Natrum sal. Homeopathy

Natrum sal
(Salicitato Sodium)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Natrum sal
1 apathetic, depressed. 0 very restless.
2 unconsciousness and vomiting, sometimes wild delirium, recovers with loud cries. Hallucinations. Fear. Alternating periods of insanity with sound.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Natrum sal
3 - () One of the best medicines asthenic effects of flu (Boericke). Post-infectious asthenia, with indolence and drowsiness, after infectious conditions (especially influenza), especially if there is bony or periosteal pain.
4 tingling all over. Swelling in eyelids, hands, face and legs.
SPECIFIC Natrum sal
5 - () Dizziness, worse on raising his head or sit up in bed, moving objects * t seems right, sometimes with deafness and ringing in the ears (see 7). Headache as if head would burst. Burning pain in the skin of the forehead.
6 - () Mydriasis with little sensitivity to light. Walleye. You do not see distant objects. Hemorrhage retinal hemorrhages retinitis albuminuria. Iridocyclitis traumatic or infectious.
7 - () inner ear disorders, with hearing impairment or deafness (more for low tones), dizziness (see 5) and all types of tinnitus (ringing in particular), configuring the symptomatology of Meniere's syndrome.
Left hemifacial 8 red, with edematous eyelids and upper lip.
Anxious expression.
9 speaks in somewhat garbled, or hoarseness, or stutters, can not pronounce some words. Dry mouth and throat, with thirst.
10 No appetite. Much thirst. Vomiting. Significant inguinal lymphadenopathy. Diarrhea.
Absolute Impotence 11.
12 - () Shortness of breath with eagerness. Noisy breathing, panting, best semi sitting. Axillary abscess.
13 - () Pulse strong, with increased blood pressure. Irregular or rapid pulse. Bradycardia to 35 beats per minute.
14 Itching in the back of his right hand. Feet swollen pain in plants, swollen veins on the dorsum of the foot.
15 High fever with intense thirst, and sometimes delirium may occur with the disappearance of rheumatic pains. Subnormal temperature.
16 - () Tingling and itching over whole body, with redness and edema.
Urticaria, especially in abdomen and legs, with swelling in the arms. Rash erythematous, plaques disappear by pressure. Bullous eruption.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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