Natrum sulph. Homeopathy

(Sodium Sulphate)

1 - () has a strong tendency to suicide, think about suicide constantly, for this sad and weary of life, but, ironically, is afraid to suicide, is afraid of being left alone for fear of being hurt, and he knows because it has sudden impulse to kill that require a large repression or restraint to avoid hurting or shooting himself.

2 - () is the most important medicine in mental disorders or symptoms that have as a starting point or obvious cause accidents or injuries, and especially head injury (see 10): confusion, sadness, etc.. The effects can be acute or chronic.

3 - () after a bowel movement improve their confusion, anxiety or sadness, and this happy and cheerful.

4 - () You have stir caused by noise, from fright, before falling asleep and sleeping. It is very sensitive to noise.

5 - () is hypersensitive to music, makes him sad and mourn, especially if music is lively and bustling.

6 - () Sadness, worse morning, unwilling to talk. Crying in open air. Depression or melancholy alternating with periodic bouts of mania. The sadness made worse when the weather changes and it rains.

7 - () Fear: a crowd, disgrace, suicide (see l), the people, by noise. Anxiety worse on waking.

8 - () Irritable, especially in the morning, on waking; do not like to speak or be spoken to; it worse to hear about. A fit of anger can cause jaundice. He speaks briefly.

9 It can think, have trouble thinking and understanding, and mental effort it worse. Indolent after breakfast.

10 - () disorders or sequelae resulting from head trauma and spinal cord: mind (see 2), petit mal (Kent), seizures, brain tumors, headaches, pains in the spine, and so on.

11 - () All that water is wet or worsens it, this worst wet heat, from cold wet, damp, living in a house or room or wet area, or near rivers, streams or ponds. Sulfuric Natrium is the prototype of drugs hydrogenoid Grauvogl the constitution, they are people who also are aggravated by the ingestion of foods high proportion of water or that grow near water, mainly fruits and vegetables. Feel any change dry to wet weather, and is worse when it rains.

12 - () One of the main drugs of sycosis, and believed that the constitution Grauvogl Hydrogen is the most propitious ground for gonorrhea infection, or in which this is more harmful (Allen). Slowly recovers from any illness (Allen).

13 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: lying, especially on the left side by starchy foods, potatoes v milk, 4 to 5 am (especially breathing problems [asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis]); by the sea air, by the pressure of tight clothing (not tolerated, especially in the epigastrium and stomach), at rest, by turning over in bed (very painful), to swallow, to speak; rising from a chair in a warm room; each Spring. Improvement or disappearance of symptoms: dry weather, by pressure, by changes of position (must change frequently, but is painful and gives little relief), outdoor (and desired), for movement, exercise and walking , after breakfast, cold air.

14 - () The secretions and mucous discharges are greenish.

15 - () Weakness: diarrhea, stomach unturned when walking.

Desire and aversion of Nat SULPHURICUM
16 - () I: frozen drinks, beer, ice.

17 - () Aversion to bread and milk


18 - () Vertigo: at 18 hours, followed by vomiting acid, or in connection with liver or stomach, with bitter taste, with headaches, after dinner. Periodic headaches with bilious vomiting and salivation. Headache for reading, with heat and sweat. Headache and heat on vertex, with sensation of bursting. Headaches head trauma, recent or not. Periodic Hemicraneas right side. Bursting front after dinner, or as electric shocks to the head. Pain in nape, as if squeezing a lathe and broken bones. Throbbing headache in the temples.
Heaviness cephalic with epistaxis. Sense of brain loose. Painful sensitiveness of scalp hair. He shakes his head to the right.
Cerebro-spinal meningitis, head back and gnawing pain in the neck. Effects of cranial trauma.

19 - () Photophobia chronic (according to Clarke, along with Graph., Are the * EDICINES with more photophobia) during headache. Heaviness of the eyelids. Granular conjunctivitis, with grains as small blisters with pus secretion of green and photophobia terrible, worse morning, with eyelids stuck together and itching at the edges, with burning tears. Pain in the eyes of the evening when reading by artificial light. Cunjuntivas yellow.
Vision cloudy. Go blowing sparks.

