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Nervous diseases and their relation to other
Different nerve disease
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Power for nervous diseases
The environment and nervous diseases
The music and mood
Rest and nervous system
Other tips for a good rest
Natural treatments for diseases of the nerves

Nervous diseases and their relation to other
While not denying the prevalence of nervous system abnormalities that are observed, the fact remains that we often "nerves" are being abused and a lot of blame is ascribed to them various organic disorders have other causes. Therefore, we should be suspicious of those symptoms which, although apparently nervous, may be due to changes in the body of another origin. For example, the so-called nerve pain or neuralgia is almost always an expression of morbid conditions (rheumatism, mirroring changes in certain organs), the cause must be investigated. The doctor or health professional should be consulted as soon as possible.

Different nerve disease
Among the purely nervous disorders and conditions (nervousness, epilepsy, hysteria, etc.). It takes various forms and manifestations, within broad limits, ranging from the simplest syndromes nervousness, excitability, restlessness, and so on., To large and bulky seizures, in addition to other symptoms such as pain wandering cefalgias, tremor, irritability, exaggerated emotion, functional disturbances of the digestive system, etc.. These anomalies are often hereditary background (mainly hysteria and epilepsy) and in this case, assuming a background of constitutional predisposition may be, although not serious, often rebellious to treatment.

Causes of nerve diseases

As predisposing causes of nervous diseases are recognized, in addition to inheritance, overwork (overwork), and poor diet, lack of rest, stress rampant in large cities, the sorrows, disappointments and depressing emotions, abuse sex, low self-esteem, noise, etc.

Moreover, many disorders that are manifested in symptoms of nervous system disorders recognized as the origin of the glands of internal secretion.

Diet for nervous diseases

Overall, nervous people should make healthy eating and nutritious, easily digested, but without excitement of any kind. As such it should be banned meat, sausages, cured meats, seafood, canned, alcoholic beverages, vinegar (can substitute lemon), coffee and tea. The salt should be used moderately Himalayan Salt being the best for its excellent composition of minerals, although in some cases (epilepsy) is better to eliminate it altogether.

Meals should be well chewed and held in a very quiet, resting one hour after eating. You should avoid any work during digestion and, likewise, discussions, strong emotions and whatever might disturb the digestion (television, for example)

Ente foods that strengthen the brain and nervous system stress the lecithin and minerals. Among these we note the phosphorus and silicon. A food that Bernard Jensen recommends in his books is the egg yolk composition in the nutrients mentioned above. And while not everyone will agree on whether to use the fish in the diet or not (vegetarians will reject it at all costs) phosphorus of animal origin (fish, cheese, dairy products) is necessary according to that author for the formation brain and nervous energy, while phosphorus of plant origin contributes to the formation of organs and bones.

The silicon can be found in herbal infusions of horsetail and oat straw or bran. Another manganese ore can be found in the nuts and is very useful for memory.

The grape juice and buttermilk to the brain is useful when there is too hot and stroke.

To improve memory recommended foods containing sodium, manganese and vitamin B complex For this case would be a good tonic juice carrots, celery with prunes.

In the states of hysteria or crying is usually related to a lack of iron, and speech problems with iodine.

Diet nerves: Avocado, buckwheat, onions, dates, eggs, lettuce, brewer's yeast, apple, peach, melon, honey, parsley, plantain, pollen, leeks, beets, soybeans, tomatoes, yogurt, apple juice and raspberry .

Juices for the nerves: The fruits vegetables outweigh its calming effect. Take therefore vegetable juice. No abuse of citrus to be more exciting, but also necessary.

If insomnia celery juice and lettuce.

The environment and nervous diseases

The atmosphere has an exceptional importance in nervous diseases. If we want to pacify an excited nervous system have to control the environment in which we live. We know this is easier said than done, but for people with nervous disorders is of paramount importance lest they fall into a pit exit.

So in many cases is very effective removal of the temporary work and residence. A good stay in the fresh air field is the key to a nervous disease (some patients prefer the atmosphere of the beach). Some doctors have recommended that their patients simply pure air baths. The air, remember, is our first food, and for a nervous person air is the best massage you can give your nervous system. Give air and wind your body.

It is also necessary to lead a healthy life, healthy and calm with moderate, regular exercise. Should be avoided, if possible, disappointments and emotions that for many sufferers of the nerves are disastrous consequences. A relaxed atmosphere in which all help to relax the nervous system (including the treatment of people, aware of their role providing treatment) will be crucial in curing nervous disorders.

Do not forget that terror, panic, fear or shock destroy our vitality and nerve force. A person can be so terrified and upset that can come to sweat blood. Because of this we must strengthen our nervous system by means of strengthening our inner self and to do nothing to get alarmed us or frighten us.

