Nitric acid. Homeopathy

Nitric acid (nitric acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Nitric acid

1 - () hosts an intense hatred towards people who have offended, unforgiving, not touched or modify their attitude towards any explanation, apology or attempt at reconciliation. It is bitter and has a desire for revenge: ds hard, inexorable, cruel and suspicious. In contrast to this attitude can be very compassionate of others' pain, and even affectionate and sweet.

2 - () has a great anxiety about his health, afraid to die (especially during fever) and diseases, especially cholera, is extremely apprehensive. Have premonitions of death, believes the dying, is desperate. However, despite the foregoing, it can sometimes be tired and bored with life, and have wanted to die, even suicidal, simultaneously with fear of death. Their anxiety is exacerbated or appearing at dusk, after eating, before menses, from loss of sleep or nocturnal vigils, during storms (with fear),
after stool, thinking about the anxiety, memtales efforts, sleeping. Anxiety about the future. Anguish over the loss of a friend.
Restlessness with anxiety, after midnight.

3 - () is of a very irritable, especially when spoken to (it worse to hear about others), when they want comfort, after a bowel movement during the chills and even by their own petty erorres or, his anger is violent, and accompanied by tremors. Have fits of rage in which insults, with oaths, curses and imprecations. Fighter, stubborn, stubborn, moody (but of tomorrow); impetuous. You could have real fits of anger and even delirious rage, which suddenly jumps out of bed, and escapes. He feels in the discussions, and has violent palpitations. Hurry. Impatient.

4 - () There is great sensitivity to all external impressions, noise, sounds sharp and penetrating, the voices (especially male), and therefore can not stand to hear about, the sound of falling water, the pain and to be touched. Very easily startled, from fright (and get scared very easily) or noise, to sleep and while sleeping.

5 - () Sorrow of morning or evening, and before menstruation. This dissatisfaction with himself, indifferent to everything that is pleasant, moody, prone to sitting, supine. He feels isolated from his family.
Their conditions are exacerbated thinking, is tormenting thoughts. Cries sleeping. Paradoxically, may be gay (in the evening, in bed), or laughing involuntarily.

6 has difficulty concentrating and trying, has a sense of emptiness. There is an aversion to mental work, because his memory is bad and the worse the mental efforts, confusion and anxiety. Aphasia.
General symptoms of Nitric acid

7 - () Perhaps the main general characteristics of this drug are the pains that pierce or sting like splinter in the flesh, especially to play, touch, push or move the affected site, and appear and disappear abruptly and suddenly, being also at night dominance, whether bony, joint, muscle or any other location. "It's a big" keynote "of nitric acid, and serves to indicate where it is located. Requires a touch or movement to produce or awaken. When it occurs in the throat, requires the act to swallow for Dausa, in the anus, passage of stool, in the ulcers, the contact of the clothes "(Clarke). Are worse or appear for the changes of time, night or sleeping.

8 - () foul smelling, offensive: the breath, saliva, sweat of the feet and armpits, anal moisture from the sputum of stool flow and, above all, of the urine, which has a strong smell of horse urine.

9 - () His injuries are located mainly in body orifices, in the cutaneous mucosa (mouth, nose, anus, vulva and vagina, urethral meatus), especially in the form of ulcerations, fissures, condylomas (which bleed for the slightest touch, pain as if splinter and smell)
(see particular symptoms). Ulceration of skin and mucous membranes.

10 - () One of the main drugs of syphilis patients and very mercurializados sycosis. For both conditions, one of his most characteristic lesions are warts and warts, wet, bloody, stabbing pains (see 7), cauliflower or pedunculated. According to Hahnemann, the two most useful drugs are Thuya sycosis and Nitric acid.

11 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: lack of sleep or prolonged vigils, by wind, storms, humidity, fresh air, from cold (with a tendency to take cold); by weather changes or temperature; when you sweat, on awakening, walking, by contact, of tomorrow,
evening, night and after midnight, eating, for the shocks when treading; by noise, for eating or drinking milk fat, for efforts
physical or mental standing; by raising the arms; by extreme heat or cold in winter. Better: traveling in a vehicle (car, train or car), especially mentally. Left sided. Periodicity in the appearance of some symptoms.

12 - () "People who suffer chronic diseases, who take cold easily, prone to diarrhea, rarely in those who suffer from constipation" (Allen) (Clarke disagrees with this assertion). "Patients are very ill and weak from prolonged suffering, pain, disease,
more physical than mental, followed by marked anemia and weight loss (Kent).
"Especially useful in lean, rigid fiber, brunettes and black hair and eyes" (Allen). Lack of vital heat. Old very weak.

