Nux vomica. Homeopathy. Particular symptoms

SPECIAL of Nux vomica
32 - () Vertigo: at night if you wake up, for alcoholic beverages; after lunch or eat during the headaches, mental strain, by the perfume of flowers; when sneezing or coughing, stooping or standing up, on rising of bed or a chair, after sleeping, for vigils or loss of sleep, during the chills, for smoking; lying on his back, walking in open air, as if he were intoxicated or drunk, dimming of vision, hesitation to walking and tendency to fall to one side, the room spins. Heaviness and pressure in the head, worse after eating and moving the eyes, with heat in the morning, as if intoxicated. Headache morning in bed or on waking, just open your eyes, cold air or cold wind, cold or wet, after eating much, of gastric origin, for the sun, after emotions after the poisoning, food or not, or alcoholic beverages; by mental effort, at Hanover cough eyes or shake his head, with colds, better mevantarse the bed in the evening in bed or shelter. Hemicraneas.
Frontal headache over the eyes of tomorrow, getting up better, worse when its footsteps. Occipital headache extended down to the neck, better by pressure. The head is very sensitive to the outdoors and uncovering disturbance may occur or no shelter. It has the feeling of having the head very enlarged or swollen. He grabs his head with your cough. Suda one half of the head (the half that hurt). Headache as a nail in the wall. Hemicrania of coffee drinkers.

33 - () Dryness and itching in the corners of the eyes (plus internal), with pain on waking in the morning and occipital headache, and photophobia. Watery eyes, especially colds. Pains in the eyes, worse when opened. Close your eyes with difficulty, stiffness in the muscles of the eyelids. Conitititivas yellow. Ecchymosis of the sclera. Twitching in the eyelids. See objects brighter than they are; see sparks, relarrpagos, floaters, black or gray. Presbyopia. Loss of vision or blurred vision and dizziness during the drinkers, or stimulants.

34 - () Itching in the ear and the Eustachian tube, which leads him to swallow frequently, worse at night. Deafness from obstruction of the eustachian tube. Earache who do mourn, worse morning in bed; stitches on swallowing. Noise of any kind in the ears, cracking when chewing. The words echo in the ears when speaking.

35 - () Acute coryza, worse in morning, with chills, with watery, excoriating, especially in the morning or after getting up, it flows away day and night with dryness and nasal obstruction, coryza is worse in one room closed or hot and best outdoor or cold, the secretion goes outdoors, or alternately appears and disappears with a sore throat, with frequent sneezing, especially in the morning in bed, with heat in face; worse after eat is produced by cooling, by cutting the hair or sitting in cold places. Nasal Obstruction worse in the morning or at night, in newborns or infants. Epistaxis with dark clots. A foul odor from the nose or feel or smell of rancid cheese candle.

36 - () Ojerais, looking sickly and thin nose. Face pale, dusky, yellow (more around mouth and nose) during seizures cyanotic lips, cheeks red face alternating with paleness, with heat.
Cold sweat on face, sweat on one side. Features distorted in the mouth, jaw stiffness, trismus. Acne front or around the mouth and chin. Facial neuralgia cafe abuse, worse morning, evening and movements, extending to the ear. Ulceration or crusts on the labial commissure.
Lateral movements of the jaw.

37 - () Winter Toothache, worse at night or morning upon waking, after eating, walking outdoors or inhaling cold air or intellectual efforts, better local heat or harboring head, or appear or are aggravated by things hot or cold. Loose teeth. Grinds teeth. Pain in the gum after extraction.

38 - () Gums swollen, sore, sore, bleed easily. Canker; * No children; with putrid breath. Salivation, bloody or not, over night.
Breath fetid, putrid or corpses, especially in the morning on an empty stomach or after eating. Dry mouth in the front, after midnight.
Sensation of excoriation in the entire oral mucosa, ulceration and painful blisters. Stitches on the palate. Furred tongue with thick, white or yellow in the rear half in the previous clean, or dry, cracked at the edges, brown or almost black, with red edges. Bad taste in the morning, or the carraqpear putrid, sour taste of morning and after drinking. Great heaviness of the tongue with slurred speech, stuttering, lisping. Bitter taste, insipid (food), salty, sweet or metallic.

