Natrum carb. Homeopathy

(Soda Ash)
1 - () The child exacerbates mental effort, mental work is impossible, once exhausted, is unable to think, is mistaken this as stunning, comprehension is slow and difficult (but by eating) can not concentrate or study or read, his memory is bad, especially for mental work, and especially forget what you just read, which is a serious problem in young people studying. Clumsiness.
2 - () with a special sensitivity to certain people dislike having them can reach as well as her husband, some members of his family and even the company of close friends, or becomes a total indifference to his relatives or their own children. All this may lead you to feel and live apart from his family, forming a true picture of misanthropy, for more than sometimes may feel abandoned. Much of this attitude may be related to a real fear of people or men, it prevents people watching, this best alone, want solitude but at the same time, afraid of being alone. Shy, blushes. Fear of the company, society, is diffident.
3 - () The music is a factor that is hypersensitive, causing the appearance or aggravation of mental symptoms (and sometimes also physical), especially if you touch or hear piano playing, anxiety, fear, trembling, anxiety, sadness or crying, exhaustion and even thoughts of suicide. It is also hypersensitive to noise (up to a paper) that cause irritability, palpitations, starts (see 5).
4 - () A patient usually depressed, sad, melancholy, accentuated by the music or appears with fever, due to noise, during storms, but especially for errors of diet, when feeding or leaves his usual regimen especially after eating, relieved as digestion progresses. This haunted by sad thoughts, with apprehension and anxiety. There may be crying for music, and sleeping at night. The things or horror stories affect him and excite him. This discontent, but it can be cheerful, happy, good humored. Alterna sadness with laughter. Full of worries.
5 - () It startles easy, especially for shocks or noises. It scares very easily.
6 - () Fear: the storms, disgrace, evil, thieves, in a crowd, taking cold, disease, believed to be sick or has a heart disease. Fear shaking. Hypochondriac, after dinner. Anxious concern, which enhances the mental work. Anxiety: after dinner, for the future, pain before and during a storm or play the piano.
7 - () Disorders: by anticipation, for excess of joy or sexual excesses.
8 - () Irritability: the evening, after eating, during fever, reading before a storm, after stool or having pollutions. Violent by trivialities. Nasty, vindictive. What aggravates the conversation of others. Passionate, quarrelsome, violent speech. You are willing to strike, and strike if angry. Not bear to be contradicted. Or it may be indifferent while in company, pleasure, eating, earning money (or it is only player to earn money) with drowsiness, or indolent, but after intercourse.
9 It is very compassionate, all sympathized.
10 Other mental characteristics: is conscientious soldiers or ghosts or things will appear smaller sleeping screams talkative, wastes or waste time, spend time feeling envious slowly, is better occupied.
11 - () Marked weakness or tiredness that is accentuated by the lower or physical or mental effort, and the heat of sun or Summer. Effects of a prolonged or chronic insolscion. Is dropped after a walk.
12 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: sun exposure, for physical or mental effort, before and after eating, but begin to improve as does the digestion; before and during storms, in summer, in a room warm, heat in general, for changes in weather, from cold wet (with a tendency to take cold), cold drinks when overheated; after intercourse, before noon, for milk, fruit and vegetables by air currents and outdoors (with an aversion to open air); sitting, a full moon, for the music or play the piano (see 3), getting wet, at rest, lying on the left side of morning, on alternate days. Better: by pressure, by friction, by scratching, poking his finger in the ears or nose, for the movement.
13 old dyspeptic, always belching and heartburn, are accustomed to baking. Individuals hunched back, overwhelmed. Constitutions with an aversion to fresh air and exercise, mental or physical. Thinning.
14 During the pains are anxiety, tremors and sweating.
Desire and aversion of Nat CARBONICUM
15 - () Aversion to milk, coffee, fats, meat.
16 - () I want candy, beer, bread, cold drinks, potatoes.
17 - () Vertigo by mental effort, in a warm room, by the sun and heat, and drinking wine. Headaches that occur or are aggravated by even minimal mental effort, by exposure to the sun, in summer, before a storm or rapid turning head, with nausea, belching and blurred vision. Congestion and heat in the head. Bursting front. The occipital region is painful to touch. Heaviness headaches mental work. Abundant hair loss. Head feels very large.
18 - () Burning or pain in the eyes when reading or writing. Stitches in the eyes from the inside out. Ocular inflammation with photophobia. Heaviness and swelling of the eyelids, often close, with difficulty in opening. Is cloudy and wipes her eyes constantly. Ulcers on the cornea. Lacrimal gland abscess. Floaters. Bright sparks. Go lightning on waking. Myopia. Mydriasis.
19 - () Earache, with stitches. Sensation of fullness in the ear while eating. Hear the sounds as coming from the left side, but really come to the right. Hearing loss with sensation of plugged ear. High sensitivity to noise. Noises in the ears: ringing, buzzing, bursting bubble, roaring and throbbing. Dryness and heat in the ears. Deafness: with ozena or acne or recurrent otalgia.
20 - () Red nose and swelling, sensitivity and granites. Desquamation and pain on the bridge of the nose. Ulceration of the nostrils. Nasal obstruction is accentuated at night, sometimes with pieces of mucous discharge lasts fetida. Coryza with violent sneezing and burning eyes, coughing, from cold or less airflow. Sores inside the nose, right and up or septum, with pain in the back of the nose. Postnasal catarrh falling backward, profuse day and night stops, with great tendency to cough. Nasal discharge thick, greenish or yellowish, hard and fetida, often ceases after dinner. Epistaxis. Anosmia.