The music and mood

To say that music has an effect on our mood and, therefore, on the nerves is nothing new. In music there are many varieties of moods, which can influence any person in a special way in our glands.

There is music that makes us mourn and that puts us happy. There is music that repels us like a snake and music that attracts us. Music is a level of consciousness, feeling and reaction, and an action level, growth and production. So choose the music you know who truly benefit. Classical music has a soothing effect. When a person is tired, music can be very pleasant and can revive. Avoid music that is not in resonance with your body. The ill-chosen music can a person go crazy.

Rest and nervous system
Rest is essential for nervous energy regeneration and restoration of nerve diseases. Once again, we human beings in this respect against what nature teaches us. We will not discuss this issue in depth in this article, but we're going to remember some details which are necessary in the case of nervous disorders.

Firstly how much sleep and when we sleep. The light-dark cycles we observe in nature and vary according to season are not coincidental. In winter we need more sleep to regenerate better. In the summer we need less sleep as well as the rest have sunlight during the day which is a source of energy and vitality. So to less sunlight more rest to feel better.

Moreover, we observe the animals. Our friends the birds go to sleep when the sun sets, does not matter whether summer or winter, and rise when the sun rises. Ancient peoples did exactly the same. And we should do the same. However, in the "civilized" world we try to extend the maximum operating hours depriving us of the best hours of sleep, for the hours from sunset until midnight. The rule: "One hour of sleep before midnight is worth as much as two hours after midnight" is scientifically proven. So if you want to revitalize your nervous system must sleep with the sun and rise with him and increase his endurance.

There is evidence that a person goes to bed at 8 pm and rests until 5 am will be more rested and revitalized the sleeper from twelve o'clock at night until noon the following, although this more hours sleep. Therefore sleep rhythms of nature that invites us to adopt is the best for us and an effective, inexpensive remedy. Everyone should take. Only need good will, endurance and patience. People with diseases of the nerves should carry a letter.

Other tips for a good rest
* Play the right music before bedtime helps to relax.
* Sleeping on a firm mattress will allow us to rest better by causing better blood circulation.
* A room with pleasant scents perfume in our sensitivity promotes sleep.
* The room is painted in pastel colors, preferably green and blue (like nature) reassure us and do not stimulate the mental or nervous system.
* Keep your feet warm will allow us to ensure absolute relaxation for sleep.
* Avoid the hours before bedtime mental overwork, too much study or mental calculations.
* Remove coffee, tea and snuff.
* If you need a nap in the afternoon that is not very long.
* Avoid heavy meals, hot drinks instead of fruit will help us rest better.
* Celery and lettuce juices encourages sleep.
* Infusions of orange blossom, lime flower and valerian help us relax and unwind.
* Sleeping with the least amount of clothes as possible and never adjusted, so that we can move without difficulty.
* Avoid stale atmosphere inside the room.
* That the bedding is light and porous. A lightweight down comforter gives a pleasant warmth.
* Never go to sleep with a sweaty body.
* Read if you like uplifting topics and to leave with positive thoughts.

Natural Medicine treatments for diseases of the nerves

Medicinal Plants for the nerves:
Sage, lemon blossom, Belladonna, Lavender, Chamomile, Linden, Sage, Lemon Balm, Valerian, Avena Sativa, Passion, Hyssop, poppy flowers, Hawthorn.

Nutritional supplements for stress:
L-Theanine: promotes alpha brain waves in the brain giving a state of greater clarity and physical and mental relaxation. It increases brain dopamine levels, affecting the emotions. Increases levels of GABA in the brain, leading to a sense of wellbeing. No drowsy. Helps to improve sleep quality. Reduces anxiety and stress. Counteracts the effects of caffeine exciting.

Vitamin B complex high power: Promotes healthy nervous system and helps to offset fatigue. Pantothenic acid vitamin is considered anti-stress effect on the adrenal glands.

Siberian Ginseng: adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress more effectively. Supports the adrenal glands to not be exhausted very easily if stress is prolonged.

Chromium: Those affected by stress is not properly metabolize sugar. The use of chromium as GTF.

Formula multinutrient: To cover any subclinical deficiency.

Other supplements for stress SaludBio Store

Vitamin C. Magnesium, sesame oil, acidophilus, Passiflora compositum.

Supplements for the nerves:
Vitamins: B, A, C, D, E. Minerals: phosphorus, iodine, calcium, sulfur, manganese. (See neuralgia).

Essences for nervousness:
Bergamot, Marjoram, Neroli, Sandalwood and Basil, Juniper, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang

Hydrotherapy for nerves
* Prolonged warm baths if very marked nervous excitement.
* Cold morning showers in people with nervous system unnerved.
* Wraps wet.
* Sunbathing.

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