39 - () Sore throat, like stitching, extending to the ear when swallowing. Sensation of scraping the throat, worse when swallowing or suck cold air. Foreign body sensation or lump in throat, rising. He splutters to sleep or to clear his throat, with sensation of contraction. Uncovering throat worse.

40 - () His stomach is one of its weaknesses. He's hungry, but without appetite satiety. Stomach distended and sensitive to the pressure after eating (better sitting still), with sensation of heaviness worse an hour after eating, with heartburn, belching, and regurgitation, fullness, indigestion drug abuse, mental strain, after drinking coffee, eating fatty or heavy meal, or lots of food, with the desire to provoke nausea and vomiting, feel that he would be better if he got sick, and better when you vomit. Tight clothing bothers in pit, the better to loosen it (need to). Sensation of a stone in the stomach, one to two hours later and eat. Bitter or sour belching, morning or after dinner. Arcades on hawking. Nausea in morning, in bed, constant, faintness and chills; after lunch or eat when the stomach hurts, during menstruation, when you smoke and then, in pregnancy, when you sweat, with dizziness of the sea. Hiccups. Violent vomiting or miscarriage, which relieves him; bilious, bitter, food acids, black, foul, after a fit of anger by ripping the throat mucus, during intoxication, during pregnancy, with palpitations. Gastritis. Gastralgias: Morning, after dinner or during a fever, and cramps two to three hours after eating, causing a bowel movement wishes, better warm drinks and warmth of the bed. Epigastric pain when coughing. Gaqtroduodenal ulcer. Old dyspeptic. Vomiting with black blood clots.

41 - () is very sensitive to the laundry in the stomach and hypochondria, especially when the abdomen, especially in the epigastrium, is distended, flatulent and sensation of fullness after eating less. Sensation as if the entire contents of the stomach would fall; must walk with care, heaviness, swelling, fullness, heat and burning in his belly. Stitches in the liver, worse from slightest touch or movement. Liver enlarged, swollen, indurated. Hepatitis. Gallstone; biliary colic, jaundice. Tiredness and pain in the groin regon, as if to get a hernia, strangulated dernier, especially cord. Inguinal hernia, but to the left. Inguinal lymphadenopathy, inguinal fold excoriation.
Tremors in the womb. Painful period in the womb, but of tomorrow in bed, during cough, by taking cold, after eating or drinking during menstruation and pregnancy, moving, for suppression of hemorrhoids, with the feeling that would have diarrhea; these cramps are relieved by resting, sitting or lying on the heat, moving the bowels or passing flatus, and bend a little. Stomach pains spread to the rectum and anus. Sense of stones in the womb. Incarcerated flatus in hypochondria or climbing toward the chest, with rumbling, pressure in the anus and pain in the sacrum. Cutting in the umbilical region during childbirth or before stool. Pressing pain in the hypogastric towards the genitals.
Stitches in the abdomen during menstruation and while sitting. Movements in the womb as if something alive, trembling. Pain in the walls of the stomach, as if beaten, worse when moving, touching, coughing, laughing or shaking.

42 - () The rectum is one of the major sites of action of the drug.
Constipation with constant desire, pressing and ineffective to move the belly, over morning after rising; moves with great difficulty, but sparingly, leaving with the feeling's not done yet and that power will never completely empty your rectum; abuse of laxatives or purgatives, by sedentary habits, excess mental work, during pregnancy, constipation may alternate with diarrhea. The stools are dry, hard, big or little, streaked with blood. Morning diarrhea, by overeating the night before, for alcoholic beverages or drinking water or cold air currents or by purging. Constipation spasmodic and painful anal, especalmente constipation. Desire to move your bowels when urinating and during the colic; any pain in your stomach produces urgent desire to move your bowels. Internal hemorrhoids are very painful to prick, burn and itch, worse at night or walking, better by cold water, congested hemorrhoids, large, bleeding, in drinkers. Disorders suppression of hemorrhoids.
Rectal prolapse. Anorectal pain better after stool, cutting or stabbing after stool; stitches in the rectum after eating or mental efforts. Rectal and bladder tenesmus. Tingling or itching anal ascariasis. Stools: black as tar or aqueous or partly hard and partly soft or mucous bloody or greenish or white or pure blood or mucous.

