Natural Medicine. Health Education

Natural Medicine. Health Education
In view of the increasing demand in Internet about health issues, because health is a commodity to which every individual should have the right and because there are people who ask us questions about health issues that concern him, we decided to open this new section, "Natural Medicine. Health Education "in order that the general public can access the knowledge of one of the most precious assets we have: HEALTH.

This section will contain information on: Different ways of understanding health, hygiene, homotoxicology, homeopathy, etc., Geobiology, Ecology and Health, Psychosomatic and Psychology, Reflexology and other alternative therapies that can guide us on different issues that affect us all.

The information is supported by the greatest educators in health sciences, as Bernard Jensen, A. Vogel, and so on. and years of experience in our own practice has allowed us to contribute our grain of sand on this important issue: health.

Although this is not intended as an office on specific health problems and does not replace professionals in the medical field, I invite you to participate by providing their expertise in this field so that we can enrich ourselves by all on this important issue. They can send your comments and articles about what they think might be useful to others, or what they experienced as useful to you, or your opinion on what is published here. These comments can serve as topics to be discussed on the website.

Do not forget that health is a right that we should all have access, today unfortunately not given the importance that this issue requires from the nursery, primary, etc.. in schools. What we know about our health? Where can we go to teach us to have knowledge of how to nurture the right way? Are we concerned about our health or it is only when we are deprived of it when we remember that we have to do something?

We are responsible for our health

Do not think you can delegate this responsibility to others. Do not think that is the doctor of their outpatient, or physician who must "cure them" to you. If you think that way are wrong. YOU are solely responsible for your health. YOU are the only ones who can do something for their health, and YOU are the only ones who have the power to cure an ailment. When you seek medical care on a medical condition, disability, distress or any situation that comes before him in charge of implementing the advice they receive will be YOU. If you respect the laws of nature in a balanced and properly acts in the vital energy and ability to heal itself will do the rest.

Of course, we're not talking about an accident that a person can suffer and need help from a professional in the field of medicine. This support is irreplaceable in many cases. We are not talking about an operation that is essential for any type of obstruction, and so on. We are talking about our daily lives, our pains, headache such as for "pulling pa lante" I need a painkiller, all those diseases that end with "itis" that occasionally we have no choice but to suffer. We are talking about if we suffer a chronic disease, ie those that end in "osis" it seems as if we take away the "dead" over thinking I'm going to the doctor and he has to heal. No, you're wrong in that case YOU are responsible but also receives help from a professional in the health field. Remember, do not delegate their responsibility for others when YOU are the one to carry his own burden of responsibility. Others may help carry it, but after all it is you who must make decisions about their health.

Therefore, desire, with this brief introduction, have piqued your interest in this section that I hope will yield valuable information for us and ours.

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