Nux moschata. Homeopathy

(Nutmeg Myristica Fragrans)
1 - () There is a marked state of mental confusion, usually accompanied by severe drowsiness (see 12); this as if intoxicated, as in a dream, this symptom appear or worsen at night, mental strain, pregnancy, waking , reading or walking outdoors; not know where this is lost in well-known streets, has an incorrect appreciation of the time (feels that passes very slowly) and distances. It takes very long to focus, think or understand, because your thoughts and ideas are erratic (plus writing) or you fade and disappear, especially in speaking, writing or reading, and before menstruation. This deep in thought, distracted, worse when reading or on waking, not sure where this or that answer, is standing in a place not done what I thought. When answering a question, think well before doing so, answers slowly and, often, what he says has no relation to the question. You dull the senses. When this whole picture is accentuated, enters a state of stupor (especially during menstruation and chills), and a little more deeply, comes into a state of unconsciousness or coma, that appears or worsens during fever in a room full of people, before or during menstruation or suppression of it, in pregnancy and painful. In these cases, their behavior is usually that of an automaton.
2 - () In the context of their confession, serious fall in his memory, which is very poor, especially for what you've done or what is to be done, for what has happened, for what he has read or heard, or what is yet to say or write, or what he has written is unable to use the words properly and sometimes stops in mid-sentence and changed completely because he knows how to follow. Total amnesia of his past life. It does not recognize well-known streets or places, or forgets which side of the street is your own home or well-known streets, or recognize their relatives. It is wrong to use or locate the words, writing letters omitted from cold or hot said, also on the wrong places or have localidandes or time errors. Idiocy, imbecility. The mental work it is impossible.
3 - () Their behavior, attitudes, and adopts positions that are strange, ridiculous, especially standing in the street or outdoors. Laughs immoderately gestures foolishly with stupid expression, especially outdoors or before menstruation; everything seems comical, ridiculous or grotesque and laughs about serious things. Alternating laughter and tears, or sadness or joy and vibrancy and calm. It is playful and sometimes their behavior is childish. His character is changing (more during fever) or alternating. He barks and growls.
Speak in a flamboyant, ridiculous, absurd or incoherent or hesitant, and passes rapidly from one topic to another. Singing in manic states. Cry like the whistle of a locomotive.
4 - () Hallucinations and illusions: thought that is double, having two heads; * iente floating in the air, everything is strange or familiar things are strange, seems to be in a dream, and looks ridiculous things, is feels enlarged. A real conscience seems to be seeing him play his alter ego.
5 - () hysteria during menstruation, especially if it is low; hysterical fainting. Hipersensibe to light, sounds, smells and touch.
6 - () Fear: the darkness, to have a seizure, to have a cardiac disease, to go to sleep during pregnancy. Menstruation suppressed by fear. Starts as if electrified, during sleep, that awake.
7 - () Indecision; in events and projects. Undertaking many things, but it perseveres in nothing. Cowardice.
8 - () This sad or moody during fever.
9 During pregnancy: anger, desire for solitude, restlessness, excitement.
l0 disorders: for love thwarted by mental effort, by the conversation.
Aphasia 11. Dipsomania. Clairvoyance.
12 - () has an invincible tendency to sleep, an irresistible drowsiness; is motionless and silent, his eyes still closed. This drowsiness accompanies all disorders or these cause drowsiness (see l). Drowsiness: abdominal disorders during the chills, before and after seizures during diarrrea, after eating and drinking, during headache, during fever, in hysteria, with a tendency to laugh, as if intoxicated, during menstrisaciones with pain during pregnancy, sitting, during sleep, after a bowel movement, on waking, helminthiasis, with nausea, sweating and dizziness.
13 - () There is an intense dry skin and mucous membranes, especially in the mouth where the tongue is so dry that it sticks to the palate (see 24) and without thirst; worse during menstruation.
