Organic silicon. Properties

Properties and functions of organic silicon.

Organic Silicon

25 % of earth's crust is composed of silicon salts. Silicon is the mineral that imparts rigidity to certain plants like the horsetail or the bamboo.

Our body contains some 0.24 grams of silicon that forms part of our brain's cells and conjunctive tissue but most of all it is found in tendons, walls of the arteries and cartilages. It is also in or forms part of our teeth, skin and appendages (hair and fingernails).

Silicon Properties
Silicon salts are essential for the assimilation of calcium and their fixing on bones, for the formation of new cells and nutrition of tissues.

The deterioration of knuckle joints, arteries and conjunctive tissue also seem to be due to a deficency of silicon or to metabolic alterations of silicon over the years. Silicon stimulates the activities of the tendons and of the ligaments and it is one of the elements that helps to preserve firm and elastic muscles.

Silicon helps to maintain good hair and skin condition. We constantly need to replace old tissues for new ones.

Whenever pus, eczema, furuncles, sores, ulcers, degeneration of teeth, bones or an unhealthy growth appear silicon can be used to treat such things.

Symptoms of Silicon Deficiency
It appears that a lack of silicon produces rickets and delays growth, disturbs calcium metabolism, the dermis, conjunctive tissue, mucous membranes and bones. According to some studies its deficiency is responsible for conjunctivitis, styes, blepharitis, etc.

Silicon Sources
One of the best sources of silicon is found in oats and oat straw tea. Oat straw tea should be cooked over a low heat for ten minutes, using one or two medium spoonfuls to one cup of water. Another good source of silicon is bran tea. Dandelion sprouts, barley, brown rice, rye and brussels sprouts are all excellent sources of silicon. And, of course, the use of rice husks, horsetail and bamboo infusions are very advisable.

In addition to these natural sources of silicon is organic silicon G5 (fifth generation ). A liquid which is sold in herbolists and dietary shops.