Moschus. Homeopathy

(Moschus moschiferus Musk)
1 - () presents the classic picture of the old hysteria, with nervous hyperexcitability ACCOMPANIED of spitting, snarling, with alternating tears and uncontrollable laughter, or else is very feisty, is angry over nothing, crying, angry or violent anger; is wipes his mouth with cyanotic lips, face deathly pale, staring eyes and fell into unconsciousness usually transient. This table is often accompanied by fainting (see 5), seizures (see 7) or cold (see 6). Hysteria, even in men, but especially in women (premenstrual worse). "Crisis of nerves." Crying after a fit of anger.
2 - () complains of excessive suffering and pain, but when asked where his body suffers site, complained even more and with more urgency, but no say or how to say or locate their suffering. Apprehension and fear of death, anxiety, hypochondriac, sometimes with palpitations. Tendency to simulate or exaggerate their symptoms, to selfishly get what you want to get.
Anxiety with the cough.
3 - () Lack of memory. Is absent, and his speech is unclear. O overactivity, with weakness, and you drop things out of hand. Hasty, hurried speech.
4 Concerned, talks to himself and gesticulating, as if he had lost his reason. Fear of lying down for fear of death. Talkative, as if drunk.
Delirium before seizures.
5 - () Marked tendency to fainting; vanishes by the slightest cause, especially if there is a picture of hysteria (see l), or eating or during menstruation or setbacks or even anemia or cardiopathies, fainting spells especially at night in bed in the evening or outdoors, followed by headache. Whenever there is a patient faints easily, it should be attentive to Moschus.
6 - () Grand sensation of cold, the patient feels very cold, or in general areas (cheek, foot, tibia, etc..), And their sufferings are accentuated when taking cold or outdoors (which feels very cold), especially seizures or nervous or spasmodic symptoms. There is often extreme paleness in the face with the cold. Sensation of cold in the wind.
7 - () Convulsions, twitching and jerking. Hits epileptic accompanied by chills or shaking, as if the patient had very cold.
Hysterical seizures, uremic; tetanic.
8 - () Tension: in muscles, skin, mind, and in the back in the States (feel too short). Inner fullness.
9 - () Worse from cold, by motion, by pressure, by sex,
after dinner and on the side it supports. Better: for massage or friction and outdoors,
10 oppressive or cramp-like pains.
Desire and aversion of Moschus
11 Desire for beer, brandy, cocktails, coffee and cheese. Aversion to food.
12 Vertigo worse by the slightest movement of the head or eyelids or stooping, sitting up better, with sensation of falling or nausea and vomiting, or fainting or unconsciousness, must lie. Headache at the root of the nose or occiput, with nausea, worse from cold, better in open air or heat. Congestion of the head with heaviness. Terebrante occipital pain, like a nail, worse sitting in a room. Vertigo with sensation of falling from a height.
13 pain on the angle of the eyes, itching. Tearing. Eyes fixed, or upturned, fixed and bright. Sudden blackout or sudden blindness or alternating. Red dots in the upper eyelids.
14 eruptions in the ears, with burning pain after scratching. Hey cracking in the ears, or crackling, roaring or thunder or cannon fire or a song or a steam leak. Hearing loss. Secretion of wax.
Epistaxis 15. Tingling in the tip of the nose, as if there are bugs.
16 - () A cheek (usually left) hot and pale, and the other is red and without heat or cold. Cyanosis facial spasm of glottis. Pale facial sweating. Cara earthy. Movements of the jaw as if chewing fstuviera. Tension in the muscles, as if too short.
17 - () thin lips. Great dry mouth. Putrid taste of food. Globe hysterical, with sensation of plug or ball rising in throat.
18 - () Spasmodic hiccough or hysterical. Sudden attacks of nausea, worse to see food or think of her, up from the epigastrium, with retraction of the navel and cramps, sometimes with violent belching. Violent vomiting, worse morning with pains in the stomach and chest, and epigastric distension. Sensation of fullness and epigastric discomfort obstruction, even by eating little, sometimes with burning excoriating.
19 painful contractions in the umbilical region, with apnea. Feeling of tension in the belly, as if the clothes were too tight, with great anxiety that drives her to run back and forth. Incarcerated flatus.
20 - () Constipation, especially after drinking coffee. Soft stools, sepia and sweet smell. Diarrhea, sometimes with violent cutting pains, worse at night, sometimes sleeping at night or involuntary. Point in the year, spread to the bladder.
21 - () Releases copious colorless urine. Diabetes. Strong-smelling urine or ammonia.
22 - () Great increase in sexual desire, with intolerable tingling in the genitals, and tensive pain in the penis, great sex erethism. Impotence from taking cold or diabetes. Pollutions without erection. Premature senility.
Nausea and vomiting after intercourse. Erections with burning in the urethra and urination. Erections in an old man.
23 - () Great sexual excitement with violent desires, even in an elderly woman.
Menses early and copious, with severe pain and great tendency to faint, with intolerable titillation in the cool, with drawing pains down (sometimes premenstrual). He complains a lot during pregnancy, but nothing in particular.
24 - () Brusca feeling of closure of the larynx, as caused by sulfur fumes, worse after eating or laughing. Dry cough, worse in morning, with pain in her left breast. Spasm of glottis. Pertussis with vertigo and chest constriction. Laryngismus stridulus in girls consented. Asthma with intense anxiety and fear, spasmodic; in children, in hysterical women. The cough stops and can not expectorate. Wheezing, chest oppressed hysterical spasms in the chest. Suffocating constriction in the chest, such as cramps, worse or comes by taking cold or going outdoors, much to breathe deeply. Impending paralysis of the lungs, rattling and restlessness. Pains in the chest, with violent cough.
25 - () sudden palpitations of nervous origin, with suffocation and anxiety, palpitations or hysterical girls, says: "I'm going to die, I will die."
Sensation of trembling chest, worse after fainting. Weak pulse with fainting.
26 Drawing in the neck can not turn his head. Pain in the muscles of the neck, as if they squirm. Painful drawing from cervical megunda the right shoulder, or spine to the hip, making it scream. Painful pressure on the left side of the sacrum. Tension in the back.
27 - () Twitching pain in the arms, especially in the wrists, and cramps. Burning, with sensation of cold in the joints of the fingers. Hands swollen with pain. Convulsive movements of hands and fingers. Restlessness in the legs, with weakness and constant movement.
Tremor in the legs when sitting. Sense of very short tendons in the popliteal fossa, with pain. Cold in the tibia. Burning and pressure in the right toes. Sharp pain in one of the first two toes, as if to fester, can not bear contact and walk on his heels.
It has a hot hand and the other cold, or hot and pale, the other red and cold.
28 Great sleepiness during the day, with frequent and intense yawning. Coma. At night can not be much time lying in the same position, because it hurts the party on which he supports, as if bruised or dislocated. Vivid erotic dreams. Sleeplessness from nervous excitability, all night. Insomnia in hysterical persons.
29 - () Hot external with internal heat. Sensation of cold air blowing on the exposed parts, but needs uncovering. Generalized chills that begin in the head. Heat or fever in half of the body, but the right, worse in bed. Suda every morning, and sweat smells of musk.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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