Nicotinum (nicotine). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Nicotinum
1 Delirium with visions that scare him. Inability to think or fix the attention. Excitation. Restlessness.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Nicotinum
2 - () toxic effects of smoking.
3 - () Tonic and chronic, preceded by an aura in the maxilla xuperior, with trembling limbs, which extend to the entire body as violent shaking, with labored breathing in the form of short, quick jerks. Epilepsy. Fainting in paroxysms.
Desire and aversion of Nicotinum
4 Great aversion to smoking or snuff and smell the snuff.
SPECIFIC Nicotinum
5 - () Vertigo and headache, numbness and heaviness cephalic. Tubback head with neck stiffness. This so weak, barely able to support their heads.
6 - () Eyelids heavy. Tearing. Intense photophobia with impaired vision.
7 sense of having their ears stuffed with cotton. Hearing loss.
8 Feel the smell of alcohol breath through the nose.
9 - () pale face, with features lapsed.
10 - () Intense burning tongue. Sialorrhea. Burning taste, which scrapes and causes hoarseness and hiccups. Dry throat, dysphagia. Feel as if you introduce a brush rough on the esophagus to the stomach.
11 - () Anorexia. Belching, vomiting improving it. Hiccups. Unpleasant sensation that comes from the stomach up and down. Persistent feeling of emptiness and languor in the stomach and intestines. Distended abdomen.
12 Excessive desire to move the belly, the better for emitting flatus and urine.
13 Urgent urination. Polyuria.
14 - () Tachypnea, dyspnea. Oppression with a desire to breathe deeply, and feeling of having a foreign body behind the sternum.
15 - () tachycardia, irregular pulse, sometimes weak.
16 - () Tingling beginning at the fingertips, and up to the elbows. Weakness in the legs, especially when climbing stairs.
Tips frost.
Sleepy 17. Restless sleep, insomnia, heat and excitement.
18 - () Chills with shivering. Cold starting at the tips of fingers and toes, extending the whole trunk, sensation of warmth that begins in the stomach and spreads quickly to the chest and head, and as a stream to the tips of the fingers and feet.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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