Morphinum (morphine). Homeopathy

(Including morphine, morphine acetate,
Morphine hydrochloride and morphine sulfate)
1 - () Delirium as in delirium tremens. Delusions and hallucinations: when you close your eyes, you see a man standing at the foot of the bed, the room seems full of white and colored drink, thinks he is dying or is about to die, hears voices, feels he is sitting on something wet; sees his own funeral; perceives odors miscellaneous thought to grow around him much, that the bed is hard. Ideas flow fast and pleasant, but without voluntary control, as if in a dream. Liar, never tells the truth, do not know what he says.
2 - () Great anxiety. Easily excite emotions. You can describe your symptoms because he cries and cries. Terror with cries of alarm, shock horror or fright. The anxiety and worry do run across the room.
Fear of dying. It scared and startled if approached.
3 deep depression. Melancholy mute despair. Unable to think or pay attention. Stupor. Coma.
4 Irritable, critical, censoring. Desire for solitude.
6 - () sudden fainting attacks, with great anxiety and fear of death.
Restlessness and tenderness. Tremors, twitching and convulsions, tetanus.
Numbness in parts of the body. Nervous spasms worse by heat, better from cold.
7 - () Neuralgias sudden and violent, so intense that cause contractions and jerking limbs, and even seizures.
8 Aggravation: by eating, by motion, after sleeping in the morning,
8or vinegar. Better: the cafe. Bed feels too hard.
9 - () Vertigo by the slightest movement of the head, with dimming of vision and as unconscious eating or drinking, dazed and confused, everything revolves around him. Tension in the brain, as if the head were tightly bound. Head heavy as lead; hot. Sudden headache, intense, throbbing in pop, with drowsiness. Head Tugback.
10 - () Eyes: fixed; shiny, injected; sunken dull, the boys feel very in the orbits. Ocular protrusion. Ptosis of eyelids. Medial rectus palsy, divergent strabismus. Nystagmus. Look unstable.
Mydriasis or miosis intense or anisocoria. Itching in the eyes. Vision cloudy, foggy, double, with watering.
11 severe left otalgia, pulsatile, better by heat. I think he hears the circulation throughout the body. Tinnitus: roar, ringtones, etc..
Sneezing in 12 paroxysms. Coryza. Tingling in nose, larynx and esophagus.
Intense nasal itching, tingling and numbness, rubs his nose
continuously, worse in the end.
13 - () osciiros Face and lips red or pale or cyanotic. Dazed expression.
Trismus; jaws tight.
14 - () Mouth very dry with thirst, nausea, vomiting and aversion to meat, paste, bitter, sticky. Tongue: dry, brown, red, art, borders and palate scarlet and purple in the middle, trembles when he withdrew. Rushed or slurred speech or stuttering.
15 Dryness and constriction in the throat burning. Pharyngeal paralysis; degluicion almost impossible, worse solids, better from hot drinks.
Jugular swollen, very throbbing carotids.
16 - () Nausea incessant and deadly, with arcades, fainting and alternating waves of heat and cold, with drowsiness. Nausea and vomiting by standing in the bed. Vomiting green, or sour or bitter, or like green water. Anorexia.
Gastralgias worse by eating. Constriction, pressure or stomach cramps.
17 Pain umbilical colic better by getting back to the morning.
Distention of the belly, bloat. Sharp pain in the belly and along the spine at each inspiration.
18 Watery, brown or black, with intense tenesmus and rectal burning.
Constipation with stools large, dry, lumpy, hurt him to leave.
19 - () bladder paresis, slow and difficult urination. Anuria. Retention of urine prostatic hypertrophy. Acute and chronic uremia. Dark urine. Glycosuria.
20 Impotence: there are few sexual desire and erections, or no. Pain in right spermatic cord.
21 Amenorrhea, or heavy menses and advanced. Sterility. Sexual desire increased and then decreased.
22 - () Hoarseness. Paroxysmal dyspnea hardly sleep, struggling to breathe.
Paralysis of the diaphragm. Cheyne Stokes. Feel the chest derrida, asks to be lifted, says he is going to die. Sternal pain. Dry, hard cough, which smothers and drains, worse at night, with mucous expectoration, and little sticky, though it was loose and abundant ove. Feeling terrible, worse than pain behind the lower half of the sternum.
23 - () Palpitations, with pounding heart and carotids.
Alternating tachycardia and bradycardia. Weak pulse, dicrotic.
24 collar. Back pain; along the spine. Lumbosacral pain, can not walk upright.
25 - () As members, shaking, jerking, twitching, rigidity. Joint pain. Stiffness and pain in arms after sleeping. March unsure, hesitant. Cramps. Erratic and sharp pains in legs and feet, dormecimiento, and falls while trying to stop. Involuntary restlessness in the legs, calls for the subject, feel like you have worms in them.
Plant left foot frost. Multiple neuritis. Fingering asleep. Thumbs in the fist.
26 - () yawning, drowsiness. Dream deep and prolonged contact with red cheeks.
This in a state of half-wakefulness, with ability to think and at the same time, confusing fantasies, with stiff and immobile members, which can only move with great effort of will. Restless sleep with frequent surprises. Insomnia; this sleepy, but can not sleep.
Chills 27. Burning fever. Profuse sweating, cold, sticky.
Pale 28. Purple spots on the body. Skin without elasticity.
As herpes zoster eruption, but no pain. Constant itching violently.
Hives menopause.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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