Nat arsenicicum (natrium). Homeopathy

(Sodium arsenate)
1 - () Depressed, as if something were to happen. Nervous restlessness You can not sit. Can not concentrate, forgetful, confused.
2 - () Aggravation: by pressure, by motion, for the shocks, from the slightest exertion; of day, from cold and cold air (takes cold easily).
3 - () Accented thinning. Edema. Feeling tired, he wants to stand still. Leukemia.
4 - () sensations in the head, as if floating or fast waves to turn the head, confusion, lack, warmth and fullness, with throbbing in vertex. Headache over eyes or orbits, eyebrows, worse on the right, or at the root of the nose prevents him from studying or talking. It numbs the front, in the evening. Headache worse from motion, heat, pressure and smoke snuff.
5 - () Vision blurred if you look at objects for a while, photophobia. The eyes get tired soon and hurt when reading or writing. Feel your eyes wide when you close the lids on them, can not open his eyes widely. Edemia orbital and conjunctival congestion of the eyelids. Conjunctiva dry, painful, burning, conjunctival congestion least exposure to cold air, with tearing. Edges of chronically inflamed eyelids, stuck to the morning. Eyeballs rigid. Veins marked on the eyelids.
6 Pain in right ear, in the afternoon. Hearing loss. Noise in the right ear with the pulse silcronicos.
7 - () sub acute or chronic coryza, with watery secretion which rapidly becomes purulent, thick, yellowish, and falls back, or with dry crusts, on removal, make mucosal bleeding, or removed pieces of hardened mucus and blue, leaving the mucosa in flesh. The nasal mucosa is thickened and there is difficulty breathing out, total nasal obstruction, worse at night and morning, breathe through your mouth. Anosmia. Pain at the root of the nose. Ozena.
8 - () Face flushed, hot feels swollen. Face pale with dark circles. Face swollen, worse morning on waking. Feel the malar large as swollen. Cracking and induration at the corners of lips. Stiff and painful masseter muscles.
9 Languages yellow, or red, wrinkled, cracked in the front, large, moist, flabby. Painful mouth ulcers. Sialorrhea. Taste: insipid, bitter or acid. Gums and sensitive teeth.
10 - () Dry throat swallowing and inspire, worst of morning or taking cold. Throat red or purple, and swollen, with yellow mucus plaques: diphtheria. Hawks and gray or white mucus starts very sticky. Shortness of breath and constriction, as if you pinched between two fingers thyroid. Foreign body sensation or needle in the throat, worse tomorrow.
11 - () Very thirsty, often taken, and little by little. Belching acids. Nausea by drinking cold water. Vomit large quantities of acidic water, worse after eating. You feel burning and soreness in the stomach when they enter the hot things. Gastric fullness feels little but eat. Epigastrium tender, feeling of faintness. Hematemesis. Gastralgias after dinner.
12 - () belly pains, better by removing flatus. Gases before stool, better later. Pain in English.
13 - () Alternate diarrhea and constipation. Soft stools and dark, followed by burning in anus: or yellowish, watery, copious, painless and pressing him out of bed in the morning. Diarrhea: for milk, after dinner, and at night.
Renal pain with urination 14. Bladder pain, worse when urinating. Urine phosphate and cylinders.
15 Pain in left testicle, as if he had been beaten. Nocturnal emissions.
16 - () subacute or chronic bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis or asthma with abundant expectoration greenish yellow and oppression, with some fatigue and weight loss. Morning dry cough, with feeling of fullness and oppression, especially efforts or on deep inspiration. Dried lungs feel as if he had inhaled smoke. Painful to pressure in the supraclavicular region and below the right breast. Dolores below the seventh rib.
17 - () chest tightness for the least effort. Irregular, slow.
18 sore and stiff neck. Pain in the last cervical and below the shoulder blades. Pain between the shoulder blades, worse on inspiration, better moving forward. Back pain.
19 - () neuralgic pains in the limbs, joint pain erratic, with sensation of stiffness, but on the left side. Heaviness and pain in the lower limbs. Discomfort, uneasiness and pain in the legs. Cracking in the knee. Corns on the toes of the feet guys. Weakness of the ankles.
20 restless slumber, waking as from fright.
21 Chills, wanting to be entertained or near a stove. Skin hot and dry, or cold and covered with cold sweats and clammy.
22 scabby eruptions, with white flakes that produce itching (worse by the heat of the year) and, in falling, leave the skin somewhat flushed. Psoriasis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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