Murex purpurea. Homeopathy

(Purpura Molluscum Gasterepodo)

1 - () Sadness, depression and discouragement, worse before menses or, if any fluid, when this diminishes, and better when the flow increases. Great sadness at dusk, with aversion to talk. Anxious, apprehensive. Melancholic people, especially at menopause. You feel angry and desperate for his excessive sexual desires. Desire to continually mourn.

2 Memory low, it's hard to find the right words to express their ideas. Premenstrual unconsciousness.

3 Down: by the slightest contact, strain, after sleeping, lying and night. Better: by pressure, flow or by bringing the head back.

4 Great weakness, but while sitting, better walking, has trouble walking, all the joints are weak, especially in pregnancy, and is forced to lie down. Weakness during menstruation.

5 Confused, dazed, with heaviness of head, which renders it incapable of work, sometimes alternating with moments of great clarity of mind. Headaches in the morning to Espert, which disappear upon standing. Pain in the neck (better by pressure or holding his head backwards), temples or forehead.

BTE cramps 6. Noises in the ears.

7 Nose very cold all day.

8 Burning in cheek, right in the evening and left for tomorrow.

9 - () empty feeling discomfort or weakness in pit stop even after eating, or even feel very hungry to eat right away, eed to eat again. Hiccups.

10 - () tensive pain in the right upper quadrant. Colicos ipogastrio cutting in the left. Stitches in the right groin, made out to the left breast.

11 - () Constipation, sometimes until 5 or 6 days without a bowel movement. Heaviness in ecto, painful pressure in the anus. Hemorrhoids.

Frequent urination 12 day and night colorless urine at night. Urine fetid odor of valerian urethral mucous discharge after urination, or blood. Diabetes.

13 - () The wide spectrum of Murex is in the female genitalia. There is a violent sexual excitement, which it appears or is enhanced markedly by the lightest touch on the vulva or vagina, burning with sexual desire; nymphomania; must cross your thighs to calm down the excitement is sometimes manic nasi. Severe pain in the uterus, the patient feels the uterus, is aware of it, especially when walking or standing. Or heavy sensation of drawing down on the genitals and womb, as if to leave the organs, is relieved by sitting and crossing her legs tightly or pressing the vulva grabs his belly. Uterine prolapse, in pain,
worse lying down. Dolores from the right side of the uterus to the left or right breast or chest. Feel throbbing in the cervix. The cervix is very sensitive to touch vaginal abrasions, or it may bleed, with stitches. Dryness, tightness and sharp pains in the uterus or the neck. Sense of expansion and weight in the labia, vagina and uterus.
Menses copious, irregular, early, prolonged, with large clots. Dysmenorrhea. Chronic endometritis. Pure flow or bleeding while passing stool. Thick, green, bloody, with pains in sacrum, alternating with mental symptoms. Benign tumors in the breast, painful menstruation. Flow and feeling that the pelvic bones are loose.

Hiccup 14. Hoarseness. Morning cough, dry and hard, with oppression. Wheeze in the evening. Pains in the chest, as if he had been beaten, burning beneath the left false ribs. Sensation of a snake crawling in the area of the false ribs. Palpitations, and severe arterial beats.

15 Lumbago burning or scalding. Pelvic pain worse by extending the body in bed.

16 Pain in the forearms. Hot hands. Pains in right hip and thigh, with burning heat and intolerance to contact.

17 Somnolence, worse at 21 hours. He wakes up frightened, urgent urination. Dreams that wake up frightened.

18 Dry, as if to crack.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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