Niccolum (nickel). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Niccolum
1 I wish to be alone. It tolerates the conversation. Depressed, with fear of something unpleasant happens to him. Crying easily.
2 Very irritable for the slightest contradiction. Great restlessness at night, with agitation, is compelled to continually change his position. Anxiety moved, as if to sweat.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Niccolum
3 - () Worse: motion, by pressure, after midnight or before noon, periodically, every 15 days or every year. Better: open air, in the evening after dinner.
4 - () "In intellectuals or writers who are tired of periodic nervous headaches, with weak digestion, constipation and general aggravation in the morning upon awakening" (Hering). Great weakness in the evening.
5 - () Vertigo: the morning on rising, when he stood up from a squatting position, with nausea. Heaviness and frontal pIenitud morning, as if he had not slept well. Severe periodic headaches, worse on the left, 10 to 11 hours in a warm room and better in the open or after eating, especially in intellectual workers; disappear in the afternoon, leaving pressure on vertex. Sensation of the brain cut into pieces, or a nail in the crown. Headaches with bilious vomiting.

6 Eyelids red, swollen, stuck to the morning. Hot, red eyes, worse by cold water. Burning and dryness of the eyes, pain or stitches as electricity, worse when touched. Go very large distant objects, it sees the light double or surrounded by the coloring of the rainbow, you see blue objects.
Vision cloudy.
7 points on the ears. Sudden deafness, with roaring and buzzing by nightfall.
8 acute coryza with violent sneezing, sore at the root of the nose, obstruction (worse at night and right) and redness, swelling and burning at the tip of the nose and nostrils. Dryness in the nose, rashes.
9 Face red and hot to the right, or red with burning and itching. Heaviness in the face. Swelling and pain in the face, but right, that waking at night, better from cold, with sore throat. Pain and cramping in the temporomandibular joint, jaw, which prevents you from opening your mouth. Chapped face.
Eruptions on the lips, itchy cheeks. Shocks in the upper lip.
10 Sialorrhea sweet. Foul breath. Bitter taste. Language rigida, has trouble speaking. Gums swollen. Teeth feel loose and elongated. Toothache with otalgia.
11 - () Angina with acute or subacute tonsillitis, worse right side, to talk, yawn, swallow and tomorrow, as if sore, with great tenderness to touch his neck out, sometimes with swelling of face and neck.
Spasmodic contraction in the throat, as if strangled. Accumulation of mucus in the throat.
12 - () Anorexia. Intense thirst. Violent hiccough, painful, worse at night.
Sensation of gastric emptying, hunger, fullness after eating. Belching acid and bitter. Nausea in morning. Gastric pressure, belching better.
Painful constriction of the stomach; gastralgias cutting (stabbing), burning or stinging, extended to the back.
13 points in the hypochondria. Punctures periumbilical; cutting pain with diarrhea. Rumbling. Flatulence during menstruation. Pains go from left to right.
14 - () Constipation with ineffectual urging, or remove hard stool with great effort. Diarrhea with yellow mucus and much flatus; by milk (with urgency), with stitches and burning in rectum and anus before and during defecation, and adding itching.
15 Politiria, day and night. Rnento Burning in urethra during urination. Urine burning.
16 Erections after dinner. Itching of the scrotum.
17 Menses scanty, early and short, with pains in the abdomen (swollen) and sacrum, and weakness. Aqueous flow, especially after urination and menstruation.
18 - () Hoarseness each year at the same time. Dry cough from tickling in trachea, with the regularity of the ticking of a clock, at bedtime or from 0 to 4 am, very intense, which obliged him to sit in bed and dgarrarse head, elbows on the thighs, the paroxysms of coughing painfully impact on the head. White expectoration. Dyspnea and chest pressure on coughing; heaviness; stitches on the left side to breathe.
Pain in the chest to laugh.
19 - () Popping and pain in the cervical vertebrae when moving the head or stand up from a squatting position. Pain in the neck, as if dislocated.
Sacral pain when defecating.
20 - () Heaviness in the feet and hands, moving better, with trembling and pain. Shoulder pain as misplaced. Rheumatic pains from elbows or knees down. Stitches in the right patella. Stitches and itching in the left heel. Sweating palms.
21 Insomnia by coughing, but wake up rested. Restlessness, heat and widespread pain at 3, forcing him to get up and walk to relieve themselves.
22 - () Chills predominant, preceded by yawning and drowsiness, with shivering and chattering teeth, followed by copious sweating in bed. Fever with thirst, but at night, with restlessness and vomiting, sometimes followed by chills. Fever to 15 hours daily, with thirst.
23 Generalized itching, but in the neck, as from fleas, not relieved by scratching, and is followed by blistering. Herpes.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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