14 - () There is a marked tendency to fainting (see 5): the sight of blood, in a room full of people, excitement, before and during menses, from the pains, over the heartbeat, standing (especially in the church during menses) and while defecating and after. Catalepsy. Korea. Seizures, epileptic or hysterical during menstruation and the puerperium, with paralysis, in children with diarrhea. Lack of sensation in different parts. Paralysis, with spasms and tremors; in eyelids, tongue and esophagus. Tendency to feel ill at any moment, by the slightest emotion, fatigue and palpitations.
15 - () The symptoms occur or become worse: by the time cold and wet, or windy, by washing with cold water, changes of time, after having cold feet, cold food and water, lying on painful side ; going in a vehicle, if they play, for the movement, walking, outdoors, after eating and drinking alcoholic drinks, by jerks.
Amelioration: dry weather and warm in a warm room, warm very much.
16 - () Great soreness of the parts on which you are lying down, even * out something soft. Wandering pains that occupy a very small, as in points, dominating the left side. Tendency to slough.
Anemia 17. Atrophy in children. Weakness and dyspepsia in the elderly. Great exhaustion, especially in the lumbar region and knees, as if he had walked a lot. Crawling or tingling sensation that runs down the member last.
Hydrogenoid Constitutions. Edema. Hemorrhage.
18 - () When consciousness returned, clutching his head in his hands to prevent a fall, because it feels so big and heavy for your body. In brain disorders in the child or the toxicosis (with shock, numbness and sleep). Heaviness cephalic, if seated, the head tends to fall forward or to the left should support it. Vertigo as if drunk. Feeling of emptiness or fullness or expansion, as if head would burst. Headache in temples and occiput or over eyes, worse after breakfast or a light meal, with a feeling that the brain ripples when moving the head and with heat in it, very dry mouth without thirst. Hears in his head cracks and sounds of strings. Feeling that the
brain hits the skull, after dinner, to sleep. Sensibilidid headaches, slightest touch, wind or air currents, from cold and lying, and better for heat v strong external pressure. He shakes his head and uncontrolled seizure, side to side or front to back. Worse from shaking head or lift it off the pillow. Painless pulsation in the head, as if latieran all vessels.
19 eyes very dry, which prevents him from moving the eyelids closed or open his eyes. Has trouble reading under artificial light. Tearing profuse with burning pain in his eyes. Fullness eye miosis. Diplopia. See objects as far apart, very large or very small, especially at sunset.
Earache 20. Pain in the eustachian tube by weather changes or before rain or wind. Hyperacusis for distant sounds or conversations. Ringing in the ears. Sensation of plugged ear.
Sneezing 21 early morning. Hyperosmia or anosmia. Nasal catarrh cold and wet weather. Epistaxis dark or black blood. Nasal obstruction,
more to the left.
22 Face pale blue with dark circles. Facial heat. Expression dying Hippocrates silly. Lips swollen, stuck, burning. Pustules on the chin. Clenched jaw, or he can not close. Swelling and pain in the left side of the face. Freckles.
23 Toothache: worse by eating, by touch, cold air and moist by washing with chills, better by heat or hot water in pregnant women. Feeling of loose teeth. Gums bleed easily.
24 - () extreme dryness in the mouth and tongue, to the point where the tongue is attached or glued to the palate, especially in evening and night, without thirst, or rather with aversion to water. Saliva thick, cottony. Foul breath.
Feeling that the palate is rolled upon itself. Accumulation of thick mucus in the mouth. Paralysis of the tongue (tilted to the right) or morpeza, as if made of wood, with slurred speech. Tongue white. Canker in children. Throat very dry, with dysphagia, as if paralyzed. Salt taste or chalk. Language asleep.
25 - () No thirst, or excessive thirst (not enough to drink enough). Excessive hunger. Digestion slow. Excessive distension of the stomach and abdomen during and immediately after meals, everything you eat (but even if it exceeds a little) seems to turn into gas, with headache, oppression, nausea sleep invincible. Belching acids. Nausea by the movement of vehicles or raising the head from the pillow or the headache, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, with intense drowsiness. Fullness, pressure and heat in the stomach, burning pains. Stomach cramps. Indigestion during pregnancy.
