Natrum phos. Homeopathy

Natrum Phosphoricum
(Sodium Phosphate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Natrum Phosphoricum
1 - () Fear that something will happen, especially at night. When I woke in the night, imagine that the curtains are people, or he hears footsteps in the room next door. Easily startled, sounds worse. Fear of bad news.
2 Great mental prostration. Forgetfulness, memory. Obtuse, without ambition. You can not study. Melanie after ejaculation. Irritated at little things.
GENERAL OR pathogenesis SINTOMS Natrum Phosphoricum
3 - () exudates and secretions yellow like honey or golden yellow.
4 - () Worse: for walking, climbing stairs, sexual intercourse during menstruation (afternoon and evening) and during storms (pain).
Aversion to open air. Periodicity in the onset of symptoms.
5 - () Infants or children weak and shivering, big belly and liver that poorly digested milk (coated tongue, nausea, vomiting, sour and acid-smelling green stools, poorly digested milk) for excess milk and sugar . Stunting. In ancient scrofula.
6 - () Leukemia. Marked anemia. Hyperuricemia.
Desire and aversion of Natrum Phosphoricum
7 should: strong things, eggs, fried fish and beer (which makes it better).
Aversion to bread and butter.
SPECIFIC Natrum Phosphoricum
8 Vertigo with gastric disturbances, as if to fall, objects circling to get up or move. Headache on vertex, on waking in the morning. Occipital or frontal headache with sensation of fullness, worse on the eyes or in the root of the nose, mouth foaming with nausea or acid. Pressure and heat in the vertex, as if to open. Cutting in the right side of the head.
9 Secretion of golden yellow eyes, creamy. Eyelids glued to the morning, heavy and biting at the edges. Granular conjunctivitis. Sensation of having sand in the eyes with hot tears, rubs his eyes. Cutting pain or pressing on the eyes. Right supra orbital neuralgia. Dry eyes. Hypopyon. Strabismus (intestinal parasites). See sparks.
Vision cloudy evening; halo around lights. Have a dilated pupil.
Yellow eyes.
10 The ear lobe burns and itches so much that he scratches until it bleeds.
Listen as if dripping from a height into a glass, or bellows. Fullness in the ears. Itching and tingling in the right eustachian tube.
11 - () nasal itching day and night, constantly rubbed or pinched it. Tension and fullness at the root of the nose. Feel a foul odor.
Thick yellow nasal catarrh, or by back.
12 Face red, puffy and white around mouth and nose. Facial neuralgia extended to the ear piercing. Right jaw pain.
Facial itching. Hunting pale or cyanotic
13 - () Sordes creamy yellow on the back of the palate.
Furred golden yellow in the back of the tongue (key rintoma is great), creamy and moist. 0 the tongue is dirty white, with brown center. Pinching or feeling of hair at the tip of the tongue, followed by numbness in the whole mouth. Coppery taste on waking, or acid. Want to talk, but can not. The sleeping child grinds his teeth.
The teeth and mouth are covered by a brown mucus. False membrane on the palate, in the evening.
14 Sordes golden yellow, creamy, in tonsils and uvula. Thick yellowish mucus that falls back from the nose, worse at night, waking, and must ride to eliminate them. Foreign body sensation throat, worse swallowing liquids. Pain in the right side of the throat, as if a needle, worse when swallowing liquid, better for solids.
Pulsation in the left tonsil.
15 - () Marked gastric acidity: acid belching, acid regurgitation and vomiting. Dyspepsia fat. Canine hunger with gastric emptying sensation.
Gastralgias after eating, sometimes 2 hours later, at one point. Gastric ulcer. Vomiting of sour clotted milk in children with colic and greenish diarrhea, vomiting, dark as coffee grounds.
16 Sharp pains in the hypochondria. Flatulence, worse after eating; rumbling. Colicos, worse walking, but in hypogastrium with urgency to defecate. Liver sclerosis.
17 - () Diarrhea green or greenish yellow, acid odor, or as bits of gelatin, mucus, or casein clots, or yellow brown, copious.
Itching, soreness and burning anal. Anal itching for intestinal parasites (flatworms or roundworms), worse from warmth of bed. Green or white stools with jaundice. Fear of feces escape him when flatus; should put all his attention. Sudden urge to defecate when eating. Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Sense of remaining stool in the rectum after stool. Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Sense of remaining stool in the rectum after stool. Ascariasis. Involuntary stools flatulence coming out.
Nocturnal enuresis in children 18. Burning with urination. Inflammation of the meatus after intercourse. Polyuria. Urine pale and heavy or small and dark. You have to strain to urinate, the stream is choppy, bladder paresis.
19 - () erections every night. Lack of sexual desire, or are increased without erections. Twitching in the testes and spermatic cord. Nightly pollutions, without dreams or erotic dreams, sometimes with weakness in the back and shaking knees. Semen watery, smelling of urine. Intense itching of the scrotum and foreskin.
20 menses early; worse after each menstruation. Flow creamy, honey-yellow, or sour smelling, watery and acrid. Uterine prolapse with feeling of languor and weakness after stool.
Uterine displacement. Sterility flow or acidic vaginal secretions. Premenstrual excitement and insomnia. Vomiting acid in pregnancy.
Hoarseness 21. Laryngeal cough from tickling, from drinking water. Sensation of emptiness in the chest, worse after eating, or sudden fullness. Pains in the chest, worse from pressure or breathing deeply. Soreness in the intercostals and Tusculum in the lower third of the sternum. Tuberculosis in young florida.
22 Tremor chest, worse when climbing stairs. Feeling that a foreign body or a bubble leaves the heart and is pushed through the arteries. Pains in the heart, appear when the pain improves in the limbs or the big toe. Palpitations, with throbbing in the whole body.
23 Cracks in the neck. Lymphadenopathy, goiter. Weakness in back in the evening. Pain in left shoulder blade. Sharp pain in right iliac sacro.
24 - () Twitching pain in wrists, hands and feet. Contractures in the arm extensor muscles, cramps or pains in hands, he writes. Rheumatic pains in his right shoulder. He falls asleep right hand.
Feeling of tiredness or weakness on his left arm. Paralytic weakness in the legs, the legs fail suddenly while walking. Contraction and stiffening of the adductors of the thighs, sensation of shortness in the tendons of the popliteal fossa. Needle-like pains in the calves when walking. Unsteady. Rheumatoid arthritis, worse in the fingers. Pain in right big toe, on the ball. Drop. Itching in the ankles. Extremities cold, cold feet are burning day and night (during menstruation). Cracking joints.
25 Sleepy worse after noon, to sleep sitting. You can not fall asleep until 1. To awaken. Insomnia by itching, or restless sleep, by parasites. Erotic dreams or dead.
26 Chills followed by waves of heat, then sweat. The sweats have a very acid smell. Intermittent fever with vomiting acids.
27 - () Jaundice. Itching hives over whole body, such as insect bites. Crust lactea. Crusty eruptions of gold. Eczema with gastric acid yellow gold. Chapped skin. Itching worse after tcostarse.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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