Lightning 20 points in the ears, worse on the right and humidity, or cold air to go to a warm room. Earache as if the eardrum was pushed out. Hear sounds of bells or bells.

21 - () Chronic coryza, with nasal obstruction and discharge thick, yellowish green which also falls back, foul smelling, sticky and salty taste.
Ozena. Great dryness and burning in the nose. Itching in nostrils.
Epistaxis before and during menstruation. Hay Fever alone or with dyspnea, sneezing with watery discharge.

22 Face pale, sickly, sallow or yellowish. Tearing in cheek bones. Painful stiffness of the temporomandibular jaw joint, which prevents it from opening his mouth. Vesicles on the lower lip, blisters burning in the upper. Pimples on the chin, burning when touched. Facial itching. Lips dry, burning and scaling.

23 - () Dry mouth with thirst over tomorrow. Pasty mouth full of thick mucus, adherent, white salt. Burning in the mouth. The tongue is coated with a grayish green, green, dirty green or brown, but in its root. Burning in the palate as raw. Blisters or vesicles on the tip of the tongue or palate, with pain relieved by cold things.
Drooling after eating or headache. Bitter taste, but of tomorrow. Burning pain at the tip of the tongue.

24 Toothache worse at night and warm drinks, better by cold air or cold water, taking in the mouth. Gums sensitive to touch, separated from the teeth, swollen and burning. Pustules on the gums. Sense of dlientes elongated.

25 Sore throat, difficulty swallowing and swelling of uvula and tonsils. Feeling of constriction and dryness in the throat, extending to the esophagus, worse when walking. Accumulation of adherent mucus in the throat of night salty mucus starts tomorrow. Ulcers on the tonsils.

26 - () acid regurgitation. Distension of the stomach after eating, belching better. Frequent hiccups, by eating bread and butter. Belching bitter, but after eating. Indigestion by farinaceous. Gastric fullness.
Gastralgias terebrantes, as if to pierce the stomach, or burning morning after rising; better after breakfast. Pulsation in epigastrium, with nausea. Vomiting salted aqueous acids, during pregnancy, bilious, especially headaches.

27 - () The belly is a major area of activity of Natr.Sulph., Especially regarding flatulence and the liver. Excessive abdominal flatulence, with cramps and diarrhea, obstructed or incarcerated, with difficulty in the elimination of flatus, with rumbling and movements in the womb, that LSTA sensitive, with pain in the flanks (but right), pressing, and by majora massage and pressure. Pains of all sorts in the belly, that awakened (by lying sideways). Tearing in the navel before breakfast. Cramps in the stomach, better after stool. Stitch from the left groin to the axilla. Right upper quadrant pain, liver that occur or become worse lying on left side (cutting pain, or drawing), to breathe, when touched or palpated, jarring, after a walk or mental work, lying on the right side. Biliary colic by gallstones. Acute and chronic hepatitis, liver pain and hypertrophy. Can not bear tight clothing in the womb. Colic.

28 - () Like the womb, the rectum is a great field of action of this drug. Diarrhea sudden, urgent, in the morning, after rising (barely set foot on the floor [Allen]) and move or after breakfast, or 9 hours by starchy, fruit or vegetables, or humidity or because they live or work in damp basements, in pregnancy. The feces are often bilious or green, or clear, putty-colored, or yellowish, offensive, copious and liquid (aqueous or tomorrow, or faeces) and are expelled at once, gushing like a spit, and loud, ProQuad is accompanied by flatus. Noisy flatus, but tomorrow, especially during bowel movements, and more if the deposition is diarrhea, jet or spit, the elimination of flatus relieves the improvement and noise in the womb, sometimes leaving feces to flatus, or feel like a bowel movement, and only leave gases, usually offensive. Constipation with hard and lumpy stools, often containing blood and mucus, in pregnancy and during menstruation. Anal condylomata and wart-like between the thighs. Anal itching, burning after stool.

29 - () Urine copious, must rise several times at night, sparkling, with yellow sediment or brick dust, or small and dark; bilirrubintiria. Albuminuria after scarlet fever. Diabetes. Urethral burning while urinating and after. Retention of urine for prostate hypertrophy. Chronic nephritis. Arenillas.

