Morgan Gaertner. Homeopathy

(Nosode Intestinal Bach)
1 - () People temperament tense, nervous, anxious, irritable, impulsive. Premenstrual irritability.
2 - () Fear of crowds, the excitement, to the company. Have claustrophobia. It is apprehensive.
3 - () Jealous. Restless, whining, depressed.
4 - () Night terrors.
5 Onychophagia.
6 - () Worse, in the company, after eating, before menses, for the warmth of the bed at night. Better: motion; by belching or flatus.
7 Right side.
8 People pale, dark-haired.
Desire and aversion GAERTNER MORGAN
9 - () I: sweets, salt, fats, eggs, meat and hot food. Aversion: a fat, eggs and meat.
10 Alopecia areata of the scalp, which is painful. Epithelioma front.
Blepharitis 11. Styes. Cysts in the eyelids. Vitreous opacities.
Ulcers on the cornea.
12 abscesses in the ears. Otitis. Mastoiditis. Tinnitus as ridges.
13 - () Runny nose, front and back. Crusts and ulcers in the nasal mucosa. Polyps. Sinusitis. Red nose; herpes. Epistaxis.
14 sudden edema of the face. Herpes or neuralgia on the left side of the face.
15 - () Taste bitter, ugly. Inflamed gums, pyorrhea. Tongue stinging and burning dirty. Sticky saliva. Cracks in the corners of lips.
Tonsillitis to 16 repetitions. Burning in the throat. Uvula edema.
17 - () Indigestion with excessive flatulence and belching, foul.
Acid regurgitation. Fullness in the epigastrium. Gastralgias. Vomiting after eating. Duodenal ulcer.
18 - () excessive flatulence in the stomach, with sensation of distention, especially in the colon. Pain in hypochondria and iliac fossae. Ileocecal pain.
Vesicular Pain: cholecystitis.
19 - () Constipation. Painful hemorrhoids, bleed and itch. Anal fissure.
Rectal prolapse. Hard, dry stools with mucus.
20 - () renal colic. Urolithiasis. Nephritis. Pyelitis. Cystitis. Enuresis.
Dysmenorrhea 21. Vulvar pruritus. Flow brown, foul, corrosive. Warts on the nipples.
22 Pleurodynia. Chest pains. Intercostal neuralgia. Asthma. Laryngeal cough from tickling in bed at night and morning on waking.
Chest discomfort 23. Cardiac hypertrophy. Palpitations at night, waking him better by belching, flatulence and moving about.
24 Rheumatism neck and back; fibrositis. Pain in the shoulder blades.
25 - () articular rheumatic pains in the right upper limb; in fingers and thumb (swollen). Arthritis in knees with pain and stiffness. Right foot warmer than the left. Sweaty feet, very hot night.
Warts on hands vesicles. Herpes on the soles of the feet.
26 Insomnia. Night terrors. Sleepiness after eating.
27 papulo pustular eruptions. Urticaria. Psoriasis, even in the toenails.
Lycopodium Sulfur.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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