Nutritional supplements: Reasons for taking them every day

Increasingly, the reasons why it is essential to take some nutritional supplements along with our usual diet. That's why we published this article that Suzanne Powell explains very simply the dangers we face by incorrect habits in our food and the harmful effects of toxic products that are included in many foods.

"Alarmist or realistic? Smart people supplement their diet ... are you?
Taking supplements is a matter of responsibility to your own welfare and that of those who depend on you.
Do we really need to take a multiple formula and other natural supplements today? If there were doubts, let's see what happens with the average man in his environment and then you can reflect on that possibility. Meanwhile do not get depressed, because there are solutions to live healthy and happy without losing all your culinary whims.

Scientifically speaking ...
• The average man is deficient in 8 out of 13 micronutrients and such deficiencies lead to low immunity, low energy levels, poor recovery from injury, nervous system malfunction, sterility and physical and mental discomfort.

• 50% of women aged 19-50 years do not consume the RNI of calcium per day (700 mg) and 75% of girls between 16-18 years do not take 800 mg.

• In a study that lasted 10 years, conducted by 30 researchers and 7 clinics, 1312 volunteers took 200 mg of selenium or a placebo and the result was a large drop in cancer incidence and mortality: 63% prostate cancer, cancer 46% of lung and colon cancer 38%. Mortality was reduced to 50%. It was the first human study using selenium for cancer prevention.

• Folic acid reduces the risk of stroke by high levels of homocysteine and 1 in 10 men at risk.

• Consumption of caffeine reduces the absorption of zinc, iron and chromium. Calcium is excreted in urine after coffee. Caffeine also steals up the B vitamins and LDL (bad).

• Alcohol robs vitamin C and certain B vitamins

• Both nicotine and caffeine, produced an indiscriminate secretion of gastric juices, increasing the risk of gastrointestinal ulceration.

• Milk contains synthetic vitamin D prevents the absorption of calcium. It also contains phosphorus in high amounts, which interferes with the absorption of this mineral.

• Pork and beef are high in fat and are related to bowel cancer and breast cancer. The more fat consumed, the greater need for antioxidants.

• Abuse of protein increases the need for several nutrients, especially calcium (between 20-45 grams of protein per day is sufficient).

• Soft drinks / soda demineralizating bones and can lead to osteoporosis. The culprit ingredient is phosphoric acid (E338), calcium the real thief!

• Deficiencies of vitamins B1, B6, B12 and C can cause depression.

• A persistent diarrhea may be rooted in a deficiency of vitamins B1, B3 and folic acid, which can then correct the levels disappear through a multi-vitamin high potency, so easy and simple.

• WHO has more than 200,000 census toxic artificial products, which can contaminate humans through food, contact or the air itself. Consequences? An FAO report says that over 60% of degenerative diseases are the result of what we eat.

• Intensive farming has depleted the soils of the most important minerals such as magnesium. A biological tomato contains 200 mg of magnesium, while a tomato "normal" contains only 2 mg. Most of the Spanish population is magnesium deficiencies have decreased consumption of vegetables.

• Nitrates in vegetables abound, especially in the greenhouse and in the highly paid fields. Subsequently, the nitrates are converted into nitrites which can cause hypertension, anemia and nerve problems, with children being particularly sensitive to them. The great risk occurs when nitrites are converted to nitrosamines, vitamins and cancer-destroying for the digestive system.

• Pesticides are abundant in vegetables and greenhouse plants, intensive cultivation. 40,000 farmers die every year as a result of applying pesticides and more than five million are intoxicated. Minimum waste can cause nausea, rashes, asthma and allergies. Some, like DDT, remain in soil for over 40 years. DDT is the suspect guilty of male sterility of our continent. Along with other pesticides, DDT is present in milk.

• A kilo of spinach or lettuce contains up to 1,200 mg of lead. This heavy metal alters the blood and nervous system and kidney damage occurs. It is also related to delays in child development.

• The dyes (the makeup of food) can cause allergies and their effect is cumulative. Tartrazine (E102), yellow dye banned in many countries but still used in Spain, produces allergies, asthma, hyperactivity in children and digestive disorders. The daily dose should not exceed 7.5 mg per kilo of weight. With today's children and the high consumption of sweets, it's easy exceed this amount.

• Cadmium, a heavy metal poison, found in mussels in large quantities ... about 1,400 mg per kilo.

• Large consumers of smoked are at greater risk of gastrointestinal cancers due to the presence of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).

• Veal liver is a dangerous food in Spain. Retains the clenbuterol used for fattening cattle fraudulent.

• Monosodium glutamate produces a syndrome so called "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" and is as a flavoring in: prepared foods, soups on, sauces, preserves and Oriental food. May cause diarrhea, headaches, allergies and discomfort in general.

• The larger the fish, most mercury. Tuna and swordfish to 1,000 mg per kilo.

• Antibiotics are used routinely in poultry and livestock farming to prevent animal diseases. The trouble comes when you eat that meat and milk is taken, it alters the intestinal flora, leaving open ground for the proliferation of bad bacteria in the gut.

• Some foods contain mycotoxins moldy, extremely toxic fungi that grow in tropical climates. The most feared are the aflatoxins present in rice, corn, peanuts and spices contaminated. They can cause encephalitis and hepatitis. In the United States there are numerous cases of children who die from eating peanut butter, popular sandwich filling. Aflatoxin B1 is destroyed only 250 degrees and is directly related to hepatitis B and liver cancer.

If you are not using a protocol to optimize your well being and quality of life, never too late to start. Contemplate these 4 supplements and what you can achieve:

It can cover any subclinical deficiency with a high power multi-vitamina/mineral.

• An antioxidant complex will cover the role of countering the attack of free radicals, destroying cells and at the same time ensure optimal levels of essential nutrients to protect against degenerative diseases.

• A complex of anthocyanidins is the anti-aging supplement for excellence.

• Silymarin will be our great ally in the moment of facing any invader in our body, when there is danger of poisoning, an excess of food or alcoholic beverages, when we have to eat out, while on vacation, at parties, when feeling of indigestion and constipation / diarrhea or simply when there is a strong desire to eat something forbidden (chocolate, cake, ice cream ...) and want to avoid discomfort and heaviness after. Silymarin supports the work of the liver in detoxification and elimination. Deleting effectively, the body will accumulate toxins and therefore need less body fat is where to store them. That way it will be easier to achieve ideal weight. A clean and healthy body is a body without fat reserves ... Silymarin must not be missing or in the pantry or in the home kit.

It is time to reflect ... only benefits. The more you care, you'd thank your body, mind and spirit. Indulge yourself and your family and friends. Offer comfort, gives life, gives happiness.

• Aging more slowly.
• Reduce the risk of disease.
• Optimize the welfare and quality of life.
• Feeling more cheerful and energetic.
• To improve the defenses.
• To recover more easily from disorders and diseases.
• Reduce or eliminate traditional medicines to find natural substitutes without adverse effects.
• Improve sleep.
• Facilitate the elimination of toxins.
• Improve the digestive system and prevent constipation.
• Balancing the nervous system.
• Reduce or eliminate allergies.
• Discovering a new science and feel motivated to read about nutrition and related topics.
• Gaining weight.
• And more !!!!!!

Author: Suzanne Powell
Nutritionist and Orthomolecular Nutrition Specialist

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