Homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies. Part 2

Homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies
In this article we will treat:
Definition of Homeopathy
Important explanatory note
Homeopathic Materia Medica

In this section of homeopathy we are going to give basic ideas of what it is homeopathy and the principles on which it is based. It does not try to be any course of homeopathy, but rather to inform mainly the remedies that are used in this therapeutic technique founded by Samuel Hahnemann.

Definition of Homeopathy
Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that applies the Principle of Similarity. This principle consists of the following thing: “any substance able to cause, in ponderal dose, symptoms in a healthy and sensible individual can, in reduced dose, called infinitesimal , to cure those same symptoms in a sick patient, whatever his disease.”

In order to verify the principle of Similarity, it is necessary:
1 - To observe and describe the set of injuries, symptoms and signs presented/displayed by a healthy individual after the absorption of a substance by ponderal dose. This observation can be done by intoxication or experimentation.

The set of the reactions and its characteristics thus observed after the absorption of pharmacologically active substances is called patogenesia.

The set of patogenesias constitutes the “homeopathic medical matter” on which the homeópatic doctor is based upon.

2 - Compare the clinical picture presented/displayed by the patient with the clinical picture of patogenesias. When there is similarity between this clinical picture and the patogenesia of a substance, this substance in infinitesimal doses can cure whatever the disease; what explains that in homeopathy a same medicine can act on different affections.

Another form to enunciate this first basic principle of homeopathy would be:“The substances that, in ponderales doses, toxic or physiological, are able to cause in a healthy sensible subject but a given symptomatic picture, can in other ill and sensible subjects also cause that symptoms disappear if they are prescribed in perifisiológicas doses”.

Important explanatory note
No way this section as the previous ones of this blog try to be a medical doctor's office. The hemopathic medicine presentation and its description is only to try inform into the applications or uses by which it is prescribed.

For a correct health of homeopathy medecines the consultation of a homeopath or professional health doctor is needed , since always it will be needed . The clinical file, plus the careful valuation of the group of symptoms of the patient. It´s the doctor of homeopathy whom will have to say what or which medecines are most appropriate, the dilution of the medicine and the way of use.

Therefore the bad use or incorrect use that can be taken of the information of all the pages of this blog will be therefore come under whole responsibility of the user.