13 - () Great weakness with tremor, walking, after stool;
need to lie and sinks into the bed, worse morning and evening.

14 - () Feeling of tight band or belt, even on your bones.
15 - () A tendency to profuse bleeding, red or dark (the blood does not clot; by great efforts, in abortion, childbirth,

typhoid, etc.. The secretions or excretions are watery, irritating, offensive and greenish brown or dirty yellow. Penetrating wounds that are slow to heal.

Cancer 16. Bony cavities; exostosis; rickets. Lymphadenopathy that can fester.

17 Epilepsy: seizures that occur after midnight, preceded by aura, as if in a mouse by going up and down her left side.
Desire and aversion of Nitric acid

18 - () like to eat: inedible things (lime, chalk, plaster, dirt, pencils,
etc.). herrings, fat, salt or salty foods.

19 - () Aversion: bread, eggs, meat and sweets.

Nitric acid
20 - () Cavities in the skull bones, with pain on pressure. Feeling of constriction in the head as a bandage or metal ring or helmet that goes from ear to ear by the vertex. Vertigo, with weakness, nausea or headache, worse walking or sitting, better lying down. Eruptions extremely sensitive
humid, with punctures; in vertex and temples spread, itching and bleeding from scratching. Inflammatory swellings on the scalp, very painful, with pressure or touch them, and that ulcerate and ooze. Numbness in the head. Headaches that come and are worse at night or morning when he awoke, for any shock or movement or walking heavily, by noise, especially the grinding and shaking of the car (though it better to travel and the fact that worse after); are periodic and extend to the eyes. Headache, like pressive pain or worse from the pressure of the hat, or lying on the pain or the pressure of the pillow or where leans her head. Head feels like a lathe or as if the brain were tied. Morning headaches with nausea and vomiting, better lying down. Fullness and heaviness in the head. Heats in waves,
head with sweat. Pains in the bones of the skull, worse at night, better by cold air and traveling. Tension; high sensitivity of the scalp when brushing hair. Brain sensitive to the slightest shock. Exostoses.

21 - () Eyes sunken. Sharp pains in eyes, stinging, burning, tearing, especially with reading. Inflammation in the eyes: gonorrhea, syphilis or deleted, in children. Syphilitic iritis, recurrent. Corneal ulcer;
opacities. Lacrimal Fistula. Swollen eyelids. You have trouble opening his eyes to the morning, paralysis of the upper eyelid. Myopia, sluggish pupil reaction.
See spots, networks, sparks and floaters. Vision blurred, even before
dusk, you can not read because it does not distinguish the letters. Go double horizontal objects. Photophobia. Pustular recurrent ophthalmia.

22 - () pinching or tearing pain in ears on swallowing; with retroauricular lymphadenopathy or mastoiditis. Otorrhea fetida post scarlatina purulent secretion from abuse of mercury. Itching and excoriation auricular suppuration. Dryness or blockage in the ears.
Noises or blowing in the ears, feel the echo of what he speaks; crunches when you eat or at breakfast. Hearing loss after a scarlet fever or abuse of mercury or hypertrophy of tonsils, which enhances riding in a vehicle.
Wen in the ear lobe.

23 - () tipped with red nose, with vesicles and scales; nostrils itching, and swelling. Stitches as chips to touch his nose.
Bleed black blood and finished off the morning or at night or to mourn.
Feel a foul odor in nose breathing, or feel it. Ozena syphilitic, with green mold removal every morning. Condylomata or large soft lumps in the nostrils; warts. Nasal obstruction and dryness. Violent coryza: with a sore throat, dry cough, headache, in diphtheria, with excoriating nasal secretion at night, outdoor water, but at night, sometimes leaving behind only by, or is thick, corrosive, bloody, yellowish fetida . Sores inside the nose. Nasal diphtheria.

24 - () Face: pale, with sunken eyes, yellow, with red cheeks, or dark yellow, almost brown, dark freckles. Cracking in jaw when chewing. Tearing in cheeks, and swelling. Lips excoriated by an acrid saliva, cracked, sore, swollen (but the upper),
with pain as if nailed chips, cracks or sores in the corners of lips. He distorts his face when swallowing. Crusted perioral eruptions, scaly patches on the face, pustules, itching on pins. Black spots on the face. Erysipelas. Boils or sores on the chin. Painful swelling of parotid and submaxillary. Warts on lips. Face sunken, with suffering expression.