21 - () face pale, with dark circles and puffy eyelids, or puffy, or red and hot, cheeks red and swollen, or alternately red and pale, or yellowish. Freckles. Wet perioral itching and rashes and nose. Yellow spots on the forehead and upper lip. Lips swollen, but the top. Cut lower lip, and burns. Adenopatia gland. Itching of the pins.
22 - () Toothache at night or eating sweets. Canker in children nervous. Dry mouth. Vesicles with burning in the mouth at the right edge of the tongue. Burning at the tip of the tongue, as if it were cracked. Pustules or ulceration in the frenulum, speaks with difficulty and heaviness of the tongue, stuttering. Bitter taste (bitter foods like), metallic or acid.
23 - () the throat and esophagus feels dry and rough. Spasmodic contraction of the esophagus. Violent expulsion by coughing, thick, sticky mucus that constantly reproduce.
24 - () violent thirst for cold water, with discomfort later. Ravenous hunger at 5 and 11 hours or 23 hours, he does get out of bed to eat. Gastric emptying, with languor and pressure, at 11 am, better eating. Belching: tasteless or painful; acids, with troubled or difficult digestion; worse by milk, great weakness of digestion, crossly, for whatever transgression the regular routine. Chronic acid dyspepsia. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Distention, heaviness; gastralgias worse after breakfast or lunch, or better after eating, worse when touching the epigastrium or while speaking; constriction or cramping. Nausea in a warm room, better after eating. Heartburn from eating fat. Regurgitation while eating and after. Arcades morning, without vomiting. Hiccups after eating.
25 - () moves like a fetus in the womb. Pains in the hypochondria; stitches. Abdominal distention, worse after eating or during menstruation; great flatulence; Incarceration of flatus. Stomach pains at night or on waking in the morning, colic, with retraction of the navel. Bearing down pains in the belly (see 29).
26 - () Diarrhea from milk. Diarrhea with very urgent and imperative wishes, with yellowish feces, containing a yellow substance like pulp orange with specks of blood mucosanguinolentas; explosive, gushing, noisy, followed by tenesmus, burning and pain in the rectum and anus, and great weakness . Constipation with hard stool, like a lamb, difficult to evacuate. Taeniasis. Itching and tingling in the anus. Pain in the perineum.
27 - () Urine odor of horse urine, or acidic. Burning pain in the urethra during and after urination, especially at end of urination. Bedwetting.
28 - () Emission of prostatic fluid after urination or bowel movements while difficult, or later. Excoriation between scrotum and thighs, or between both thighs. Pain as if beaten and heaviness in the testicles. Tendency to excoriation on glans and foreskin. Increased sexual desire, with erections and ejaculations continuous and painful. Nocturnal emissions with wet dreams. Erection incomplete, premature ejaculation, or ejaculation without erection.
29 - () bearing down pains in the womb or uterus, or pressing in the hypogastric, as if to get everything down, or as if to come to menstruscion; worse during menstruation and sitting, better by movement. Sdelantadas or delayed menses, scanty. Metrorrhagia. Excoriation of the vulva, between her thighs. Thick, heavy, irritating, yellowish and fetid, sometimes preceded by pain. Sterility, especially mucous vaginal discharge after intercourse. Movements as having a fetus in utero. Dolores weak at birth, in anguish and sweat.
30 - () violent hacking cough when entering the cold outside to a warm room, with burning in the chest. Cough from tickling in the throat. Fetida greenish expectoration of salty taste. Hemoptysis. Coughing hard. Dyspnea. Pain or pressure or tightness in your chest. Hot on the left side of the chest.
31 - () Violent palpitations that occur or are worse at night or climb stairs or after eating or any strange noise, worse when lying on left side.
32 Stiff neck. Cracking neck when moving head. Lymphadenopathy in the neck. Goiter hard. Pain in the tip of the left shoulder blade, extended to the processes ensiform. Pains in the sacrum, worse after sitting or walking.
33 - () Weakness in the joints, especially in the ankle, especially when walking, with great tendency to sprains or sprains. Children ankles that twist easily. The feet are bent, twisted. Old sprains. Cold hands, cold. Feet cold, worse from mental exertion. Corns with punctures. Pain in the limbs due to storms. The sole of the foot hurts worse when walking. Stitches in the legs that improve eating. Vesicles in the tips of the fingers, in the lower limbs in the toes. Heat in the hand, especially on the back. Itching in the limbs, better by scratching, in the elbow, in the popliteal fossa. Warts on the upper limbs, hands. Chronic ulcers and ulcerated or black pustules on the heel, with throbbing and tingling. Cracks and abrasions between the toes. Big toe swollen, with tearing pains. Tabes with lightning pains and unsteady gait. Paralysis of left leg. Chapped hands, cracked. Burning in the soles of the feet when walking.
34 very sleepy and yawning during the day, with insomnia at night and difficulty waking in the morning. Erotic dreams, pleasant, eager, very vivid, of travel. Shaking sleep. He wakes up very early. Sleeplessness before midnight.
35 - () Fever with cold hands and feet and cheeks hot, or vice versa, provided no thirst. Chills worse tomorrow. Heat throughout the body sweats. Morning or night sweats, sometimes alternating with dry skin worse while eating or no effort or pain better after eating. Front hot sweats where you press his hat.
36 - () dry, rough, chapped, skin burns when you sweat. Ulcers swollen and red. Itching as from fleas, relieved by scratching. Sarna. Leprosy. Herpetic vesicular eruptions on the joints. Herpes Circinate. Warts painful when touched.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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