Myrica cerifera. Homeopathy

Myrica cerifera
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Myrica cerifera
1 - () Major depression with irritability. This drowsy, dizzy, can not concentrate. Sometimes happy, with insomnia and anxiety, then depressed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Myrica cerifera
2 - () is essentially a drug impairment (see 14), especially when there's a dull pain symptomatology in the liver and gall bladder, feeling of fullness, drowsiness, depression, bitter taste, anorexia, headache, morning, yellow eyes, eyelids red, yellow tongue dirty, loose, pale, bradycardia, pain under the shoulder blades (but the left) and jaundice with itching.
3 - () Downloads catarrh of mucous membranes, both old and especially if they are offensive, very viscous, adherent and difficult to start, especially throat, bronchi, vagina, intestine, mouth, nose cap.
4 - () Worse: heat of bed after sleeping, in the morning and the
movement. Better: open air and after breakfast.
Desire and aversion of Myrica cerifera
5 Desire for acids.
SPECIFIC Myrica cerifera
6 - () Vertigo on stooping, with stunning and heat to face and head.
Sensation of emptiness in the head. Headache worse on waking in the morning, better outdoors. Heaviness front. Intense throbbing in the arteries of the head.
7 - () shot eyes and yellow, with very red eyelids. Eyes feel heavy on waking; burn and tire easily when reading. Feels like sand in the eyes, with difficulty in closing them. Heaviness of the eyelids, and on and eyes. Shocks in the left upper eyelid. Pain in the right eyebrow.
8 Pain behind the left ear. Hey timbres, but in the left ear.
9 Pain in the left side of his nose that leaps to the left armpit.
Coryza, with post-nasal catarrh. Sensation of cold in the choanae.
10 - () Face yellowish. Pressure on the cheek bones. Fullness,
Heat and throbbing in the face, after having been outdoors. Sharp pain in the right temporomandibular joint.
11 - () fetid breath. Sweetish taste, or bitter to the morning, or ugly, nauseous, preventing eating. Dry tongue coating, crusty, dark yellow, thick, which immobilizes the tongue. Language dirty yellow. Mucus thick and very sticky mouth. Dry scabs at the base of the tongue. Dry mouth with thirst.
12 - () Pain in the right amygdala. Constriction in the throat, with constant necesiclad swallowing; bloating the morning.
Mucus in throat, very thick, fetid, acceding and stringy, very difficult to expel; yellowish gray. Throat dry and painful, as if it were to crack, with dysphagia. Faritigitis chronic, especially if accompanied by liver disorder.
13 - () Hunger with sensation of fullness. Anorexia complete with feeling of having eaten too much, and disgust for food. Feeling of faintness or weakness in the stomach. Burning pain in epigastrium, extending to the left of the navel. Acidity with sialorrhea.
14 - () liver disease, with dull pain in the liver (see 2). Acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cancer (Burnett). Abdominal cramping, with rumbling and urgency to defecate, but only leave flatus. Weakness or fainting sensation in the belly, as if to have diarrhea. Umbilical pain after eating, with rumbling in the belly.
15 - () Removes many fetid flatus, especially when walking. Loose stools, pale yellow or putty, or ash, sometimes with tenesmus and cramp-like pain in the navel. Constipation.
16 - () beer-colored urine, yellow foam, dark, containing bile. Urination difficulty, as if the bladder were not binding.
17 Lack of sexual desire in men. Chronic gonorrhea.
18 Flow excoriating, thick, fetid, yellowish.
19 Burning in larynx and trachea. Cough from tickling lying down, better in the morning. Pains in the chest, with constriction at night lying left side, and with audible heartbeat.
20 - () bradycardia, weak or irregular pulse. Stabbing precordial pain,
acute. Audible pulsation or throbbing, worse lying on left side.
21 - () Pain in the back, in the head and neck, with stiffness and underneath the shoulder blades, especially the left, the left upper limb extended to the little finger. Pain in the left kidney region. Low back pain with chills to go outside, twitching in the morning on waking.
22 - () Acute pain in his left armpit. Tearing in the left arm, which runs through the middle and ring fingers. Heaviness and pain in his right wrist. Pains throughout the body. Tiredness in the morning when getting up or waking up with sore thighs. Pains in legs and ankles, worse on the left, with tremors, has trouble walking. Pain in his left Achilles tendon, worse when touched or moved. Pain in the right sole, as if beaten in the left heel.
23 Sleep restless, often interrupts by bad dreams, not rest.
Erotic dreams (with pollutions) or giant bugs that attack.
Chills 24 outdoors; alternating with sensation of fever, and heat in the column with perspiration.
25 - () Jaundice with pruritus. Urticaria. Itching for flea bites.
Crawling or tingling.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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