25 - () Toothache night in bed, or while chewing or something cold or hot. Sensation of elongated teeth. Yellow teeth loose, with swollen and bleeding gums, with sensation of enlargement. He bites the inside cheek when talking or chewing, biting his tongue. Excoriation of the entire oral mucosa, with pinching. Fissured tongue in all directions, very sensitive, with ulcers or blisters, which burns for the slightest touch. Breath fetid, putrid, cadaverous. Diphtheria mouth, with white membranous yellowish or yellowish gray. Sialorrhea, saliva songuinolenta, offensive, excoriating. Tongue white, green or yellow. Great dry mouth with burning thirst. Acid taste. Mouth ulcers, lardaceous basic, dirty-looking, phagadenic, with the pains as from splinters; syphilis of the tongue and on the edges. Ranula. Bitter taste after eating, or sweet.

26 - () Sense of breadcrumbs on the throat, the food stop you there. Tonsils swollen, red and swollen, with pain as if he nailed wood chips or extending to ears on swallowing, with great dryness and heat in the throat, feeling of being raw. Swallowing is difficult, painful or impossible, especially liquids, with feeling of constriction. Diphtheria in the tonsils, white pseudomembrane in the throat, extending to the mouth, lips and nose. Mucus in the throat, frequent throat clearing. Painful ulcerations, irregular borders that bleed easily.

27 - () Indigestion for milk, with nausea. Be strong in the morning on rising. Gagging cough. Nausea and fullness after meals, especially fat, improve riding in a vehicle. Acid regurgitation, heartburn.
Gastralgias burning or lancinating or cramps. Can not bear tight clothing in the epigastrium. Pain in the cardia by passing the food to the stomach.
Vomiting bitter and sour. Gastric ulcer. Sensation of cold in the stomach.

28 - () Stitches in hepatic region, worse on movement, pain in left hypochondrium. Very distended stomach flatulence, flatus incarcerated especially in upper abdomen, but in the morning and evening, with heavy rumbling. Pinching and cutting in the womb of morning in bed, painful ulcers in the hypogastric; midnight cramps, pain worse at night or when touched; cramps by taking cold in the womb. Inguinal hernia, even in children. Suppurative inguinal lymphadenopathy. Ulcers in the stomach.

29 - () The rectum and anus are very important centers of the action of the drug. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, stool, hard and dry, are very difficult to expel, or desires are ineffective, or expulsion is insufficient, or left with the feeling that there is still stool in the rectum, painful constipation. Spasmodic constriction of anus while defecating and after. Chronic diarrhea in elderly and debilitated, with slimy stools, tenesmus, pain and bright red bleeding after. Diarrhea with mucous stools urgent desires, bloody or streaked with blood, undigested, black, followed by great exhaustion. Exquisite pain in the rectum and anus during bowel movements, and then persisted until an hour or two, even if you have moved feces blades, as if splinter or pains are burning, cutting, tearing or puncture. "He walks from side to side in agony until one or two hours after stool" (Tyler). Anal fissure and fistula. Protruding piles, large and extremely sensitive to the slightest touch, and bleed each time he moves his belly. Anal bleeding night periodically. Sensation of fullness in the rectum. Fetid flatus. Anal itching that is aggravated by scratching, with anal moisture. Anal excoriation in the faeces; perianal rash. Anal condylomas. Cancer of the rectum. Rectal prolapse.

30 - () Nocturnal enuresis. Burning urine or feel cold when leaving or passing through the urethra dark brown, strong smelling, fetid, like horse's urine scanty, red, red with silt or gravel, with calcium oxalate. Urethral burning while urinating, the stream is thin, as if a stricture. Prostatic fluid comes out when you have erotic thoughts or a bowel movement with difficulty. The urethral meatus is cracked, swollen,
dark red and stinging like splinters. Prostatitis by suppression of gonorrhea. Blennorrhagic Urethral discharge, purulent, yellowish.
Ulceration of the urethra and the meatus, with characteristic punctures; cankers.

31 - () Itching of the genitals; excoriation on the penis or scrotum and thighs. Genital hair loss. Crusty red spots on the
Condylomata on glans and foreskin, fetid, bleed easily, especially when touched, in the penis, such as cauliflower, painful (like splinter) or burn, and bleed. Castrosss eruptions, syphilitic, vesicular, vesicles on the penis, itchy, which ulcerate, and beneath the foreskin.
Foreskin swollen phimosis and paraphimosis. Orchitis, with drawing pains.
Relaxation of the testicles. Cankers on the penis, prepuce and glans; ulcerations irregular raised rims, very sensitive, with punctures uomo by splinters and very offensive. Absence dle sexual desire and erections, or painful nocturnal erections. Frequent pollutions.

