Mouth. Their diseases. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Mouth. Their illnesses
Comment: The absence of riboflavin is manifested by the appearance of small cracks in the corners of the mouth and redness and sores on the tongue. Iodine deficiency causes dry mouth and lack of silicon dry lips. Blisters warn of lack of sodium in foods.

Medicine for the mouth with Medicinal Plants:
Anise, Coriander (foul smelling), Salvia, Sanguinaria, Plantain, Oregano, Lime, Verbena.

Medicine for the diseases of the mouth and teeth with Homeopathy
In children: Venetian Borax, Kali carb, Merc sol, Muriatic acid, Nux moschata,
Nux vomica, Sulfur, Sulfuric acid.

• Thrush (Thrush Thrush) in the infant: Venetian Borax, Natrum carb, Natrum phos, Sulfuric acid.

General Remedies (without special procedures): Arnica montana, Arum triphyllum, Bryonia
alba, Lachesis mutus, Nitric acid, Nux vomica, stramonium.

Abscesses: Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Silica.

Tendency to clench my teeth: Hyoscyamus niger, Lycopodium clavatum, Phytolacca decandra,
Podophyllum peltatum.

Teeth marks on the tongue: Mercurius sol (see also "desire to bite," under
Personality and behavior ").

Grinding of teeth with chills: Apis mellifica, Arsenicum album, Calcarea
carbonic vutgarís Chamomilla, Lycopodium clavatum, Phosphorus, Stramonium.
- On sprouting wisdom teeth: Calcarea carb, Chamomilla vulgaris, Fluoric acid.
- Difficult dentition: Chamomilla vulgaris, Gina sea, Coffea cruda, Ignatia Amara, Ipecacuanha,
Magnesia carb, Merc sol, Phytolacca decandra, Podophyllum peltatum, Sil.

Effects of tooth extraction
- General Remedies (without special procedures): Arnica montana, Hypericum perforatum, Staphysagria.
- With bleeding: Arnica montana, China officinalis, Phosphorus.
- With inflammation and infection (toothache): Hypericum perforatum.
- Pain after dental treatment: Arnica montana, Hypericum perforatum, Staphysagria.

• Dry mouth
Thirsty: Arsenicum album, Bryonia alba, China officinalis, Lachesis mutus, Mercurius cor, Nat
mur, Phosphorus, Stramanium.
No thirst: Belladonna, Bryonia alba, Lycopodium clavatum, Nux moschata, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla

Medicine for the mouth with Nutritional Supplements:

Vitamin C: Important for prevention of gingivitis and pyorrhea. We recommend taking sustained-release vitamin C along with bioflavonoids.

Beta Carotene: Necessary to regenerate damaged tissue and inflamed gums. The use of natural Beta Carotene.

Formula multinutrient: To have healthy teeth and fill any nutritional deficiency.

Other Food supplements for mouth

Vitamins A, B, D. Minerals: iodine, silicon, sodium.

Medicine for cold sores with Homeopathy

General remedies: Natrum mur, Rhus tox.

After exposure to the sun: Natrum mur.

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