30 - () Gonorrhea with greenish or greenish yellow secretion, painless, dense, chronic, suppressed. Itching of the scrotum and penis (or itchy rashes) with burning after scratching, itching perineum. Increased sexual desire, in the evening. Sweats in the scrotum at dusk. Edema of the scrotum and foreskin. Condylomata in the male genitalia, penis.

31 - () late or scanty menses, acrid, corrosive, with clots; flow only from tomorrow. Flow-green, "according to a gonorrhea" (Boericke); acre. Condylomata soft, red and fleshy. Herpetic vulvitis.

32 - () asthma that appears or worsens with every change of weather when you take cold or damp, especially in children, worse from 4 to 5 am, and chest sounds; worse seaside. Dyspnea, especially in wet weather, in children with cough, strain, walking, from flatulence, with a desire to breathe deeply, especially in time eluvioso. And dry cough with tickling sensation in the trachea to be very raw, worse at night, with feeling of emptiness and pain in the chest, relieved by sitting and clutching his chest with both hands, with pain in his left arm, coughing up thick, greenish, sticky. Asthma with hay fever. Pains in the chest, worse from damp, better by pressure. Stitches on the left side of the chest, but at the base, worse sitting or standing, yawning or inspire. Bronchitis, pneumonia in the left lung base, in old. Pressure in the chest. Agitation in the chest after a fainting spell, better outdoors.

33 - () Pain between the shoulder blades sharp. Pain in sacral region when it holds the urine, or in the lumbar region before urinating. Violent pains in back and neck, as if beaten. Spinal meningitis, with violent pains gnawing or grinding at the base of the brain and cervical spine, with head back, neck stiffness, opisthotonos, delirium and violent congestion of the head. Hot on the back. Dolores throughout the column. Injuries column (and its effects).

34 - () Whitlows periungual or in the root of one, better by cold applications. Psoriasis on the palms. Itching in the lower to undress, or in the toes by taking off her stockings. Warts on the upper limbs, in the middle finger of the hand. Trembling and weakness in the hands, worse when writing or lifting heavy things (can not). Heaviness in arms. Sensation of fullness and tightness in his hands. Burning and redness at the back of mnanos, as from nettles. Ulcerative pain under the nails.
Tingling in the fingertips. Articular rheumatic pains, worse in wet weather, moving better, with chronic diarrhea. Tearing pains in upper limbs (arms, wrists, hands) and legs on the right hip when rising from a chair or bending; on thighs, legs (especially calves) and feet. Sciatica when standing from sitting or roll over in bed can not find relief in any position. Cracking joints, with or without pain. Pain in the Achilles tendon, ulcerative in heels and toes. Heat and burning in the soles of the feet, knees drawn up. Tabes. Weakness in thighs, knees, legs, ankles and feet.
Acute and chronic gout in his feet. Korea. Shaking hands and feet, sleeping. Dropsy in the feet. Ulcers on the outer thigh.

35 Major sleepiness during the day, but before noon, he falls asleep while reading or writing. Restless sleep or insomnia with great agitation. Sounds flying, or water in which someone drowns or things that float in the air, or insult him or engage in fights.

36 - () Chills by exposure to rain and in swampy areas in tropical countries, at 19 hours, or overnight (with chattering teeth, anxiety and thirst), sometimes with heat in the forehead and hands. Internal cold, with yawning and stretching. Ague. malarial daily, or "bilious acompagando to liver disease, jaundice and diarrhea" (Dewey). Yellow fever with vomiting greenish yellow, brown or black. Sudden waves of heat in the evening. Copious night sweats, or tomorrow, for the lowest csfuerzo.

37 - () Jaundice after a fit of anger in the newborn, which is accentuated itching undressing. Skin disorders newspaper, in Spring. Eruptions moist with yellow secretion. Erysipelas. Pemphigus with yellow vesicles. Audited chronic abscesses, pus aqueous dew of a blue line. Condylomata cells. Tendency to warts, especially on the scalp, face, eyelids, chest, genitals and around the anus.
Eczema wet.

Arsenicum Album Thuya.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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