Nuphar luteum. Homeopathy

Nuphar luteum
(Nenufar Yellow)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Nuphar luteum
1 Do not tolerate the slightest contradiction. It's very compassionate, and it hurts to see the
animal suffering.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Nuphar luteum
2 Worse, the day following intercourse in the evening (weakness and pruritus).
SPECIFIC Nuphar luteum
Cephalic Heaviness 3. Frontal headache, as if in the frontal lobes of the brain. Pityriasis of the scalp, with intense itching and hair loss.
4 Go while the sun bright sparks, which converge toward the center, worse when coughing.
5 sweetish taste. Tongue white. Pasty mouth. Languid in pit with gastralgias and slow digestion.
6 - () Diarrhea appears early and out of bed 4 to 6 am, usually preceded by colic, fecal abundant, yellow, watery, foul, followed by a marked depletion and burning in anus.
Needle punctures into the rectum.
7 Arenillas reddish urine, adherent and hard.
8 - () One of the major drugs male sexual impotence, with total absence of erections and sexual desire, despite the erotic fantasies that fill your imagination, with retracted penis and scrotum relaxed. Senlinales Spermatorrhoea or lost sleep or defecate or urinate, with total absence of erections, weakness and pallor. Stitches in the testes, which extend to the tip of the penis. Pubic hair loss.
9 retrosternal pain when he runs.
l0 Dull pain in left lumbar region. Stitches in the sides when walking. Sensitivity of the renal region. Weakness in limbs at night. Lupus in her arms. Stitches in the left posterior thigh. Restlessness and fatigue in the legs. Sharp pains in the sole of the right big toe.
11 Place prominent red, covered with silver flakes, with violent itching worse at night, to vanish, are pale reddish or yellowish spots. Psoriasis. Pityriasis capitis. Rhus Tox intoxication.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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