My experience with Gall Cleaning

"Then said Thomas:" Put your finger here and see my hands, and take your hand and put it in my side and stop being unbelieving, and become a believer ".

These are the words that Jesus gave him a doubting Thomas at first by his resurrection. For me these words I have applied myself to verify the veracity of the effects of cleaning the gallbladder according to the method of Andreas Moritz and the results obtained by people who have followed this method as published on the blog: Cleaning liver and gallbladder.

I'm Pablo Lastras, manager and responsible for the content of this website. Recently I read the aforementioned blog and met further the issue of cleanliness of the gallbladder and liver. When I saw the pictures of the effects produced by the gallbladder cleansing according to Andreas Moritz I could not believe. However, because I too have suffered from gallbladder disorders with more research I decided to clean the gall bladder is recommended in your book.

I tell some of my background
I am vegetarian since 1992 but previously had fed me very badly, as almost the majority of people. My food for over 30 years was based on meats, fried foods, sausages, cheese and eggs, "a disaster. That gave me a series of upsets in my health that perhaps in another time the comment and that through natural medicine, I was healing. But since 2006 I was suffering from biliary colic different. It was certainly another phase of this long process of healing through the Bering Act may be experienced if we live according to the laws of nature. I have not been easy, but you reap what you sow and I was reaping the consequences of those 30 years of bad eating habits. If we now wanted to regain my health to 100% had to go through this healing crisis.

I've never wanted to force the agency to do something that it can not do or do not have enough energy to perform vital. And though she knew different ways to do this type of cleaning, I decided never to make the possible complications, preferring to go slowly.

But to see the blog of Charles and method that promotes, I realized that this system seemed much more logical and without much chance of complications. So I decided to try it myself.

He asked if Andreas Moritz's method was as effective as they say.

My personal experience
If you read the method by Andreas Moritz in the paper cleaning gallbladder and liver. Method: Andreas Moritz SaludBio we see published in the simple and convenient it is to do it.

In my case the result could be classified as excellent. I've felt absolutely nothing during all these days. Maybe on the 5th and 6th felt as if my body was telling me he was so saturated with apple juice.

Instead I made a simple enema intestinal lavage irrigator with 2 liters of warm water which is what we encourage you to do in the natural medicine clinic where I work. Also body heat to keep the last day I placed a hot water bottle in the liver area. All I've taken (apple juice, apples, oil, grapefruit and brown rice, etc.. Has been organically grown.

Are they or are not calculations?
The result is the photo above. That's what I eliminated. Are my own calculations of the gallbladder, removed from a single cleaning done this weekend? It seems incredible and is understood to have detractors. The "calculation" is larger than 2 cm. As observed are different colors, from yellowish brown to emerald green. In the picture that I post only the biggest show, but the amount was more than triple if you count the smaller ones. According to the blog of Charles appears that some of these "calculations" form in the intestine itself by a combination of Epson salts, oil and bile and it may be that other cleaning of the gallbladder. In other words, all was not in the gallbladder, but it appears that produces a great stimulus and decongestion of the liver and gallbladder.

In order to better ascertain what had expelled put all the "calculations" for several hours and watched the sun is dissolving and melting leaving an oil stain on the paper. Some are like soap bubbles, hollow inside. In the second photograph, made with super macro for me, is an alleged "gallstones" hollow inside and removing the oil inside.

No doubt the efficacy of the method as a stimulus and cleaning of the gallbladder and liver, but what are expelled from the gall stones, I am still in disbelief, at least in my case. It seems, according to this method, cholesterol stones suffer this effect when exposed to the sun consist of fat. Further research.

Alleged gallstone dissolving The same calculations after a few hours

As I said earlier, I have not felt anything at all these days of preparation and during the day or night cleaning. I think part with a great advantage over others since 1992 to bring a vegetarian diet and the advice of health education of this website. I contribute my experience precisely because our articles on the gallbladder and biliary colic are the most comments were received from people, in many cases, desperate for their gallbladder disorders. I hope my experience and many others can serve more people back to settle a gallbladder and liver problems.

If anyone wants to do this type of cleaning to remember that it is at your own risk. Sometimes the victims do not follow to the letter and can have complications. Moreover, individual characteristics and background of each can make cleaning more difficult.

I commend to you Charles's blog to learn with the many experiences mentioned therein and to draw their own conclusions.

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