Natrum nit. Homeopathy

(Nitrate Sodium Nitrate)
1 Moodiness. Indolence.
2 - () Patient exhausted, unwilling to make efforts; worse by any motion, climbing stairs or walking (often stops), wants to lie down. He feels particularly weak in the knees.
3 - () The tendency to bleeding, mucous membrane (especially nasal), hemoptysis, and hematuria, repeated, in adolescents or children weak and skinny. Anemia with exhaustion. The color of blood is cherry juice, an increase of leukocytes and decrease of red cells. Hemorrhagic Purpura.
4 Worse strain, climbing stairs, sitting leaning forward and deep breath.
Desire and aversion of Nat NITRICUM
5 Aversion to coffee.
6 Head stunned. Inward pressing pain in the left temple and forehead, and in the left frontal sinus, with heat.
7 - () Earache evening, with heat in the ear, right ear in cold and heat in the left, extending behind the left temple (then hurt), and finally the heat covers the right ear. Feeling of being tied in the ears.
8 Epistaxis. Face pale. Pressing pain inward on the zygomatic bone.
9 Boca white. Dryness and burning in mouth and throat. Stitches in the back of the pharynx during inspiration. Acid or a copper taste.
acid regurgitation or 10. Pressive gastralgias with flatulent distention, worse from motion, better by belching or flatus.
11 - () distended belly, heavily, followed by flatulence and belching.
Painful retraction of the abdominal muscles toward your spine.
12 - () Constipation with difficult stools, large size, with great effort, feeling left feces in the rectum after stool.
Frequent desire to urinate 13. Urine copious, even sweating a lot.
14 Pressing pains in the right pectoral muscuilo worse with deep breathing or sitting forward. Retrosternal pressure. Slower pulse, small, soft.
15 Contusive pains in the joints of the members in the adductors of the thighs. Pressing pain in the joints of the right index and middle fingers.
16 Gan sleepiness, but sleep would not repair it.
17 - () sensation of cold that pierced his body, especially at the top and arms, followed by heat. Chills with shivering. Cold feet (and feel) to the calves, walking or in a heated room.