43 - () Burning in the neck of the bladder during urination. Paralysis bladder overdistension, with painful retention, post-partum. Frequent urination, wanting painful, urgent, and sometimes ineffective. You have to hurry, or urine. Dribbling of urine retention, dysuria. Pain in the urethra with an urgent desire to defecate. Renal colic. Sale prostatic fluid during stool.
Hematuria by suppressing menstruation or hemorrhoids. Urine watery pale red to brick-dust sediment, turbid, dirty yellow sediment. Itching and excoriating pain in the urethra, before, during and after urination.

44 - Increased sexual desire, with easy excitability and painful erections, especially tomorrow, or impotence, with flaccidity of penis during intercourse. Excoriation at the edges of the foreskin. Frequent seminal emissions, day, after masturbation. Nocturnal emissions.
Ailments from sexual excess or masturbation, sexual perversion.
Itching of the scrotum. Hydrocele. Orchitis, with induration and shrinkage of the testicles, painful, especially when touched. Pain and cramping or contractions in the spermatic cord.

45 - () increased sexual desire in women, most of morning in bed with involuntary orgasms; is induced to masturbate with local heat and burning.
Fetid discharge and yellowish. Menses early or irregular in appearance, few or too heavy, prolonged, and every 2 weeks, dark or black. Metrorrhagia or threatened abortion or retained placenta, with the feeling that you need to move the belly. Bearing down pain in the uterus,
with an urgent desire to defecate. Prolapsed uterus or vagina. Cramps during menstruation, which extend to the thighs and make it bend. Dysuria with uterine pains, can not sit without pain. Birth pangs will cause fainting or urgent desire to defecate, pain of childbirth, false or inefficient, with the feeling that you must move your bowels or urinating. Entuertos very violent and prolonged. During or after menstruation, new symptoms or worsen existing ones.

46 - () Hoarseness, unable to speak aloud. Dyspnea, cough, worse after eating, with sweats. Dry, spasmodic cough, worse or comes to the morning in bed, on waking, and after midnight until dawn, cold air, eating, during fever; by irritation in air passages, or in the trachea or by tickling or feel rough or raw larynx, by efforts, drinking, acids, by smoking. Dry cough with expectoration of night and day, causing headaches outbreak or upper stomach pain or vomiting or nosebleed. Violent cough in the early morning before getting out of bed, drinking hot liquids improves. Pertussis.
Acute bronchitis. Cough move, read, or lying on your back.
Expectoration gray, yellow, cold, dark morning hemoptysis in bed, suppression of mentruacion or hemorrhoids, drinkers, acid or sweetish taste. Constriction in the chest, from flatulence and during the chills. Asthma with coryza hay. Asthma worse at night or morning or after eating, gastric fullness, in the evening in bed or climbing stairs or walking, with intolerance to any constriction in the chest, needs to breathe deeply. Feeling like something is loose in the chest. Intercostal neuralgia, better lying on the side that does not hurt. Heat and burning with anxiety and chest tightness; keystrokes.

47 - () Shocks in the heart. Palpitations after drinking coffee or eating or studying hard, worse lying down, with nausea. Feeling tired chest.

