Naja (cobra venom). Homeopathy

(Naja tripudians. Venom of Cobra)
1 - () Depressed, sad, anxious, melancholic, brooding constantly over imaginary errors and misfortunes, sadness and indecision, as if everything had been done wrongly, although clearly see what should have done and could not help not to. These thoughts that wander through his mind, led him to have sudden suicidal urges. You have delusions and hallucinations. Aversion to talking. He does not like being left alone. Fear of rain. He feels he is under superhuman control or having two wills in the.
2 Sense of stupor or confusion; this as absent or very forgetful, speaks with difficulty. Semiconscious state or coma. Incontinence of sphincters.
3 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms at night, walking, lying left side, by alcohol or wine, touch, after sleeping, the use of stimulants, traveling in a vehicle, damp, eating , strain, motion, from cold (it is very sensitive to cold) or sitting. Better: lying on the right side, walking outdoors, smoking.
4 - () left side of the symptoms, or go from left to right.
5 - () sense that the organs are pulled towards each other, especially ovarian and heart.
6 Earthquakes. Mental and physical depression. Swelling of the body. Convulsive movements of mouth and limbs. Inquetud afternoon.
Desire and aversion of Naja
7 Desire for stimulants.
8 - () Vertigo. Feeling of emptiness or numbness in the head. Congestive headache, with pain in the left temple and orbital region and left eye, radiating to the occipital region, with intense throbbing, nausea and vomiting, worse by motion, at 15 or at 3 pm, in a warm room, better outdoors or after noon, with depression. Headache is the cessation of menstruation. Sensation that the brain is loose on the forehead. Sensitivity of the scalp. Hair loss, especially in the crown.
9 - () staring, wide-eyed and unresponsive to light; mydriasis with pupillary areflexia. Upper eyelids swollen and livid, heaviness and ptosis. Eye pain and blurred vision while reading, must rub them frequently. Burning pain behind the eyeballs.
10 Ringing in left ear. He hears a noise like a grinder on waking. Chronic otorrhoea, with blackish-smelling secretion brine. Earache.
11 coryza or hay fever, asthma, worse in summer or spring, with nasal obstruction, worse in the open air with acrid watery secretion. Nose sore, red and swollen. Nostrils sore.
12 face pale or livid or greenish yellow, anxious expression. Facial neuralgia. Face red and hot, but on the cheeks. Lockjaw. Lips dry, cracked, excoriated, sore, with sordes purple. Pain in the jaw on the right side in the maxilla, in the left maxillary condyle.
13 Gums inflamed, swollen, hot and painful to touch. Toothache and facial pain worse at night.
Boca 14 fully open, cold tongue. Furred tongue with thick yellow, or white. Very dry mouth. Ulcers on the frenulum. Foam mouth. Taste flat, bitter, sour or metallic.
15 - () Dryness of the throat with feeling of constriction and strangulation or suffocation, as if drowned. Not tolerate any constriction or neck contact. Intense heat and burning sensation of needle punctures in the left tonsil, with redness and pain on swallowing. Throat dark red, rough and mucus. Narrowing of esophagus with swallowing difficult or impossible.
Anorexia 16. Sed. Belching. Heartburn, acid reflux. Nausea and vomiting, feeling faint. Indigestion, feeling of having stones after eating.
17 belly swollen with rumbling flatulence. Cramps, sharp pains, especially umbilical.
18 Urgent desire to defecate, with profuse diarrhea, sudden, mucous or bilious, or greenish white, preceded by stomach upsets. Constipation. He feels he will expel stool large, and as he is small. Anal with burning heat. Colera, with dyspnea and almost pulseless.
Discomfort in the bladder 19. Urine reddish, with red sediment mixed with mucus.
20 Sexual desire increased, with absent or weak erection, with depression. Burning pain on the right side of the penis. Nocturnal emissions.
21 - () Cramp-like pain in left ovary, extending to the heart, and with the feeling that a thread or a painful nerve jarring of the two bodies toward each other, worse before and at the beginning of menstruation, decreasing then suffices next period. Whitish liquid flow in the afternoon. Ups and downs in lactation.
22 - () cough with choking and suffocation, as if strangled, irritating and dry, of cardiac origin, worse by movements or efforts, sometimes with hemoptysis does not tend to coagulate. White mucous expectoration. Deaf or lancinating pains in the chest, worse when breathing deeply. Pain in the left pectoral muscle in the morning. Pain and tightness in the chest, as if he had introduced a hot iron. Pain in the lower right chest, worse lying on left. Pain to the right of the sternum. Asthma, especially following a coryza spasmodic.
23 - () The heart is the main scope of Naja. Heart disease with few or no symptoms that can lead to a drug, or in children. Indicated to restore a heart damaged by acute inflammation, or to alleviate the suffering caused by chronic heart hypertrophy, or valvular lesions. Palpitations that occur or become worse when speaking (especially in public, prevent you from speaking because he drowned), when waking up, walking, motion, strain, climbing stairs, moving arms, roll over in bed, lying left side (can be) by any excitement or by drink wine; palpitations audible. Heart failure, extreme cardiac weakness, with feelings of depression and chest discomfort, with regular pulse in rhythm, but irregular in force, sometimes filiform and hardly noticeable. Anxiety and chest weight. Pulse may go from 120 to 32. Angina pectoris, severe precordial pain with extended shoulder, neck and upper limb and left hand and back, with numbness of left upper limb, with anxiety and fear of death. Acute and chronic endocarditis. Chest pain, often throbbing, aggravated traveling in a car or lying on the left side (can only be on the right). Cardiac asthma. With valvular heart murmurs.
24 Heat and pain between the shoulders in heart. Cutting pain in the neck. Painful blow from the inside corner and upper left shoulder forward. Feeling tired in the thoracic spine, with burning. Rheumatic pains in the back. Back pains in the morning on waking, worse on moving the arms.
25 Brusca loss of strength in limbs. Wandering rheumatic pains, worse on the left, pain worse on waking and movement. Numbness in the upper limbs. Cyanotic with cold extremities and head warm. Copious sweating of hands and feet. Sudden weakness in the legs when walking after dark; a staggering gait. Pain in the thighs. Tingling in the feet. Drawing pain in the bottom of the Achilles tendon, worse from motion, better by nightfall.
26 Major drowsiness, deep sleep with rattling respiration. Vivid dreams; with events of the day, with murderers, suicide, fire, etc..
27 bodies cold and collapsed; feet frozen. Fever without thirst, heat waves in the face, worse on the left side. Widespread cold sweats and clammy.
28 Skin swollen, mottled and dark purple. Sensation of itching, tingling and crawling on the skin. Small, white with a very itchy and inflamed base. Pimples on upper lip and nose. Gangrene. Painful chilblains on the feet. Purpura.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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