Morbillinum. Homeopathy

(Nosode of measles, prepared with oropharyngeal secretions of measles)
1 drowsiness. Disorders of consciousness. Children grumpy.
2 - () The most important use is in the aftermath recent or distant, of a measles, and in any illness which had as its starting point a measles or whose appearance coincided with a measles. In this regard, it is interesting that Margaret Tyler says the concept of chronic measles, getting amazing results using this in some cardiopathies nosode in epilepsy (treated with little success for years with other drugs) in rheumatic cases and even in a case hopeless, inoperable cancer, and generally gave it to the 200th, 3 doses on consecutive days (one per day) or 12a, 30a, and 200A, or 30a, 200th and 1000th in 3 days. Morbillinum can be used also as a prophylactic.
3 - () Aggravation of a tuberculous primo infection.
Generalized Seizure 4. Meningism.
5 - () Tearing. Photophobia. Cold Eye. Optic neuritis.
Acute Otitis 6.
7 nasal catarrh. Nasal flaring.
78 - () Enlarged glands in the neck. Red throat, irritated.
9 - () white dots on the inside of the cheek and gums (Koplick sign) surrounded by a red ring, somewhat outgoing.
10 Abdominal pain, worse in the appendicular region. Acute mesenteric adenitis. Splenomegaly.
Abortions spontaneous 11.
12 - () Cough hoarse. Tachypnea with retractions, nasal flaring and cornaje. Diffuse bronchial Rales. Murmurs congestive lung. Laryngitis stridulus.
Accentuation of the pulmonary hila in the radiograph. Purulent pleurisy.
Tachycardia 13.
14 - () Fever 38th to 39th, with oculo nasal catarrh, watery eyes and cough and hoarse voice.
15 - () Stevens macular starting on the face and behind the ears and extending down the entire body. Macular Rosaceae, oval or round, which disappear by pressure, without itching, separated by healthy skin. Papular eruptions, or miliary confluent. Ecchymotic spots.
Desquamation fine furfuracea. Lupus erythematosus.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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