained by exposure of milk sugar in a glass capsule, the moonlight, while stirring with a glass rod (Fincke), or exposing pure water (Higgins)
1 - () Irritability when spoken. Wants to be alone. Sad, depressed.
2 - () The intellectual faculties are particularly affected by exposure to the moonlight, especially the day before the full moon. The mind is not clear, and no aversion to mental and physical.
3 - () In all disorders that are accentuated or aggravated during the lunar phases, especially the full moon, especially the nervous system or mental epilepsy (worse at full moon), sleepwalking, hyperexcitability, and so on.; Or Conditions gynecologists, dermatologists, edema, neuralgia.
4 - () Worse after sleep, for the milk.
5 - () pain relieved by open air, cold applications or belching.
Desire and aversion DE LUNA
6 want something but do not know that.
7 - () Dizziness with bitter taste and hypersalivation. Headache for reading, eating better and outdoors. Occipital pain worse lying down; prevents him from turning over in bed. Severe headache that wakes you at 3. Severe frontal headache during menstruation. Congestion of the head with great feeling of fullness.
8 Burning and sand in the eyes, points or punctures. Edema of eyelids, with copious purulent secretion and profuse tearing.
9 coryza with sneezing, lagrirneo and occipital pain. Yellow-green nasal secretion.
Facial edema 10.
11 Bitter taste in the left half of the tongue with drooling. Sore throat.
12 - () and Sour taste to food. No appetite. Distension and heartburn from drinking milk. He wakes up at midnight with intense burning and stomach, and should get out of bed. Feeling of languor in the stomach on waking, with sensation of great distention, belching better.
13 Colicos below the navel, which rise to the stomach, wanting to lean forward. Pain in liver and spleen at 15 hours.
14 Urgent desire to move the belly, which goes to flatus.
15 Urine profuse, clear and watery, sometimes dark.
16 - () Menses: hemorrhagic, or stringy, dark blood;
painful; back two days after cessation, with intense itching of vulva and vagina, which improves cold washing. Vaginal pain that goes into the belly.
Bearing down pains. Cramps in utero, as produced by an electric current. Flow acrid, yellowish, with pain in right ovary and back, with itching relieved by wet cloths in cold water.
17 After walking up stairs, feeling heat in the lower sternum, which extend over the lung bases to the armpits and upper limbs to the tips of the fingers.
18 Feeling that the heart stops when gags, worse lying down, better burping. Precordial feeling of suffocation. Rapid pulse.
Intense pain sacrum 19 in the evening.
20 - () Rheumatic pain in shoulders, worse on the left. Left knee pain, better walking. Bloating and as having very tightly tied his right calf and hypochondria. After retiring, bone pain in the legs and lower back. Anterior tibial pain from walking. Sharp pain in toe szquierdo.
21 feel as if he had not slept enough. Sounds with murder,
With death, he wakes up scared.
22 It wakes up at 6 o'clock chills.
23 Itching in the right side of the body, as if an insect bite him,
worse in forearm, foot and leg. Excessive swelling of the face, neck and hands, with neuralgic pains in those sites.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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