Naphthalin (naphthalene). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Naphthalin
1 Loss of consciousness. Mania. Delirium.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Naphthalin
2 Abrupt onset of symptoms. Restless or intoxicated.
3 generalized muscle jerks and jolts.
SPECIFIC Naphthalin
4 Headache with fever, drowsiness, and anorexia. Hothead.
5 - () The eyes are one of the important fields of action of this drug. Eyes swollen and sore, bloodshot. Opacity of the cornea. Falls. Retinal detachment. White patches on the retina. Exudates in the retina, choroid and ciliary body. Amblyopia, amaurosis. Luminous bodies in the vitreous. Retinitis pigmentosa.
6 - () spasmodic coryza much sneezing, watery and excoriating nasal and eye irritation much-better outdoors.
7 Cara and lips blue or pale yellow.
8 Flat incarcerated in the transverse colon with cardiac distress. Fecal and urine incontinence. Diarrhea fetida in tuberculosis.
And 9 Violent reepntino need to urinate meatus red and swollen with edema of the foreskin. Incontinence of urine. Painful urination. Dark brown urine, which turns black on standing, alburninuria; terribly fetid odor and ammonia. Gonorrhea.
10 - () incessant cough in paroxysms, and so common that almost prevented it from breathing, the patient grabs his head in pain, and her face gets blue or purple; worse at night. Pertussis. Acute laryngo tracheitis. Acute bronchitis with tenacious expectoration and oppression. Spasmodic asthma better outdoors. Emphysema in the elderly, with marked dyspnea. Soreness in the chest and epigastrium must loosen clothing. Dyspnea with sighing breathing.
11 March ebriosa, unsteady; ataxia.
12 Drowsiness very pronounced.
13 abrupt onset of fever, headache and anorexia.
14 thickened itchy skin, dermatitis. Eruptions on the corners of lips and pigmentation around nails. Eczema. Psoriasis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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