26 - () Pressure, heaviness and swelling in the liver. Enlarged spleen. Weight in hypochondria and upper abdomen. Abdomen greatly distended (see 25), after dinner, with rumbling, nausea and pain. Colicos tearing immediately after eating or drinking during the day. Cutting pains around the navel, as if by parasites.
27 - () Constipation with faecal matter is difficult to evacuate but are soft.
Diarrhea summer (or fall) after drinking something cold (in summer), in children with anorexia and drowsiness; by teething, for milk at night, by taking cold. Violent diarrhea, stomach cramps all over, and fainting while defecating and after. The stool is putrid and bloody, or food ildigeridos or scrambled eggs, or white and offensive.
Numbness and burning pain in anus, worse at night with hemorrhoids that discharge mucus.
Burning pain on urination 28. Renal colic with stone elimination.
Urine odor of violets.
29 Lack of sexual desire and erections, even with erotic fantasies.
0 has desires, but incomplete erection and short. Organs relaxed. Sale prostatic fluid.
30 - () Menses irregular in appearance, with bearing down pains and great dryness of mouth and throat, with thick, dark blood.
Amenorrhea with white discharge that appears on menstruation dates, with desmayoss, dry mouth. False pregnancy. Threatened abortion. False labor pains, or jerky or weak. Vaginal flatus. Breasts too small and without milk, nipple retracted.
31 - () Sudden hoarseness after or while walking against the wind. Cough when heat enters or working in bed, with great pain in the chest and larynx; in pregnancy, by bathing or standing in water, to live in places cold and wet. The cough is loose after eating, dry after drinking. Hemoptysis. Dyspnoea, oppression, asthma hysterical. Fullness and feeling of having a stone on his chest. Burning, stitching and constriction in the chest. Tachypnea during headache.
32 Palpitations sudden, in paroxysms, after midnight, as if his heart would stop and then beats violently, with belching noisy, better for shelter or drinking hot liquids, or get up and walk, with faint or great discomfort, for a scare . Tremor precordial from fright, fear or sadness. Feels as if the heart beat in a vacuum. Feeling that something grabs or pinches the heart. She feels a rush of blood to the heart. Pulse slow and weak, or accelerated.
33 - () Twitching in the muscles of the neck by moisture. Neck too weak, the head falls forward. Low back pain (during menses), as if beaten or broken. Pain in the coccyx traveling in a vehicle, or pressing pain in that area, inside out, during menses. Sacral pain traveling in a vehicle, better by motion.
34 - () Numbness in the limbs or as if floating in air.
Wandering rheumatic pains wet feet, or by exposure to drafts when overheated or cold, wet weather, on wet clothing or movement, better external heat or shelter a lot. Rheumatism in left shoulder, with the feeling that contain lead. Pain in the left deltoid. Sense of thread tied on his arms.
Foul-smelling armpits. Hands and feet cold, ice, chilblains. Pain in the knee, dislocated, worse when moving or climbing stairs. Leg pain as if broken bones. Cramps in calves before bed. Soles always wet. Weakness in the legs while standing, in the legs when walking.
35 - () Grand somnolence (see 12) accompanied all symptoms. Starts in a dream as an electric shock, but not always awake. It sounds falling from high places or quie is pursued. Comatose sleep, very deep during menstruation.
36 - () The chills are, along with drowsiness, key and predominant symptoms of Nux moschata. There are frequent bouts of chills ACCOMPANIED BY drowsiness, especially outdoors in cold, wet weather, uncovering and afternoon, with immediate improvement in a warm room or by external heat. Chills and fever without thirst and no sweating, but sometimes there may be sweating that stain clothing or blood red color.
Intermittent fever or malaria (tertian quartan or double) with drowsiness, dry mouth without thirst.
37 - () extremely dry skin, rarely sweats. Skin cold and very sensitive to
cold. Chilblains. Blue spots. Acne. Freckles.
Calcarea Carbonica Lycopodium.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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