Nux Vomica. Homeopathy (2)

Nux vomica (plant family of Loganiaceas)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Nux Vomica
1 .- Nausea, vomiting and acid regurgitation as a result of excess food and alcoholic beverages.

2 .- dyspepsia in sedentary persons with postprandial somnolence, enhanced by a short sleep. Desire for alcohol bitter, spicy dishes with lots of spices, seasonings strong coffee. Their language is characterized by a yellowish white layer on the back. Headaches, migraines.

3 .- Congestion Hemorrhoid pain as a result of the abuse of highly spiced foods or alcoholic beverages in sedentary individuals who have a tendency to constipation.

4 .- Catarrh with acute sneezing in the morning, upon waking, followed by rhinorrhea abundant throughout the day with, in contrast, nocturnal nasal obstruction. Is frequently associated with great sensitivity to scents and perfumes.

5 .- spasmodic Hypertension in individuals stressed by the life they (businessmen)

6 .- Physical Hypersensitivity against external stimuli: light, noise, drafts, odors, perfumes. Hypersensitivity PSYCHIC address the contradictions and setbacks. The individual is often irritable, impulsive, violent, impatient and intolerant.

7 .- insomnia with difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep and wake up to 3-4 hours of the morning.

General symptoms of Nux Vomica: It is indicated especially in nervous subjects, overactive, angry, oversensitive, aggressive, do not bear contradiction. Pricipitacion, impatient and stimulant abusers are prone to constipation.

Nux Vomica: Aggravation: a sedentary lifestyle, in the morning, on waking, after meals (sleepiness), with drafts, for the coffee, alcohol, spicy dishes or strong stimulants and substances which readily abused.

Nux Vomica: Amelioration: heat (except the cold and hemorrhoids), after a short sleep, at night, for a sober life and hygienic and vomiting caused.

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