32 - () stitches in the vagina, from the outside in, walking outdoors or stop. Genital hair loss. Condylomata as cauliflower in the genital growths on the cervix. Cracks in the vulva. Vulvar itching produced by flow or after menstruation or intercourse, worse walking or cold, in the vagina, voluptuous, after intercourse. Flow acrid, excoriating, brown or green, bloody, or sticky or watery, fetid brown stains linen or yellow, or leave stains with black borders. Gonorrheal flow. Menses early and copious blood very dark and thick, like pains or bearing down or cramps, or reappear after an interruption; suppressed. Intermenstrual metrorrhagia; downloads as coffee grounds in menopause or after childbirth. Irritation. Ulcers in the vagina. Hard nodules in the breasts.
Breast Atrophy

33 - () burning or stabbing pain in the larynx, with hoarseness and roughness in the trachea, worse or much time talking aloud. Dry cough, like barking, day or evening, lying down, tickling in larynx or epigastrium, with excoriating or stabbing pains in chest, head, stomach and hypochondria; shakes at night, with vomiting, with expectoration of blood clotted black or yellow pus and acrid, fetid with bitter, salty or acid. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Pneumonia. Bronchitis. Pleurisy in the elderly.
Wheezing, short, obstructed. Dyspnea. Stitches in the chest when breathing or coughing. Palpitations climbing stairs, walking or during fever. Abscess in the armpit. Offensive axillary sweats. Palpitation from slightest excitement. Irregular pulse.

34 - () Stiff neck and neck. Lymphadenopathy of neck and armpits. Itching on the back. Twitching and lumbar stiffness. That goes back pain; after intercourse, between the shoulder blades. Stitches in the sacrum, shoulder blades and each other.

35 - () Cracks and joint sounds. Bony cavities in the limbs.
Chilblains, sometimes vesicular, in the hands and feet. Feeling of constriction or dressing in the joints. Cracks in the hands, deep and bleeding, the skin of the hands are rough. A battered, bent, with white spots, red (with the characteristic pain). Pain under the nails of the hands and feet, as if splinter. Felon. Vesicles in the limbs, scabs on her legs. Exostoses on the tibia. Trembling and weakness in forearms and hands. Warts on the arms and hands. Coppery spots on the hands. Feet and hands are always cold. The hands fall asleep and sleep and fingers are cold and dead air. Pains in the bones of the limbs. Pain and swelling in the joints of the fingers. Pain in the legs at night, on the thighs when rising from a chair leg, like a blow to the knees in the toes. Tearing pains in the legs and bones, legs and tibia, especially at night. Lantorrillas violent cramps at night or walking after sitting. Pain in the knee cap that prevents you from walking. Sweats in the hands and feet from injuries in the spine, cold hands; bromhidrosis feet. Itching in the thighs.
Restlessness in the legs. Tremors in the limbs, but of tomorrow. Weakness in knees and ankles when walking. Excoriation between toes.
Corns. Sensitive feet, like walking on needles.

36 - () Sleeplessness after 2 hours, waking early or 2 am, and can not go to sleep over excitement, restless sleep.
Daytime sleepiness by weakness, dizziness. Sounds with death, ghosts, crimes, celebrations, activities of the day; eroticos. The dream did not rest.

37 - () Chills of morning or afternoon, before urinating. Hot flashes with sweating hands. Fever with chills, with or without thirst, with a tendency to uncover. Intermittent fever, with hypertrophied liver.
Scarlet fever. Sweats, or night through every night, especially in supporting the parties, or after dinner or at the least effort. The sweats are foul-smelling or acid or urine, human or horse. Sweats excoriating and irritating worst in feet and armpits.

38 - () Chapped skin, with deep cracks and bleeding, dry. Brown or red spots or reddish brown, copper or purple; freckles. Black pores.
Eruptions: scaly, plaques, with yellow or purulent secretion, itching, syphilitic; vesicles with punctures. Chafing. Puncture wounds, which ulcerate. Excrescences, warts, cauliflower, wet, bleeding with pain as from splinters; syphilitic. Lupus. Ulcers bleed and ache as if splinter from slight touch, deep or flat, dirty, foul, phagadenic; sarcomatous or syphilitic.
Warts: bleeding from washing; large, stalked, toothed, wet,
soft, with pinching. Wens. Pains in the old scars
change over time.

Arsenicum Album Caladium Sepia Lac caninum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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