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Natural Rich Cream Mahnaz Paymani

The thymus is a gland whose function is the production of vitamin E as well as human growth stimulation. The thymus of a newborn weighs 20 grams, however the one person of 40 years barely reaches 3 gr.

This gland reaches its maximum production level of vitamin E at the age of 15 years, and from that moment begins to reduce its production, while the growth rate slows.

More or less at age 20 the thymus stops producing vitamin E. As a result, our body suffers a loss of elasticity of 30% and starts the aging of cells.

The lack of this vitamin is accused over the years, as food can not supply us with the necessary amount. It is therefore appropriate to try to regain the elasticity body through exercise, and fight from outside the aging of our skin cells providing enough of this vitamin with a moisturizing and nourishing cream that contains a high concentration.

It is in the natural that we find the highest concentrations of vitamin E, with the wheat germ oil that contains greater amount. This complete natural cream has been produced from various natural oils, including wheat germ, so it is rich in vitamins most needed for the skin.

Composition: wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, carrot juice, vitamins A, E, C, Zinc.


Cosmetic Properties: By containing vitamins A, E, C and zinc, this cream slows, reduces and eliminates the process of cellular aging.

Healing properties: Good regenerating, as it has the highest units of antioxidants to the skin (vitamins A and E, C and zinc, the most important trace element). Its use increases the quality of the skin as possible. This cream calms within a few days and eliminates irritations such as itching and redness.


Indications for cosmetic use: moisturizing and nourishing cream for the face and eye contour, wrinkle. Suitable for normal to dry skin and sensitive skin and fine

Indications for curative use: eczema, psoriasis, cuperosis, itching, redness, hyper pigmentation and depigmentation. Protection from the sun.

Recommendation: In all forms of use is appropriate to apply the Comprehensive Natural Cream several times a day, but in small amounts: the amount that is achieved by touching with a fingertip is enough. After 10 minutes of application, the skin has received enough hydration and nutrition. If you still have remnants of cream or gloss over the face can be removed with a tissue or allowed to act, performing a gentle massage now and then.

Forms for cosmetic

Eye Contour
It prevents, slows, reduces and eliminates wrinkles. Apply a small amount of cream Natural Complete with tip of index finger using a gentle massage, about 30 seconds, from the inside of the eye towards the outside. The massage should be done through small touches very soft and not stretch the skin.

Apply several times a day, but in small amounts: the amount that is achieved by touching with a fingertip is enough, as this nourishing moisturizer and is very concentrated in vitamins and zinc.

Apply by massaging in areas where there are more wrinkles:


Area gesture that occurs between the end of the nose and the corners of his mouth.

Around the lips.

In the neck (massage upwards direction).

Dehydrated skin
For dehydrated skin moisturizer is an excellent and nutritious. It is advisable to apply as many times as needed, since it is necessary that the skin is constantly moist and fed with vitamin E. It is preferable to use a small amount of cream several times, as using a large quantity once a loss of cream.

Thin fragile skin
For fragile and thin skin is also the ideal moisturizer. Normally this type of skin has completely closed pores to keep more water and fat. At first the cream does not absorb, as the skin needs to ensure that the open pores will not become drier. After about two weeks of using Complete Natural Cream, the skin will react and absorb, so that will not shine in the face after applying the cream.

Support the healing process

Allergic reactions
Hide treated with abrasive or chemical peels, such as those often used to remove wrinkles or facial blemishes, usually have an awareness by which the skin produces an allergic reaction in the moment that is applied to any type of cream . This reaction is that the skin red and irritated (itchy). In this case we speak of skin allergies. These skins often have other problems like eczema or cuperosis.

Our recommendation for this type of skin is first applied only Neck Cream for a month. This will help normalize the skin. After applications combine Neck Cream with Natural Rich Cream. The Neck Cream in this case helps to regenerate skin and the pores open again, and the Natural Rich Cream provides nutrition and hydration to the skin.

It should put a small amount 3 or 4 times a day. At the beginning of treatment if there is itching, you can increase the number of applications until it disappears.

Appears mainly due to dry skin and as a last warning of Nature. The first few days or weeks, the skin (to be absolutely closed pores) will not absorb the cream and you can feel even a little sting. This passenger will soon open skin pores and absorb the cream.

Your continued use of this cream slows down the entire natural extension cuperosis and reduce significantly: you will not have the use of corrective to conceal it.

Applying the Comprehensive Natural Cream several times a day the redness will disappear soon. Once missing, will decrease the number of applications, but should still use the cream a few days to increase the quality of the skin and do not reappear.

Pigmented or depigmented spots
Apply Liquid Natural Cream Cleanser and complete. If the stains are on the face, the treatment is six months or more.

Implement the Comprehensive Natural Cream to feel itchy. When the itch disappears, continue 2 more weeks until the applications are sure the skin health.

Remember, skin care is not just a matter of aesthetics but of health.

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