Mucor mucedo and mucotoxinum. Homeopathy

MUCOR mucedo
(Mushroom cultivation lysate)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis MUCOR mucedo
1 - () Asthenia. Thinning. Anemia. Decalcification with phosphaturia.
Dryness of the appendages.
2 - () Worse in Spring and Autumn. Better: for an extended stay at the seaside.
3 - () Chronic otitis media, suppurative.
4 coryza, spasmodic. Chronic sinusitis.
5 - () Tonsillitis. Cellulitis of tonsils. Adenoids. Adenoiditis.
Enlarged tonsils.
6 enteritis in infants.
7 chronic or recurrent eruptions micosicas worse in Spring and better at sea.