48 - () back pain, worse from 3 to 4 am (driving out of the coma), moving, sexual excesses, with chills or fever; cued not roll over in bed, unless feel, especially if the pain is lumbar or sacral. Low back pain, rheumatic worse by movement. Sacral pain with urgent desire to move the belly, worse during stool. Stiffness, heaviness and pain in the neck. Neuralgia cervicobrachial worst morning, after eating or touching. Lumbago with constipation. Jerks like electrical shocks in the column. Opisthotonos. Sensation of weakness in the back by sexual excesses.

49 - () hands were cold and cyanotic (and a cyanotic) during the chills, cyanosis of the legs. Cold feet by mental efforts. He slept the arms, forearms, hands, legs (tingling), feet and soles.
Hands cold and sweaty, with cold nose, cold sweat on the palms, warm palms. Contracture of the adductors of the thighs, worse on walking, as if the tendons were too short (and hands and fingers). Tremor: hands, in delirium tremens; in the legs when walking. Walk unsteadily, feeling weak in the shoulders and arms, lower limbs (worse tomorrow), knees (as if to hit) and legs. Sensation of sudden loss of power in the limbs, of tomorrow. Paralysis of the upper limb with shaking; of lower limbs after a stroke or following a stress or sexual excesses.
Left hemiplegia, post apoplectic. Tiredness in the limbs during fever. Stiffness in the lower limbs, with tension in the popliteal rising from a chair. Legs thinner. Dolores, paroxysmal or not, in the members, by taking cold, noise, over the chills and fever, and by enhancing the local heat of the bed.
Acute rheumatism. Pains in bones and joints, worse morning in bed or by yawning and stretching, better get up. Shoulder pain when cooled; in forearms, better local heat, in the wrists, on the thumb, with swelling and heat in the lower limbs by cooling and during the chills, better local heat, in hip joint; on the thighs, as if broken; in the legs, better from warmth of bed. Sciatica worse for the effort to defecate, better by heat.
Inability to walk or stand. Children who fall easily when walking. Cramps in calves after midnight, or morning in bed, in feet and fingers. Swollen veins in arms and hands. Chilblains on the fingers. Sensation of dryness in the knees, cracking on motion.
Knee swollen and painful, gouty nodules. Leg red and swollen, with black spots painful, bluish. When walking, can not lift the foot that hits the floor. Tendency to sprains.

50 - () Sleepy after lunch or dinner, and more even when sitting, getting to sleep sitting up while traveling in any vehicle, worse in the afternoon or evening. Sleeplessness after midnight, with an excess of thought, for abuse of wine, excitement, after mental exertion, waking at 3 am and not sleep until two or three hours later, waking up very tired, not wanting to up or to work. Many of the day yawning and stretching. Nspaldas often sleeps and snores. Sounds erotic situations, with anger, with urgent business or activities of the day, with diseases, disasters, fighting (or fights), with mental effort, with lice or worms, with cruelty or horror, with mutilated bodies or are teeth fall off.

51 - () a patient is very chilly, pet, full of chills, which occur or are aggravated by the slightest movement, especially when turning around in bed or by the movement of the covers or uncovering and undress ( "must be covered in every stage of fever, chills, fever or sweating "[Allen]). Chills: Morning in bed (during menstruation, after passing out) and if uncovered, before and after noon, evening and not relieved by external heat, the open (for the least current or walking) or cold; walking or outdoors, to touch you, with tremors or shaking the drink (with the sweats), with external heat desire does not improve. Chills every 28 days or irregular basis. Fever burning with great heat throughout the body, with red face and hot, with chills by keeping their hands off the covers or move, with shuddering to move, uncovering or drink, with heat and sweat in irregular paroxysms. Pernicious malaria or daily basis, or tertian ague; with aversion to uncovering at any stage, produce intense chills. Hot sweats, foul, and when walking; of a single side, with shivering; better after waking, with aversion to uncovering. Yellow fever.

52 - () pale or yellowish icterica (after a fit of anger), cyanosed dry, burning. Prurigiriosas eruptions, burning or painful. "Carne de gallina". Boil. Blue spots. Pimples that itch and burn. Ulcers with raised edges and pale.

Sulfur Sepia.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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