Nitri spiritus dulcis. Homeopathy

(Ether Nitrous)
1 - () Grand apathy and indifference to everything, with insomnia who can reach the unconscious, dtirante fever, especially typhoid. This as intoxicated, delusional and incoherent, and, if asked, can answer and complains of headache.
2 Irascible, very bad temper, quarrelsome, prone to crying and aversion to work and conversation.
3 - () Worse, traveling in a vehicle, by passive movement, from cold (UIE is very sensitive), after noon, over the cheese and salt (eating disorders in which too much salt), walking, Winter and Spring.
Symptoms range from below.
4 Great tiredness; single bed is better.
5 Go floaters and black rings floating. Miosis, or mild mydriasis with sluggish pupil reaction. Stitches in eyes and eyelids, with burning at the edges.
6 - () Sensation of a cloud at the top of the face. Anxious expression. Face pale, with sunken eyes and dark circles. Chronically injured lip commissures. Cheeks burning terebrantes pressure and pain in the bones of the house.
Dry mouth 7. Heat in the mouth. Acid taste. Accumulation of water in the mouth.
Ulcers from eating cheese. Contraction and pain in the throat, as a foreign body.
8 - () Anorexia. Extreme nausea, with sensation of languor. After a meal, gastralgia contractionary fully, or vomiting and mucous acid, followed by fatigue and headache.
9 sharp stomach pains and burning in his belly. Gallstones.
Epidemic dysentery with lethargy. Bloody diarrhea. Constipation.
10 Urine very low. Acute nephritis post scarlet fever. Stitches in the glans. Edema.
11 sparse and irregular menses.
12 - () Breathing intermittent rattling. If you walk a little, breathing becomes very fast, and if it persists, it is difficult and appears very uncomfortable feeling of constriction retrosternal pain. Short, hacking cough. Cramp coming up the esophagus to the thoracic wall. Pressure on and behind the sternum.
13 Palpitations violent, tumultuous, worse walking or lying down in evening. Pulse small and hard.
14 Pressure on neck and cervical vertebrae. Hot sensation running up my back.
15 Heaviness, weakness and stitches in the upper limbs, and pressing pains in the lower terebrantes. Stitches in the toes.
Some cyanotic hands and feet. Terebrante pain in the tibia bone twitching.
16 - () internal chill, with cold hands. Fever with cold hands, swollen veins. Typhoid fever with great apathy (see l). Low fever with nervous symptoms.
Dry skin 17.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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