Nux vomica. Homeopathy. General Symptoms

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Nux vomica
22 - () No doubt the two most prominent forms are the appearance or aggravation of symptoms in the morning and cold. The first, worst in the morning (but soon to get up or wake up), "is especially prevalent characteristic of Nux Vomica. (" The best time to give Nux V. is at night when lying down, ie well away from the moment of the main aggravations ") (Clarke). And this worse by cold, cold air, by taking cold, from cold dry winter, with a tendency to take cold, there is a lack of vital heat, and greatly improves the warmth of bed and stoves. But it is also "unbearable summer heat" (Clarke) or sun exposure.
23 - () Acute or chronic drug or poison of all kinds, including drug or excessive amounts of coffee, snuff and alcoholic drinks, including wine. "One of the best remedies to start treatment of cases that have been drugged by mixtures, bitters, vegetable pills, nostrums of quacks and cure-all, especially aromatic drugs, but only if the symptoms are" (Allen), ie the starting the homeopathic treatment of patients who come with a big load of allopathic treatment, as in almost all cases. Griffith advised at the first consultation to Nux Vomica 30a, 4 days, and only then to see the patient and get a new story.
24 - () has a marked aversion to open air, moreover, makes it worse.
Sleeping shuts doors and windows, and is always alert to the slightest possibility that there is or is exposed to air currents, because they fear and exacerbating this situation the same way that the wind, but even if it is cold. Dr. Tyler also mentioned as belonging to Nux Vomica, as curious effects, especially mental, that would be in the southern hemisphere the north winds. Feel as if shielded.
25 - () The known spasmogenic action of Nux Vomica is reflected both in the smooth muscles, often as antiperistalsis (esophagus, stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder, rectum, etc..) (See Individuals) and in the striated and in latter, such as cramps or contractions, or spasms as electric shocks, or chorea. But especially where convulsions or tetanus is most important. Seizures especially right side, appearing after a fit of anger, by bending the head backwards for any excitement or emotion during menstruation or in the postpartum period, suppressed eruptions, are aggravated by air currents or by movement ; in children, with conscience, with aura from the solar plexus palsy, is sometimes accompanied by screaming, head back, incontinence of sphincters, vomiting, profuse sweating and breathing loudly. With generalized tetanus rigidity spasms, lockjaw and opisthotonos, with every few minutes when the muscles relax. Fainting morning or preferably 20 to 21 hours, from least exertion or after walking outdoors, by pains, by smell, then throw up, after a bowel movement (in diarrhea), delivery (after every pain) during pregnancy or menstruation.
26 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms (disorders) for lack of sleep, to go on a spree at night, sexual excess, for alcoholic beverages sver 10 and 23), by eating spicy foods and spicy (especially pepper and other spices); after eating and desavuno; by tight clothing (not tolerated, particularly in gastric and abdominal symptoms), to uncover and undress before, during and after menstruation, when he awoke, walking, especially outdoors or in the wind, lying on his back, for cold foods or drinks; from sitting on cold stones (more in hot weather); by sedentary habits, waking at 4 am, by touch, by sound; by wet dreams, before urinating in dry weather and good. BETTER: After a short sleep at night, resting, by loosening the clothes, for warmth in general, for shelter in wet weather, by pressure strong, hot drinks, sitting. Frequency every 28 days. Right side.
27 - () is especially common indications or thin people thinner, black hair, sanguine or choleric temperament, nervous, prone to indigestion, constipation and hemorrhoids. Weakness in the morning or after waking up, general heaviness prone to sitting or lying position, with aversion to move. Thinning in children.
Anemia bleeding.
28 The pains are drawing, tearing or jerking, and it is accompanied by clumsiness or paralytic weakness in the affected areas are worse by movement or touch.
29 - () post-inflammatory stenosis. Apoplexy with paralysis on the left side.
Desire and aversion of Nux vomica
30 - () Desire for alcoholic beverages, beer, brandy, whiskey, fat, spicy foods or spicy foods, milk of non-food items (pencils, earth, chalk, gypsum, etc.). Coffee, soft drinks, starch , candy and snuff.
31 - () Aversion: bread, beer, acids, coffee, food (hungry), meat, milk, and water to snuff.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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