The Muesli. Properties

The Muesli is a Swiss-born dietary preparations based on grains, fruits, nuts, brown sugar cane and some with wheat germ and other nutrients, which together form, once prepared, a very delicious and nutritious meal for children and older with many properties. Due to its high content of natural fiber from cereal grains, makes an excellent intestinal regulator that facilitates spontaneous evacuation and regularly.

Because of its high proportion of seeds of cereals, which is characterized by high not only in polyunsaturated fatty acids, but also in vitamins (especially B group) the Muesli supplied, except for vitamin C, and virtually all high proportion. At the same time, its content in minerals from the bran cereals, brown sugar and nuts is very noticeable.

Breakfast most appropriate
Due to the current lifestyle and modern working hours, people often get up early, drink a glass of milk or coffee or fruit juice and go running to the office, factory or workplace, or anything else taking up two or three in that it is a break or end the workday. After a lunchtime are often abused in the food, which reports a heavy digestion and overeating is a week ahead of that generally work far fewer hours in the morning.

This is an imbalance in the diets of many people, leading to excessive accumulation of fat in the form of surplus food from noon they do not burn for lack of activity to burn during the afternoon, while the morning our body suffers rather hungry and needed to draw on its reserves. Add to this dinner for too excessive, too late is not difficult to understand the nutritional imbalances that many people suffer from obesity as well as much of the population in the western world.

Ideally, do a more complete breakfast and a light meal, as it is in the morning when we need our energy to develop our business more intense. To achieve that sto is so necessary to have a nice breakfast, complete and easy to prepare and this can be solved with the adoption of the breakfast of muesli, which simultaneously helps fight constipation, now widespread disease day because of refining foods.

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